Near to Expand Data Intelligence Platform with New Offering for Instant Human Movement and Consumer Behavior Insights

Near | May 24, 2022

Near Intelligence Holdings Inc. , a global SaaS leader in privacy-led data intelligence on people, places and products, today announced the upcoming launch of Near Pinnacle, an extension of the platform, that provides instant human movement insights in an intuitive visual user interface ("UI"). Near Pinnacle supports data-driven decision-making by enabling customers at all skill levels to better understand places and consumer behavior. The Company's latest and most accessible module to date, will unlock real value to help enterprises of all sizes monitor the competition, profile visitors, define trade areas and sharpen marketing campaigns.  Near Pinnacle will be generally available in early Q3 of 2022 in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand with global expansion planned for later this year.

Near Pinnacle is the next generation built on the features of Vista, making its powerful data analysis tools accessible in a transformative design-led interface, available for anyone with a browser. Near Pinnacle makes the Near Data Intelligence Platform's powerful global data sets and place-based-data insights easy to access, understand, share, and drive actionable business decisions. These powerful new features provide meaningful insights into the real-world behaviors of their own customers, and those of competitors, with a privacy-forward approach.

"As EVO continues our national expansion, it's critical for us to understand consumer behavior so we can make informed decisions about where to open new locations, and get operational intelligence in our existing locations. We are very excited about Near Pinnacle, and while we are early in the process, we are excited to get started and get consumer insights instantaneously from the Pinnacle product," said Mitch Roberts, CEO at EVO Entertainment Group.

In this period of rapid change and growth for businesses, keeping up with digital and physical consumer trends is both more challenging and more critical than ever. With Near Pinnacle's intuitive UI, any enterprise customer, not just data analysts, will take the pulse of consumer behavior with real-time insights. Shopping, dining, and visitation trends are accessible automatically in customizable interactive charts for visits over time, dwell times, and visitor origin points. For companies with international expansion in mind, Near Pinnacle will allow near real-time exporting of data from places anywhere in the world.

With this new offering, enterprise customers can gain a lead on their competition by monitoring not only their own physical locations but deep-diving into competitors by leveraging persistent IDs. The interface will allow users to deep dive into a single store location and compare up to five locations, understand consumer location and habits, as well as review neighborhood-level trend data to assess the viability of new store launches and up-and-coming areas.

"Near Pinnacle gives you a level of granularity that you don't get with other consumer profile data sources. Harnessing the power of Pinnacle, I now know exactly where my client's customers are traveling to understand their retail preference. Other platforms offer basic pathing or visitation data, but they lack insight into who's walking in the door. Pinnacle offers that next layer of data," said Matt Glaeser, SVP of Digital Media & Data Insights at Palisades Media Group.

Built on top of Near's Data Intelligence Platform of 1.6 billion unique user IDs and global data, Pinnacle, will offer depth and breadth of data analysis. Enterprises will be able to peek backward in time to leverage historical data, to understand how previous evolving trends affected footfall for themselves and competitors. The new offering's persistent identifiers enriched with personal attributes and easy-to-use tools make it a powerful platform for the entire enterprise team. The intuitive graphical UI no longer silos information with data analysts. Near Pinnacle makes everyone a data-driven leader and allows critical information to be easily shared and understood by the whole team, making data-driven decision-making a breeze.

"Near Pinnacle represents a great accomplishment for our global team in making data accessible through real-time access and powerful consumer insights you can use immediately. With the Near Data Intelligence Platform, our customers will gain a competitive advantage and improved decision-making across multiple departments with a unified, high-quality source of consumer behavior insights."

Kerry Pearce, Global Vice President of Product Marketing at Near

In addition to human movement and consumer behavior insights, Near provides users a way to act on intel, build audiences, run ads, and measure results. The company also delivers one of the world's largest dataset on consumer behavior in the real-world and is driven and protected by a privacy-led-approach. The company's intense focus on privacy and compliance means that customers can focus on using the data and running their business, with the assurance that Near as a trusted partner covers data provenance and governance.

About Near
Near, a global SaaS leader in privacy-led data intelligence, curates one of the world's largest source of intelligence on people, places, and products. Near processes data from over 1.6 billion unique user IDs, in 70M+ places across 44 countries to empower marketing and operational data leaders to confidently reach, understand, and market to consumers and optimize their business results. With offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Paris, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, Near serves major enterprises in retail, real estate, restaurants, tourism, technology, marketing, and other industries.


The big data revolution is well under way. We know that the sheer bigness of the data is not what is interesting. Rather, big data also departs severely from the familiar text and number data that we have stored in relational databases and analyzed with SQL for more than 20 years.

