International Conference on Data Science and Computational Intelligence

December 20-22, 2021 | UK

DSCI aims to identify the challenging problems faced by the development of innovative knowledge and information systems, and to shape future research directions through the publication of high quality, theoretical and applied research outcomes. DSCI is going to highlight the advances in frontiers and applications of general areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, social computing, data mining, information retrieval, and machine learning. DSCI is uniquely placed to deliver fresh perspectives on data science.


Data Science: Present and Future | IBM Data Science For All


Smart Data Plus Summit 2021

November 17-18, 2021 | UAE

No longer reserved for those in the most tech-savvy, future forward industries, data analytics and AI are being implemented across the world in almost every sector - from hospitality, retail and tourism to healthcare, government and banking. Organizations are steadily recognising that the only way to stay relevant in today’s digitally driven world is to elevate their operations and harness the power of big data. In November 2021, Expotrade is excited to deliver the very first Smart Data Summit PLUS (SDS+) event. Following the success of the long running Smart Data Summit, Smart Data PLUS will be a new and improved version of the flagship event. Smart Data PLUS is set to delve into the fast-moving world of big data and AI, showcasing the latest advancements that are propelling industries far and wide into the future.

Marketing Analytics and Data Science

October 25-26, 2021 | USA

Discover the infinite possibilities when marketing analytics and data science align to form a revenue-driving powerhouse. Over the course of two days of LIVE, COVID-safe instruction, you will breakdown silos, find solutions and leave ready to impact your company's bottom line.

Big-Data Analytics in Power & Utilities 2021

October 26-27, 2021 | Czech Republic

Artificial intelligence is changing the way that many industries operate and has huge potential to transform the utilities industry. Utilities are turning to big data capabilities to help them improve asset maintenance, integrate DERs, improve demand response, and increase online customer facing applications. The virtual Big-Data Analytics in Power & Utilities Conference offers content for decision-makers and experts of technology strategy, analytics, data-science, and innovation from leading Energy companies. Learn how Data and analytics leaders can leverage AI to anticipate, shift and accelerate transformation in the face of disruption, uncertainty, and opportunity.

Mads East 2021

October 25-26, 2021 | USA

Every business recognizes that customer data is critical to growth. But it’s not enough to just collect and analyze data. Winning organizations are those that seamlessly embed data, analytics, & insights into the fabric of the organizations’ decision-making process. All sessions and speakers at MADS: Marketing Analytics & Data Science focus on three core principles: Best practices for ensuring synergy between data science and analytics; hacks to ensure a data-driven mindset is embedded into your organizational culture, and proven strategies for enhancing the value of impact in the overall organization.