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Cazena Announces the Launch of Instant AWS Data Lake to Accelerate Analytics Migration to AWS

Cazena today declared the dispatch of the Instant AWS Data Lake. Creation prepared in only minutes, the Instant AWS Data Lake is the quickest and most cost-proficient answer for undertakings new to AWS or battling through months-long DIY information lake ventures. The Instant AWS Data Lake has been created in partnership with AWS; Cazena is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner.

With the Instant AWS Data Lake, Cazena currently gives a first-in-industry "simple catch" for AWS examination and moving undertakings' AI/ML activities forward. The Instant AWS Data Lake is prepared for examination in minutes, without requiring operational aptitudes or assets. All endeavors looking to modernize around cloud information lakes can now safely and quickly relocate to AWS, and advantage from the rich and consistently developing investigation stack that AWS offers. Cazena's Instant AWS Data Lake organizes and incorporates bunch AWS investigation administrations – from ingestion to examination – into a bound together, simple to-work, and creation prepared SaaS experience. This experience incorporates consistent associations with AWS solutions including EMR, Athena, Glue, MSK, S3, SageMaker, and more.

“Getting cloud data lakes off the ground continues to be a major source of frustration for enterprises,” said Prat Moghe, CEO, Cazena. “Production deployments often require a minimum of six months to get off the ground, and millions of dollars are spent annually on operations teams to build and manage them – if a business can recruit, hire, and retain this particularly scarce talent. Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lakes deliver a secure, hybrid, production-ready experience – with instant time-to-analytics – without requiring additional skills or resources. And we are delivering this SaaS solution at half the cost of DIY data lakes.”

“Cloud data lakes are increasingly the focus for teams building data engineering and data science. Modern cloud data lakes go far beyond storage and need to deliver capabilities for data ingestion, analytics, and AI/ML,” said Daniel Parton, Lead Data Scientist at Bardess, a business analytics and data strategy company using Cazena for cloud data lakes. “Cazena’s turnkey cloud data lake solution significantly reduces the time it takes to stand up a production data lake while addressing the complexity of managing the environment. Cazena’s ability to provide the Instant AWS Data Lake as a SaaS experience is particularly noteworthy for any enterprise embracing data science, machine learning and digital transformation.”

What is a cloud data lake?

Modern cloud data lakes are more than storage or cataloging – they represent the complete production analytical environment, from ingestion to storage to processing and tools. Cloud data lakes provide a flexible and unified analytical platform for enterprises that need to modernize their data environments and migrate analytical workloads to the cloud. Cloud data lakes are ideal environments for AI/ML, data engineering and other analytics since they support “beyond SQL” processing with multiple databases like SQL, Spark, Search, etc. Cloud data lakes complement cloud data warehouses which support SQL-only processing for BI.

The challenges of cloud data lakes

Enterprises continue to face several significant obstacles when deploying and managing cloud data lakes. A lack of skills remains among the biggest hurdles, and this often translates to months-long efforts to deploy production data lakes. Most of this effort is spent in bespoke DevOps around orchestration, identity management, security, compliance, and ongoing monitoring and operations of the end-to-end data lake environment.

Key benefits and capabilities of Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lake:

Analytics that are ready in minutes. The Instant AWS Data Lake is an automated turnkey analytical environment, from ingestion to tools. The SaaS solution includes connectivity to on-premises data sources and users, security controls, and other mission-critical cloud resources. All AWS analytics services including EMR, Athena, SageMaker, MSK, Glue, and others are orchestrated, provisioned, and configured with unified identity management so that enterprise users can on-board immediately. The cloud data lake can be deployed either as a standalone account or attach to an enterprises’ existing AWS account.

Continuous ops that optimize costs and SLAs. The Instant AWS Data Lake is continuously monitored and optimized for workload performance, cost, and availability. Existing data teams can now use an AWS data lake without requiring dedicated DevOps or CloudOps resources. Cazena’s Instant AWS Data Lake solution is less than half the cost of typical do-it-yourself AWS data lakes – and without the headaches.

Built-in security and compliance as a private SaaS on AWS. Enterprises get their own Instant AWS Data Lake delivered as a private, fully secured cloud service that is encrypted and continuously monitored for security and compliance. Built-in controls are default for SOC-2, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other industry regulations.

Self-service analytics with one-click access to all tools: The Instant AWS Data Lake offers a comprehensive console for AWS analytical tools like SageMaker, QuickSight, and other third-party tools. BI analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and analytics-dependent users get secure one-click access to a complete cloud data lake with their favorite tools, whether in the cloud or from their on-premises environment.

About Cazena

Cazena makes cloud data lakes easy for all enterprises. Cazena’s Instant Cloud Data Lake accelerates time-to-analytics and AI/ML from months to minutes. Powered by its patented and fully-automated Open SaaS Data platform, Cazena delivers the first SaaS experience for data lakes – zero operations required. Founded by Netezza leaders, Cazena is revolutionizing cloud data lakes.


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