Conductiv Upgrades Analytics Platform with Cutting-Edge Features and Improved User Capabilities

Conductiv | January 21, 2021

Conductiv™, a leading outsider spend optimization arrangements supplier, announced today it's releasing inventive, new highlights for Analytics in its Conductiv Platform. The freshest cycle of Conductiv's bought administrations Analytics motor – which was intended to quantify spend by classification, provider, and office - joins the influence of AI-driven information arrangement with new sifting capacities and more extravagant revealing functionalities to give greater perceivability into noteworthy information.

Initially dispatched in 2017 as a feature of Conductiv's start to finish bought administrations spend the executives platform, Analytics joined Benchmarking and Contract Intelligence and Negotiate as a marquee innovation suite for medical services supply chains. Since its commencement, Analytics' particular item contributions have given inventory chains straightforwardness into spend by class and uncovered ROI forecasts for sourcing choices.

The latest improvements to Analytics are expected to bring game-changing results to the marketplace, enabling data accessibility and informed decision-making, allowing supply chains to:

Unlock Efficiencies with Category Reports

Analytics brings a more profound plunge into experiences and exchange detailing, consistently coordinating with Conductiv's whole item guide to furnish bought administrations groups with significant subsequent stages. Analytics assists clients with making information driven methodologies and, when joined with Conductiv's ground-breaking new web crawler, Business Rules, empowers supply chains to open the force of their information.

Access Powerful Spend Overviews

With an upgraded, instinctive UI, clients can undoubtedly see spend by classification and provider. Associations acquire various ganders at their information through added perceivability into all out spend and potential reserve funds ranges by classification. This uncovers extra chances for more profound investment funds just as setting for future conversations with providers.

Interpret Data with More Powerful Filters

Information would now be able to be separated all the more granularly by month, administration line, office gathering, general record code and cost focus. This component empowers clients to pull more significant information experiences and gives groups a superior comprehension of their bought administrations classifications to drive very much educated choices.

Amplify Automation with Business Rules

The Analytics update incorporates the capacity to utilize Conductiv's new Business Rules, an internet searcher that sets in the background conditions to naturally isolate spend across providers or classifications. Business Rules robotizes the cycle to improve everyday errands across bought administrations groups.

"Many supply chain teams struggle to find reliable, actionable insights to guide their decision-making processes," said Conductiv CEO, Chris Gormley. "These additions to the Conductiv Platform are a direct answer to our customers’ needs and integrate seamlessly with our full product line so that it's easier than ever before to leverage data to improve purchased services contracts."

About Conductiv

Conductiv™ empowers supply chains to optimize their third-party services. As the only end-to-end third-party lifecycle improvement company, ConductivTM shares its strategic sourcing expertise and category best practices with multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, government, real estate, transportation and education. Member projects have generated $800 million of documented savings or an average savings value of 24% to date.


