Google buys Big Data firm Looker to bolster cloud offering | February 14, 2020

The Santa Cruz-based Looker was founded in 2012, and offers a platform that it claims transcends traditional business intelligence, putting it in competition with the likes of offerings from Tableau (owned by Salesforce) and Microsoft’s Power BI. Customers include the likes of Candy Crush developer King and fintech firm Avant.Looker’s CEO Frank Bien said: “We are extremely proud to join Google Cloud following a successful four-year partnership where we got to deeply understand the cultural similarities and technology synergies between the two companies. Joining Google Cloud provides us better reach, strengthens our resources, and brings together some of the best minds in both analytics and cloud infrastructure to build an exciting path forward for our customers and partners. The company’s cloud credentials were no doubt of particular interest to Google Cloud, with the platform featuring existing connections with Google Cloud Platform and Google’s Bigquery data warehouse, as well as solutions from the likes of Amazon.Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, said in a blog post: “Google Cloud and Looker share a common philosophy around delivering open solutions and supporting customers wherever they are be it on Google Cloud, in other public clouds, or on premises. As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, Looker customers and partners can expect continued support of all cloud data management systems like Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata.


Ben Sharma outlines some popular cloud-based use cases to illustrate the basic concepts in big data management and explore how big data intersects with cloud computing in this presentation at Strata + Hadoop World 2016.

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Privitar Announces Strategic Partnership with Data Integration and Management Leader Denodo to Advance Modern Data Provisioning

Privitar | April 20, 2022

Privitar, the leader in modern data provisioning, today announced a strategic partnership with Denodo, the leader in data integration and management software. With this new partnership, Privitar and Denodo are aligning to advance modern data provisioning and put safe data at the core of any data mesh and logical data fabric powered by data virtualization. “For an organization to be able to maximize their use of data for analytics, it needs to be both safe and accessible to the right people, at the right time. By combining Privitar’s domain expertise in data privacy and modern data provisioning with Denodo’s leadership in data virtualization we‘re creating a force multiplier effect, enabling organizations to take an agile approach to creating, managing, governing, and protecting data products – then safely leverage that data for analytics within their organizations and beyond.” Mike Foster, Vice President of Technology Partners at Privitar Organizations are increasingly embracing data mesh and data fabrics as the basis of their modern architecture stacks, taking advantage of their ability to democratize both data access and management. By treating data as a product, it can be built once and reused in different analytical workloads rather than repeatedly re-inventing data integration pipelines to create that same information for different analytical systems. Data virtualization has risen to the fore as a key enabler of data mesh architectures, being leveraged to produce, consume, and govern data products. Similarly, for any enterprise data fabric, data virtualization ensures less data copying and data replication, thus ensuring faster time-to-insights, better adherence to compliance, and stricter data governance. Safe, trusted data must be at the core of these systems to ensure that data remains safeguarded. The combination of Denodo’s data virtualization and Privitar’s data privacy and provisioning solutions will enable organizations to manage and provision data products and sensitive data; automatically and transparently enforce governance policies based on the user, the location sensitivity, and intended purpose data; and remain compliant with relevant regulations and legislation. “Denodo’s logical approach to data integration and management brings agility and flexibility, and can help organizations address the growing, layered complexities of data integration, management, and delivery,” said Suresh Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President, Denodo. “Our partnership with Privitar will enable organizations to automatically and transparently allow sensitive data to be consistently governed while remaining protected and compliant with legislation. We’re empowering organizations to unlock the value of distributed data, no matter where it lives, using the power of data virtualization and privacy-enhancing technology.” About Privitar Privitar empowers organizations to use their data safely and ethically. Our modern data provisioning solution builds collaborative workflows and policy-based data privacy and access controls into data operations. Only Privitar has the right combination of technology, domain expertise, and best practices to support data-driven innovation while navigating regulations and protecting customer trust. About Denodo Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing agile, high performance data integration, data abstraction, and real-time data services across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data, and unstructured data sources at half the cost of traditional approaches. Denodo’s customers across every major industry have gained significant business agility and ROI by enabling faster and easier access to unified business information for agile BI, big data analytics, Web, cloud integration, single-view applications, and enterprise data services. Denodo is well-funded, profitable, and privately held.

