Sprint or Marathon? Going the distance with data center maintenance.


Learn how using third-party maintenance for server, storage and network equipment support can help extend equipment life and revive your shrinking IT budget.

Navigating the course of data center management comes with a multitude of obstacles. Most IT professionals must balance maximizing uptime, improving security, optimizing operations and meeting budget realities.

In the case of data center maintenance, what is the best route to take after initial warranty support expires? Uptime and performance must be protected, but post-warranty OEM maintenance and a hardware refresh both come with a hefty price tag.

The reality is that the data tells a story of equipment stability and longevity. The right support solution does provide more options for flexibility and control without risking equipment downtime.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how third-party maintenance offers a long-term answer to the rigid OEM-defined refresh cycle, extending the life of your equipment and freeing up your IT budget.

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