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Other News

Money.Net Launches Financial Data and Analytics Platform for Institutions

Money.Net | February 18, 2022

Money.Net, a financial data and analytics company, announced today that it has launched an enhanced platform for institutional users, which provides cost-effective access to professional-grade financial tools. Available immediately, Money.Net supports institutional users throughout the entire investment journey leveraging next-generation technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to mine big data. Money.Net provides financial data across an array of asset classes including equities, fixed income, crypto, commodities, foreign exchange, and derivatives/options. Users are able to access information and analytics via the web and an Excel integration, complete with customizable layouts and live support. The platform is offered at several levels, including Pro, Premium and Enterprise. Users at all levels will gain access to real-time market data and news, portfolio monitoring, analysis and charting tools, and the ability to access the Symphony technology platform. Money.Net, operating under new ownership, has established a new management team led by Vincent Sangiovanni, chief executive officer, and Jason Emerson, chief operating officer. Sangiovanni joins Money.Net from 360T GTX, a Deutsche Börse company, and Emerson joins from Pico Quantitative Trading. With over 50 years of combined experience, the two executives bring to the platform extensive industry knowledge and an intuitive understanding of investors’ needs. “It is a new era for Money.Net. We are bringing together next-generation technology with Money.Net’s easy-to-use interface to help users seamlessly research, analyze and support their investment decision making process. Our team brings broad and deep experience developing multi-asset class solutions for institutional users.” Vincent Sangiovanni, CEO of Money.Net As part of the launch, Money.Net has established strategic partnerships to better serve the needs of institutional investors. Cosiac’s ChartIQ provides customizable charts that combine intuitive visualization with multi-asset class data to deliver actionable, tradable insights. Symphony provides access to the largest global community in financial services through its secure and compliant communication stack, with chat, voice and video meetings, and file and screen sharing, allowing investors to interact in real-time. Trading Central provides AI and machine learning technology to find and validate trading opportunities while managing risk. "Trading Central has empowered investors with actionable analytics for over two decades, making us a natural partner for Money.Net," says Alain Pellier, CEO of Trading Central. "Their mission to democratize financial research is a perfect fit for our solutions, and we're proud to see our market insights reach more investors through their platform." “Money.Net has been a long-time ChartIQ client and partner, and we’re excited to be working with the new management team as they launch their new institutional platform,” says Dan Schleifer, CEO of Cosaic (founded in 2012 as ChartIQ). “Money.Net brings a wealth of market data to its clients, and we’re proud that ChartIQ is the data visualization engine powering their new institutional platform.” About Money.Net Money.Net is a financial data and analytics company serving investors across virtually all asset classes. We help investors research, analyze and monitor financial markets in real-time with the support of next-generation technology. Our mission is to empower all investors with cost-effective access to professional-grade financial tools.

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ListenFirst Announces BI Connector For Tableau

ListenFirst | January 13, 2022

ListenFirst, the premier enterprise social analytics solution, today announced the launch of BI Connector for Tableau, providing their customers with an interface to connect directly to the ListenFirst API and access data on-demand within their Tableau dashboard. This new feature introduces codeless integration and enables ListenFirst customers to tell a multitude of stories by manipulating and layering different insights within Tableau's 24 visualization types and reporting customizations. Available in Tableau's app directory, ListenFirst's BI Connector for Tableau creates a quicker, more seamless way to get bulk selection of data without needing frontend access. Reporting cycles are readily available in Tableau by utilizing dynamic date ranges to automatically refresh the latest insights in the desired date range and parameters. "More than half of ListenFirst API customers use Tableau, and BI Connector For Tableau creates a quick path to insights for these data power users," explained Jimmy Li, Product Manager at ListenFirst. "Users can now effortlessly conduct cross data source analysis, on-demand reporting, advanced charting, and data visualization. Additionally, insights can be published side by side with other data points from non-ListenFirst sources, simplifying complex stories into insights that are instantly understandable." Optimized for self service, BI Connector for Tableau supports flexible data queries for brand, content and paid level datasets. About ListenFirst ListenFirst is the premier social analytics solution used by the world's leading brands. With a breadth of data and award-winning expertise unmatched in the market, we offer an easy, one-stop solution to optimize social media marketing and maximize ROI. ListenFirst has been honored with multiple accolades including a 2020 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Emerging Technology, 2020 Cynopsis AdTech Award for Outstanding Data Solution, 2022 High Performer recognition from G2 Crowd, MarTech Breakthrough Award for Best Social Media Monitoring Software, and named one of Inc. 500's fastest growing companies. Founded in 2012, ListenFirst is trusted by leading global brands including AT&T, Amazon, NBCUniversal, and Peloton.

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Civis Analytics Launches Toolkit for a Data-Driven COVID Vaccine Campaign