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GigaDevice Selects PDF Solutions Exensio Analytics Platform to Support Rapid Semiconductor Growth

GigaDevice | February 15, 2022

PDF Solutions, Inc. , a global provider of differentiated data and analytics solutions to the semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced that GigaDevice (Stock code: 603986), a global provider of semiconductors for memory, microcontrollers, and sensors has selected Exensio® Fabless from PDF Solutions for advanced analytics, production monitoring, and reporting across all of its semiconductor products. As a market leader in NOR flash memory, MCUs and sensors, GigaDevice has a significant product portfolio of semiconductor devices. In addition, as a fabless semiconductor company, GigaDevice also operates a complex supply chain comprised of foundry, assembly and test subcontractor partners. Over the past several years, the company has accelerated product development to meet the needs of its customers. As a result, there has also been a corresponding increase in product data volume and analytic challenges. One of the strategic initiatives of GigaDevice during this time was to implement a comprehensive approach to product data analytics and reporting that could be applied on an enterprise level. To meet the big data challenges brought about by the company’s rapid growth, GigaDevice selected the PDF Solutions Exensio analytics platform. The powerful combination of robust data management and flexible product setup and configuration made Exensio Fabless an ideal fit for its supply chain environment. Since deploying Exensio Fabless, GigaDevice engineers routinely improved their analytics throughput and efficiency by 50-80% due to the powerful data analytics and advanced reporting capabilities that are built into the Exensio platform. "The Exensio analytics platform is a well-known solution in the semiconductor industry and PDF Solutions has an excellent local support team to meet the data analysis needs of GigaDevice. With the continuous growth of GigaDevice product lines and the increasing manufacturing product volume, I believe that Exensio Fabless can provide our engineers with the most efficient and accurate data analysis capabilities.” Feng Jun, Director of the Product Integration Department of GigaDevice "We are very proud of our strong business relationship with GigaDevice," said Jia Jun, Head of China Business Development at PDF Solutions. "Starting from a focused evaluation, to the formation of a commercial cooperation plan that included optimized analysis and reporting templates for the GigaDevice engineering team, PDF Solutions helped GigaDevice establish a comprehensive big data analytics platform that is intended to help them increase the success of their world-class fabless operations.” About the Exensio Platform The PDF Solutions’ Exensio analytics platform is an enterprise-level, end-to-end analytics environment that architected to empower engineers and data scientists across the semiconductor ecosystem to rapidly improve the yield, quality, and profitability of their devices. Combined with PDF Solutions’ professional services, the Exensio analytics platform is designed to enable its customers to realize the benefits of Industry 4.0 by transforming how the ecosystem collects, analyzes, and shares data. About PDF Solutions PDF Solutions provides comprehensive data solutions designed to empower organizations across the semiconductor ecosystem to improve the yield and quality of their products and operational efficiency for increased profitability. The Company’s products and services are used by Fortune 500 companies across the semiconductor ecosystem to achieve smart manufacturing goals by connecting and controlling equipment, collecting data generated during manufacturing and test operations, and performing advanced analytics and machine learning to enable profitable, high-volume manufacturing. Founded in 1991, PDF Solutions is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. The Company (directly or through one or more subsidiaries) is an active member of SEMI, INEMI, TPCA, IPC, the OPC Foundation, and DMDII. PDF Solutions, the PDF Solutions logo, and Exensio are trademarks or registered trademarks of PDF Solutions, Inc. or its subsidiaries. About GigaDevice GigaDevice Semiconductor (stock number 603986), founded in Silicon Valley in 2005, is a global fabless semiconductor company engaged in advanced memory technology and IC solutions. GigaDevice provides a wide range of high-performance Flash Memory products. It is one of the companies that pioneered SPI NOR Flash Memory and have powered up more than 10 billion electronic devices in the world since 2010. The company is committed to the design and development of various high-speed and low-power memory and microcontroller products.

