Dremio Launches the Global Partner Network to Accelerate Data Value for Customers and the Analytics Ecosystem

Dremio | September 01, 2021

Dremio, the SQL lakehouse company, today announced the launch of the Dremio Partner Network for the BI and analytics ecosystem. The global Partner Network includes Dremio’s cloud, technology, consulting, and system integration (SI) partners such as AWS, Intel, Microsoft, Tableau, Privacera, dbt Labs, Twingo, InterWorks, and others.

The world of BI and analytics is going through a paradigm shift towards accelerating the innovation curve that powers data-driven business models. This shift comes in the form of ease of use and increased self-service analytics, faster time to data value, and better cost control across ever larger datasets for sound financial governance. The Dremio Partner Network helps the ecosystem meet customers where they are in this shift across three key tenets: driving analytics agility, eliminating complexity, and delivering better price-performance metrics. Dremio’s partner network enables compelling co-innovation with partners upon an open data architecture, combining choice and accelerating innovation with guided ease of use and enterprise-readiness across the BI ecosystem. This results in customers saving time and money, while partners drive more business, customer choice, and enabling Dremio partners to be seen as strategic partners by their respective customers.

With data at the front line of critical business decisions, there is an urgent and growing need for data teams to have faster and easier access to analytics. Agility is imperative and unlike other cloud-based analytics solutions, with Dremio, there is no need to copy data into proprietary systems before analyzing it. Dremio enables customers to power analytics and BI directly on their data lakes, where the data resides. This empowers both Dremio technology and SI partners to meet customers where they are with a simple, easy to use, open architecture.

Partners drive more business with Dremio by broadening their presence in the data analytics ecosystem. This means driving increased storage and compute consumption and data services attachment with cloud partners, development of value-add solutions with Dremio’s SQL Lakehouse Platform for technology partners, and the inclusion of additional services for consulting and SI partners. Customers save time and money with Dremio by accelerating their BI and analytics from months to minutes with a no-copy architecture that eliminates expensive and proprietary databases.

The Dremio Partner Network is focused on joint success and an outstanding partner experience. Dremio is solving for some of the most prevalent deficiencies in many partner relationships today by prioritizing both high-touch partner enablement and co-innovation and by providing timely support throughout the entire sales cycle.

Dremio provides partners with many customized benefits, including a dedicated partner account manager, business planning, one-on-one support, education and enablement, sales and technical training and certification, and joint marketing support to drive growth. The partner program also provides substantial discounts, sales incentives and joint marketing funds to Dremio’s global consulting and SI partners.

“We have a dedicated, responsive team whose goal is to ensure our partners have everything they need. We provide support throughout the entire sales cycle, and we ensure they are well-equipped to solution-sell our products,” said Roger Frey, Vice President of Alliances & Business Development at Dremio. “Our program benefits are designed to reward them for their time, effort and commitment. We strive to keep things simple and make it easy to work with us while helping them stay ahead of the innovation curve. We know this is critical to our joint success and we call it the Dremio difference.”

“Dremio offers users seamless access to data and enables them to perform queries quickly and easily. We are pleased that Dremio can empower the decision makers and knowledge workers using Microsoft Azure to gain powerful insights from their data in a self-service fashion.”
- Raji Easwaran, Principal Group Program Manager, Azure, Microsoft

“We work with a number of technology ISVs and startups to drive innovation and contribute to the open-source development community. Dremio’s no-copy architecture and ease of data access helps customers build out a high-speed analytics software infrastructure that can scale and be fully optimized across the Intel hardware portfolio, accelerating their time to insights.”
- Arijit Bandyopadhyay, CTO - Enterprise Analytics & AI, Head of Strategy - Enterprise & Cloud, Data Platforms Group, Intel Corporation

“Tableau’s mission is to help our customers see and understand data and gain actionable insights from it. Our work with Dremio is centered around helping customers access large datasets directly from the data lake and easily connect to Tableau to enable fast and streamlined analytics.”
- Brian Matsubara, RVP of Global Technology Alliances, Tableau

"At Keyrus, for the data and analytics ecosystem, we partner closely with just one or two of the technologies that we consider to be the best in their domain. Dremio is our go-forward lakehouse service because they change the equation of our engagement with our clients and allow us to provide them with more value – faster. With Dremio we are more confident in analyzing data directly from the data lake."
- Scott Hanrahan, Co-Managing Director, Keyrus

“As the field experts in big data architecture, we focus on comprehensive solutions for complex problems our customers are facing. Our partnership with the next-generation data lake engine Dremio helps customers liberate big data with interactive queries directly on cloud data lakes, eliminating complexity.”
- Golan Nahum, Founder and CEO, Twingo