Civis Analytics | February 23, 2021

Civis Analytics, a data science firm innovating at the intersection of public good and scientific best practices, today announced the launch of its COVID Vaccine Campaign Toolkit. This resource hub includes key information for organizations looking to use data to inform persuasive and equitable COVID vaccination outreach. The toolkit provides guidance on each aspect of an outreach campaign that requires a specific, tailored approach. These include: • Messaging and messenger: Results from scientific experiments to guide messaging and spokespeople, so the most persuasive language is used for each audience. This includes new research on employer-specific messaging, conducted in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Crystal Son, MPH, Director of Healthcare Analytics at Civis Analytics, also shares examples of counterintuitive findings, tangible advice for any vaccine campaign team, and comparisons to Civis research on other vaccine messaging. • Resource allocation: An interactive vaccine hesitancy map that visualizes which U.S. counties are most likely to need additional intervention to drive up vaccination rates. This map can guide groups that need to determine where to focus education or outreach efforts. • Process: Leveraging best practices from recent 2020 Census outreach campaigns, Civis outlines a five-step process organizations can follow to ensure their vaccine campaign is data-driven and set up for success. "Vaccine uptake is absolutely critical to herd immunity -- which is what we all need to recover from the pandemic," said Son. "Too often, we assume that a one-size-fits-all approach to public health campaigns can work. We continue to see that the language and messengers that work for one group can backfire with another -- so we really need to eliminate our own biases and rely on the data to guide our campaigns. For many of us, this is the most important campaign of our lifetime, and we need to do this right." About Civis Analytics Civis Analytics helps leading public and private sector organizations use data to gain a competitive advantage in how they identify, attract, and engage people. With a blend of proprietary data, technology and advisory services, and an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, developers, and survey science experts, Civis helps organizations stop guessing and start using statistical proof to guide decisions.

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Lumenore Introduces New Version of its AI-Driven Recommendations and Conversational Analytics Platform

Lumenore | March 31, 2022

Lumenore, which develops and markets fully integrated cloud-based business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions, introduced today a new version of its AI-driven recommendations and conversational analytics platform. Lumenore’s highly secure self-service data infrastructure delivers an enterprise data universe and organizational intelligence and dramatically simplifies decision making at all levels of the organization. Lumenore’s platform provides seamless data acquisition, improved accessibility, and a powerful architecture for unparalleled performance. It features text and voice-based insight, utilizing natural language querying with Ask Me and automated data discovery with Do You Know to provide faster and easier access to actionable business recommendations from data. Lumenore also announced the availability of 100 new data connectors—bringing the total to more than 150—that provide fast and seamless connectivity to leading CRM applications such as Excel, QuickBooks, Salesforce Insights and Shopify and immediately help organizations visualize metrics that matter most to a business, bridging the gap between data and decisions. Donald Farmer Joins Lumenore as Strategic Advisor Lumenore also announced that Donald Farmer, former Microsoft and Qlik executive and globally recognized as a visionary product leader, sought after speaker and author, has joined Lumenore as a strategic advisor. “We all know too well that the volume of data in business is almost overwhelming. But data without analysis is a wasted asset - and analysis without action is a wasted effort,” said Farmer. “We need to bridge the gap between data and decisions and it’s not enough to have a few smart analysts or data scientists." “Lumenore has built a platform for organizational intelligence developed from a deep understanding of enterprise needs,” added Farmer. “I am impressed that their natural language capabilities are not just for cute demos but enable widespread data literacy and engagement. Similarly, their data discovery and augmented analytics features are genuinely self-service, but still built over a robust and secure data universe. It’s an impressive approach for enterprises who have struggled with the inflexibility of reporting and the risks of ungoverned self-service,” Farmer said. “We are honored that Donald has joined Lumenore and will be advising us in our product development and go-to-market strategies,” said Anurag Shrivastava, Lumenore Founder and CEO. “The pandemic has sped up digital transformation across industries and sectors which means that we now have even more data than anticipated, and it has made consumer behavior harder to predict. The solution is not to build more dashboards, because dashboards are focused on an individual viewer, but instead empower organizational intelligence and new forms of organizational decision making, which are distributed and collaborative,” Shrivastava said. “Lumenore delivers a seamless experience to the entire team which helps them to derive insights from raw data and have a transparent view of its operations.” About Lumenore Lumenore develops and markets advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions delivered through an intuitive, AI-powered platform. Lumenore’s solutions enable organizations to build their entire data universe as well as automate and optimize organizational decision-making. Lumenore utilizes a common dataset to feed its powerful platform to visualize, analyze, actionize, as well as monetize business operations.

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Parallel programming is about performance, for otherwise you’d write a sequential program. For those interested in learning or teaching the topic, a problem is where to find truly parallel hardware that can be dedicated to the task.