ITWeb Data Centre Summit

July 10, 2019 | South Africa

ITWeb Data Centre Summit will attract industry experts to deliver insightful case studies. They will be identifying the broader technology trends that are affecting data centers, in addition to this; we will be assessing the current opportunities and threats the industry is facing. Leading technology providers will showcase their products and services, putting you at the forefront of the technologies in this space.


How to implement real-time Spark streaming analytics and publish the output to a live dashboard web app featuring dynamic graphics that update continuously.


The Future of Data Analytics

September 13, 2022 | USA

There is no doubt that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have an extraordinary opportunity to utilize their organizations’ enterprise data assets, enable data-driven decision-making and implement digital transformation at scale — all of which are highly needed, especially in the post-pandemic period. In demand, CDOs are in a highly strategic, visionary role to unlock the power of their organizations’ data for AI-infused applications and long-term autonomous enterprise efforts. While the first generation of CDOs was mostly about defense-driven, risk-mitigating endeavors, with an emphasis on data governance, the next generation is about building an enterprise-wide data platform to bring business value out of data.

World Data Summit

May 18-20, 2022 | Netherlands

By 2022, the global big data and business analytics market is expected to generate 274.3 billion U.S. dollars a year, according to Statista. While big data collection grows in geometric progression, only about 3 percent of it merges into the big data ecosystem. This research already highlights the challenge of finding useful data amongst the rest.

Disney Data & Analytics Conference

August 15-17, 2022 | USA

Gain knowledge, get inspired, and experience a unique conference that brings data and analytics to life as only Disney can. The Disney Data & Analytics Conference (DDAC) has a rich history of delivering exceptional content focused on data and analytics to business professionals of all backgrounds. From engaging breakout sessions to interactive networking opportunities, we’re confident you’ll see examples of how data-based, analytical decisions work in all areas of business.

Digital Grid Operations and Strategic Data Management

September 29-30, 2022 | Germany

What are prospects in the electrical power network? Power grid automation systems market is booming so rapidly due to the recent advancement in smart grid technology and fast movements towards renewables. With the advancement in technology, there is an immense increase in the demand of electrical energy that has not only become challenge for its production but also its distribution. Our Digital Grid Operations and Strategic Data Management – Hybrid Event (Online & Berlin, Germany) on 29th – 30th of September 2022 will help network operators, TSOs and DSOs to upgrade their grid optimisation process and strategies to ensure reliability and resilience. Industry experts will have an opportunity to share their views and expertise on how to unlock the full potential of grid development, grid infrastructure and grid integration to maximise operations enhancements.


How to implement real-time Spark streaming analytics and publish the output to a live dashboard web app featuring dynamic graphics that update continuously.