The EDI Buyer’s Guide


Moving fast in business today requires a modern platform for seamless collaboration with trading partners

Speed is the name of the game in business today.

That’s why your organization must eliminate the complexity and limitations of legacy Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems so you can collaborate with trading partners quickly and more efficiently. You also need to connect EDI processes internally to your ERP and other critical systems with pre-built connectors and provide an end-to-end view of interactions with a one-stop dashboard.

But in reality, businesses that depend on traditional EDI solutions can’t keep up with the pace of modern business – or meet the demanding expectations of consumers. It’s why companies today should upgrade their EDI capabilities.

“Every business is looking for ways to modernize their EDI process,” said Boomi Product Manager Byron Hall. “The reason why it’s such a challenge is it takes the right platform to solve these key, bigger problems. Boomi helps you do that.”

“The EDI Buyer’s Guide” shows what you should look for as you transform your ability to navigate an increasingly complex supply chain. Learn about:

  • Why legacy solutions are dinosaurs
  • Warning signs you have an EDI problem
  • The Boomi integration and automation advantage
EDI remains the behind-the-scenes lifeblood of business. Boomi will show you how to stay ahead of your competition by ensuring customers always get the goods they expect through EDI modernization.

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