"At dbt Labs, our mission is to help data analysts and practitioners create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Dremio's alignment on grassroots innovation and ease of choice helps our joint customers accelerate their BI and analytics success, while eliminating complexity with no-copy architecture."
- Nikhil Kothari, Head of Technology Alliances, dbt Labs

“Privacera’s data access governance solution automates sensitive data discovery and easily manages high-fidelity policies at petabyte scale. We believe open standards are critical to multi-cloud data estates, and Dremio's commitment to open standards and no-copy data architecture helps our joint customers navigate the complex data and analytics landscape in a secure and trusted fashion, a win-win for business and technology stakeholders.”
- Balaji Ganesan, Co-Founder and CEO, Privacera

“We are excited about our partnership with Dremio which will greatly help our customers make data-driven business decisions. Dremio has built a robust partner program with business intelligence ISVs like Tableau and others to create impactful solutions that reduce complexity and solve our customers’ most challenging data problems. As a leading data and analytics consultancy, we look forward to leveraging Dremio to solve our customers' most pressing business problems.
- Aaron Confer, Global Director of Business Development, InterWorks

About Dremio
Dremio is the SQL Lakehouse company, enabling companies to leverage open data architectures. Dremio’s SQL Lakehouse Platform simplifies data engineering and eliminates the need to copy and move data to proprietary data warehouses or create cubes, aggregation tables and BI extracts, providing flexibility and control for data architects and data engineers, and self-service for data consumers. Founded in 2015, Dremio is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. Investors include Cisco Investments, Insight Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and Sapphire Ventures.


Tableau’s 2018.1 upgrade now provides your team with greater access to actionable insights about your business operations. End-to-end analytics and authoring capabilities in the browser along with a new subscription model puts powerful business intelligence in front of everyone in your workforce. A mix of new visualization elements and flexible Dashboard Starters increase speed to insight like never seen before.

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Neo4j Announces General Availability of its Next-Generation Graph Database Neo4j 5

Neo4j | November 09, 2022

Neo4j®, the leader in graph technology, announced today the general availability of Neo4j 5, the next-generation cloud-ready graph database. Neo4j 5 widens the performance lead of native graphs over traditional databases while providing easier scale-out and scale-up across any deployment, whether on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid, or multi cloud. The result empowers organizations to more quickly create and deploy intelligent applications at large scale and achieve greater value from their data. "Graph technology adoption is accelerating as organizations seek better ways to leverage connections in data to solve complex problems at scale," said Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-founder of Neo4j. "We designed Neo4j 5 to deliver the type of scalability, agility, and performance that enable organizations to push the envelope on what's possible for their data and their business." Neo4j 5's specific benefits include: Query language improvements and up to 1000x faster query performance. New syntax makes it even easier to write complex pattern-matching queries. Improvements in indexes, query planning, and runtime make Neo4j 5 the fastest implementation ever. For example, multi-hop queries can now be executed up to 1000x faster than Neo4j 4. These improvements are above and beyond the already exponentially faster Neo4j's graph results over traditional databases. Together, these benefits enable more real-time results at scale. Automated scale-out across hundreds of machines, enabling self-managed customers to grow and handle a massive number of queries with little manual effort and significantly less infrastructure cost. This benefit is achieved via new and enhanced features like Autonomous Clustering and Fabric, enabling organizations to efficiently operate very large graphs and scale out in any environment. Neo4j 5 also automates the allocation and reassignment of computing resources. Continuous updates across all deployments, whether in the cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-prem. Neo4j 5 ensures ongoing compatibility between self-managed and Aura workloads managed by Neo4j. In addition, a new tool called Neo4j Ops Manager provides a unified single pane for easy monitoring and management of global deployments, giving customers full control over their environments. Neo4j 5 performance lead sets a new industry bar More than 1,300 organizations trust Neo4j's technology to power mission-critical applications while maintaining performance, security, and data integrity. Neo4j 5 extends the company's leadership even further at a time when graph adoption is exploding. "Switching to Neo4j was a huge win for us," said David Fox, Senior Software Engineer at Adobe and Co-founder & Engineering Lead at devRant. "We've seen significant performance improvements, and a great reduction in complexity, storage, and infrastructure costs. Staff now focus on improving the infrastructure, versus spending time frustratingly micro-managing it." For more information To learn more about Neo4j 5, visit the Neo4j 5 web page, read "Scale New Heights with Neo4j 5 Graph Database," or register for the following sessions at the upcoming online developer conference NODES 2022: "What's New in Neo4j 5 and Aura 5 for Developers" and "Introducing Neo4j 5 for Administrators." About Neo4j Neo4j is the world's leading graph data platform. We help organizations – including Comcast, ICIJ, NASA, UBS, and Volvo Cars – capture the rich context of the real world that exists in their data to solve challenges of any size and scale. Our customers transform their industries by curbing financial fraud and cybercrime, optimizing global networks, accelerating breakthrough research, and providing better recommendations. Neo4j delivers real-time transaction processing, advanced AI/ML, intuitive data visualization, and more.