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Veeva Data Cloud Brings Together OpenData, Link, and Compass on a Common Data Architecture

Veeva Systems | April 27, 2022

Veeva Systems today announced Veeva Data Cloud, a group of cloud data applications that includes Veeva OpenData customer reference data, Veeva Link for real-time intelligence, and Veeva Compass patient, prescriber, and sales data for the U.S. market. Veeva Data Cloud reflects the company's long-term commitment to delivering better data to the industry, all on a common data architecture. Taking a new approach, Veeva Data Cloud delivers unlimited access to data through modern cloud software for greater flexibility and data that's always up to date. "Commercial excellence is about getting your products to the patients that need them. With Veeva Data Cloud's modern approach and common data architecture, sales, medical, and marketing teams can work together in a more coordinated, customer-centric, and compliant way." Veeva CEO Peter Gassner Veeva Data Cloud's three major product families all share a common data architecture and "better data, better delivery" approach: Veeva OpenData is customer reference data, including healthcare provider (HCP) and healthcare organization data, and the affiliations between them. OpenData delivers high-quality data with no usage restrictions in more than 65 countries today, with plans for more than 100 countries by the end of 2023. Veeva Link data applications deliver real-time intelligence on key scientific and medical experts, health systems, scientific awareness and sentiment, and medical insights. Veeva Compass is a suite of U.S. longitudinal patient, longitudinal prescriber, and sales data for a wide range of commercial use cases, including launch planning, HCP segmentation and targeting, incentive compensation, and patient journey analytics. Veeva Compass Patient and Veeva Compass Prescriber are available today, with Veeva Compass Sales planned for availability in late 2022. Veeva Data Cloud and Veeva Commercial Cloud share a common data architecture so customers can work seamlessly across sales, medical, and marketing. This common data architecture includes shared definitions for data elements such as brands, doctors, products, content, and interactions. For more information, see the Veeva Summit keynotes on-demand at Life sciences industry professionals can also register for the Veeva Commercial Summit for sales, medical, and marketing in Boston on May 5. About Veeva Systems Veeva is the global leader in cloud software for the life sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, Veeva serves more than 1,000 customers, ranging from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Veeva is committed to balancing the interests of all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, and the industries it serves.

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Semantix Introduces Data & AI Marketplace to Semantix Data Platform

Semantix | April 07, 2022

Semantix, Latin America’s first fully integrated data platform, announced today the availability of a Data & AI Marketplace, consisting of a new array of features that significantly streamline the analytical journey for users of the Semantix Data Platform (known as SDP). The Data & AI Marketplace provides an app store-like experience that puts frequently used data sets and pre-packaged, vertical specific algorithms at the fingertips of data scientists and business analysts around the world. “Data scientists and business analysts shouldn’t need a doctorate in software engineering to glean insights from complex data sets. The SDP was purpose-built as an end-to-end solution for the analytical journey and these new features give our community of users the tools and resources that can make their journey easier and faster than it’s ever been before.” Leonardo Santos, co-founder and CEO of Semantix The new features in the SDP are broken into two separate categories – data sets and vertical specific algorithms. The data sets are a variety of pre-packaged, highly applicable data sets that users can leverage to train their machine learning algorithms and corollate with other proprietary data assets. These data sets include frequently used data on weather, diseases, stocks trade activity, consumer behavior and more. The vertical specific algorithms are meant to automate and streamline commonly analyzed business functions and use cases. For example, there is available today in SDP algorithms and dashboards for customer churn and retention, demand forecasting, predictive maintenance and more. Fueling Innovation for Public Journey Ahead Innovation is at the center of Semantix’s core values as a company. The SDP Marketplace is another milestone in Semantix’s ongoing commitment to push the envelope of innovation as it makes its way to the public market. In November of 2021, Semantix announced that it entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Alpha Capital (NASDAQ: ASPC), a special purpose acquisition company (“SPAC”) focused on technology. The announcement marked the first time a Latin American-focused technology SPAC had merged with a target company and highlights its growing position as a leading global innovator in the data and analytics space. About Semantix Semantix is Latin America’s first fully integrated data software platform. Semantix has more than 300 clients with operations in approximately 15 countries using Semantix’s software and services to enhance their businesses. The company was founded in 2010 by CEO Leonardo Santos.

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