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Immuta Launches All Access Tour for Data Leaders

Immuta | October 13, 2022

Immuta, the leader in data access and data security, today announced the launch of The Immuta All Access Tour, its first owned event series that will highlight the latest trends and innovations in data security in seven major cities around the world. Each stop on the tour will feature a unique mix of thought leadership content, networking opportunities, and immersive experiences for customers and partners. Attendees will experience a variety of collaborative opportunities, including sessions with Immuta leaders, customers, and partners that explore how trailblazing companies are addressing data access and security. Additionally, stops will feature specialized data-fueled speaking sessions and keynotes. The first tour event in New York City will feature sessions with data leaders at JPMorgan Chase and Thomson Reuters, a keynote from Immuta CEO and co-founder Mathew Carroll, and a fire-side chat with former Navy Seal Commander and VMware Chief Operating Officer Mike Hayes. Tour stops include: New York City, NY - Oct 18, 2022 Sydney, AUS - Nov 10, 2022 London, UK - Jan 19, 2023 Dallas, TX - Feb 23, 2023 Washington, DC - Mar 22, 2023 San Francisco, CA - Mar 28, 2023 Boston, MA - Date coming soon “We’re excited to host our first all-access tour that will feature thought-provoking content, high-caliber speakers, and prime networking opportunities with peers and industry leaders. “Attendees will leave energized with enhanced insights and perspectives that will enable them to bring game-changing data security innovation and best practices to their respective organizations to accelerate and remove any barriers to secure data access.” Immuta CEO Matt Carroll The events, sponsored by Snowflake, Databricks, Alation, and EY have a limited capacity, with each guest bringing their unique real-world experience to the table while building and strengthening their networks. The size of these events is meant to foster important discussions between attendees, speakers, and hosts. About Immuta Immuta is the market leader in secure Data Access, providing data teams one universal platform to control access to analytical data sets in the cloud. Only Immuta can automate access to data by discovering, protecting, and monitoring data. Data-driven organizations worldwide trust Immuta to speed time to data, safely share more data with more users, and mitigate the risk of data leaks and breaches. Founded in 2015, Immuta is headquartered in Boston, MA

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Snowplow launches Data Product Accelerators, Snowplow BDP Cloud and Enterprise updates

Snowplow | November 03, 2022

Snowplow, the industry leader in Data Creation and behavioral data, has announced the availability of the first of its Data Product Accelerators (DPAs)— recipes designed to help accelerate the journey from ideation to outcome when designing business-critical data products. The company has also announced preview availability of new offerings within its Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) portfolio. Data Product Accelerators Snowplow DPAs mark the next evolution of Data Creation, the category founded by Snowplow that involves the deliberate creation of data to power AI and advanced data applications. These DPAs lay the foundation for the fast creation of data apps, providing a step-by-step guide or referencing data architecture to effortlessly deliver high-impact use cases that solve specific business needs or problems. For example, the Composable CDP DPA will use Databricks, machine learning, and Hightouch to enable the creation of a composable CDP—which an organization could use to collect behavioral data from all customer touchpoints and build a single customer view, to better understand customer behavior and power personalization at scale. “Across industries, organizations know they need to be doing more with data. They know that simply extracting data is not enough—they need to create data that’s meaningful to their unique situation. Yet, in an emerging field like this, we felt that we could do more to share best practices and get outcomes into the hands of Data teams and their organizations. These DPAs will help our customers to easily understand and experience the value of Snowplow, in a context that is highly meaningful to them” said Snowplow President, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Nick King. The DPAs will be available in an online library and soon to be released within the Snowplow platform, and will include a high-level solution overview, clear implementation process, and technical accelerators to help organizations bring their data products to market faster. There are four DPAs available at launch, including Advanced Analytics for Web (both Snowflake and Databricks), Composable CDP with Predictive ML Modeling, Advanced Analytics for Hybrid Mobile, and Advanced Analytics for Mobile. Preview availability of Snowplow BDP Cloud and BDP Enterprise BDP Cloud Snowplow has also announced the preview of Snowplow BDP Cloud, a new iteration of the behavioral data platform that empowers organizations to create, evolve, and manage behavioral data at scale. Fast to implement, Snowplow BDP Cloud is targeting EU and North American markets initially—removing the burden of deploying Snowplow in your own environment, and ensuring GDPR, and other regulatory compliance. Snowplow BDP Cloud is available as a private preview and customers can sign up here to gain access. BDP Enterprise Available today, BPE Enterprise customers are able to take advantage of the Tracking Catalog. This new feature provides the ability to create an organizational wide view of their tracking architecture, which allows teams to effectively discover, evolve, and manage versioning for their events and entities. Team members of all technical levels can find out about the event, entities, and properties collected by Snowplow. This is particularly helpful for Data Product Managers, a role which requires fast and effective data discovery. “Using the Tracking Catalog allows us to review the graph of events and entities holistically - with the goal being to review our tracking architecture and increase the quality of our event collection," said UK's AutoTrader Engineering Platform and Data Director, Darren Haken. "It can also provide a non-technical view to our Product Managers - helping them understand what events they are collecting on the product.” The BDP Portfolio The new Snowplow BDP portfolio of Cloud and Enterprise is designed to help make advanced analytics available to more businesses. Alex Dean, Snowplow’s co-founder and CEO highlighted the results achieved by current customers. “Already, customers like Strava, Gousto, and DPG Media are forging ahead with Data Creation using Snowplow,” he said. “These new offerings will pave the way for more organizations across the globe to tap into the rich possibilities of using behavioral data to power advanced analytics and AI applications.” About Snowplow Snowplow generates, governs and models high-quality, granular behavioral data, ready for use in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics applications. When integrated with other tools from the modern data stack, Snowplow can power a wide variety of advanced use cases, allowing organizations to drive significant business value with behavioral data. Data products built on top of Snowplow include the composable CDP, first-party digital analytics and ML-powered churn reduction for subscription businesses.

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Mode Analytics Recognized as a Leader in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

Mode Analytics | September 30, 2022

Mode Analytics today announced that it has been recognized as a Business Intelligence Leader in the inaugural Modern Marketing Data Stack Report: Your Technology Guide to Unifying, Analyzing, and Activating the Data that Powers Amazing Customer Experiences, executed and launched by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Snowflake’s data-backed report identifies the best of breed solutions used by Snowflake customers to show how marketers can leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud with accompanying partner solutions to best identify, serve, and convert valuable prospects into loyal customers. By analyzing usage patterns from a pool of nearly 6,000 customers, Snowflake identified six technology categories that organizations consider when building their marketing data stacks. These categories include: Analytics Integration & Modeling Identity & Enrichment Activation & Measurement Business Intelligence Data Science & Machine Learning Focusing on companies that are active members of the Snowflake Partner Network (or ones with a comparable agreement in place with Snowflake), as well as Snowflake Marketplace Providers, the report explores each of these categories that comprise the Modern Marketing Data Stack, highlighting technology partners and their solutions as “leaders” or “ones to watch” within each category. The report also details how current Snowflake customers leverage a number of these partner technologies to enable data-driven marketing strategies and informed business decisions. Snowflake’s report provides a concrete overview of the partner solution providers and data providers marketers choose to create their data stacks. “Marketing professionals continue to expand their investment in analytics to improve their organization’s digital marketing activities. “Mode has emerged as a leader in the Modern Marketing Data Stack, with joint customers leveraging their technology to interpret insights that lead to informed business decisions.” Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake Mode was identified in Snowflake’s report as a Leader in the Business Intelligence category for its particular success with Visual Explorer, Mode’s flexible visualization system that helps analysts explore data faster and provides easy-to-interpret insights to business stakeholders. Additionally, Mode and Snowflake have partnered in the past couple of years tocreate a modern data analytics stack, mobilizing the world’s data with the Snowflake Data Cloud to help joint customers quickly execute queries and perform analysis. “Mode combines the best elements of business analytics and data science into a single platform, unlocking new ways for marketers to accelerate data-driven outcomes,” said Gaurav Rewari, CEO, Mode Analytics. “Our partnership with Snowflake makes it possible for marketing and other departments across an organization to truly centralize and interact directly with their data. With Snowflake’s single, integrated data platform, built to fully leverage the speed and flexibility of the cloud, organizations can mobilize their data in near-real time.” About Mode Analytics Mode’s advanced analytics platform is designed by data experts for data experts. It allows data scientists and analysts to visualize, analyze, and share data using a powerful end-to-end workflow that covers everything from early data exploration stages to presentation-ready shareable products. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools that produce static dashboards and reports, Mode brings the best of BI and data science together in a single platform, empowering everyone at your organization to use data to make high quality, high velocity decisions. Mode also supports the analytics community with free learning resources such as SQL School, open source SQL queries, and free tools for anyone analyzing public data.

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Tableau’s 2018.1 upgrade now provides your team with greater access to actionable insights about your business operations. End-to-end analytics and authoring capabilities in the browser along with a new subscription model puts powerful business intelligence in front of everyone in your workforce. A mix of new visualization elements and flexible Dashboard Starters increase speed to insight like never seen before.