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Skyflow Launches Integration to Build Privacy and Data Protection into the Snowflake Data Cloud

Skyflow | June 17, 2022

Skyflow, the Data Privacy Vault company, announced a new integration with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, at Snowflake Summit 2022. Now, Snowflake customers can quickly and easily integrate Skyflow to isolate sensitive information being shared in the Snowflake Data Cloud and secure it using Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault. Customers can still query and share sensitive data while it remains protected using the vault, which insulates the application stack and reduces the overall compliance scope. What if privacy had an API? Building data privacy infrastructure from scratch or pulling together piecemeal solutions can take a significant amount of time and resources. Skyflow’s API was built so that companies can be up and running with world-class data privacy infrastructure in hours. “Companies that depend on data often handle PII, but building infrastructure to protect that sensitive data is too often an afterthought. “With Skyflow and Snowflake, teams can unlock the power of data while reducing the time, money, and resources historically spent on privacy.” Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake Every company should prioritize privacy as they build to keep sensitive data out of unnecessary workflows and data streams. The risk of a security breach and the cost of breaking customer trust becomes amplified in highly regulated industries, like fintech and digital health. Skyflow radically simplifies how companies manage, access and govern sensitive PII data, and with dedicated fintech and healthtech data vaults, PHI and PCI-regulated data can be protected as well. Global Data Residency and Data Protection for Customer Data Both startups and enterprises across verticals can benefit from Skyflow’s scalable and customizable approach to privacy. The zero-trust vaults with a simple and elegant API can be deployed anywhere in the world, allowing developers to quickly build applications and workflows without worrying about data privacy, compliance or residency. Sensitive information can be stored in a specific geolocation to help teams achieve data residency requirements related to GDPR, DCIA, LGPD, PDPA, and Skyflow’s solution can drastically reduce the amount of time and resources needed to achieve compliance with standards like PCI DSS and HIPAA. “Skyflow is partnering with Snowflake to simplify how developers and CIOs solve for data protection. This is key in a world where privacy is becoming a top priority for users and regulators globally,” says Anshu Sharma, CEO of Skyflow. “Together, Snowflake and Skyflow can help customers put privacy first so they can focus on their core products.” About Skyflow Founded in 2019, Skyflow is a data privacy vault for sensitive data. Our founders wanted to radically transform how businesses handle their users’ financial, healthcare and other personal data -- the data that powers the digital economy. Inspired by the data vaults that leaders like Apple and Netflix built to handle customer data, our vision was to deliver the same kind of data privacy vault as a simple and elegant API, something any developer could easily build into their application, the same way they use Stripe, Twilio, or Okta. Skyflow is based in Palo Alto, California, with offices in Bangalore, India

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Sesame Software Announces New Data Connector for HubSpot, Empowering Users to Simplify Data Access and Accelerate Insights

Sesame Software | August 12, 2022

Sesame Software, the innovative leader in Enterprise Data Management and creator of Relational Junction, today announced the addition of a new data source connector for HubSpot. With Relational Junction for HubSpot, you can easily connect HubSpot with cloud applications and relational databases to the data warehouse of your choice. This connector empowers data teams to improve data quality, eliminate silos, and uncover new insights to support data-driven decision-making. HubSpot is a leading platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. With HubSpot, you can get exhaustive data on your marketing efforts and Relational Junction helps you take control of that data. Relational Junction is a no-code data integration and replication platform able to easily connect HubSpot and a wide variety of other data sources to your various data destinations. Thanks to its scalable architecture and automation, you can easily grow your data without the need for labor-intensive processes, including manual data entry, data mapping, and maintenance. As a result, you have the data you need, continuously updated and all in one place, allowing for you to provide better customer experiences with more targeted and informed campaigns. Connect Your HubSpot Data with Your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Tool Relational Junction supports delivery to a wide range of cloud data storage and on-prem data warehouses, allowing you to consolidate all of your data into a single location for archiving, reporting, analytics, and more. In a matter of minutes, you can connect your Hubspot marketing and sales data with other data sources. Send your Hubspot data to feed your BI, your data warehouse, or your custom analytics stack and see a full view of your leads, analytics, sales, and customer service information. Relational Junctions Key Benefits: Easily access, discover, and connect HubSpot data with adjacent enterprise systems — such as databases, ERP and CRM systems, and custom applications Replicate HubSpot data into your data warehouse quickly and with no coding necessary Move data at the fastest possible speed with hyper-threaded high-volume data connectors Keep data fresh with automated data syncs for timely insights and accurate reporting About Sesame Software Sesame Software is the Enterprise Data Management leader, delivering data rapidly for enhanced reporting and analytics. Sesame Software's patented Relational Junction data platform offers superior solutions for data warehousing, integration, backup, and compliance to fit your business needs. Quickly connect to SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications for accelerated insights.

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VAST Data Announces Newest Feature Releases

VAST Data | May 23, 2022

VAST Data, the data platform company for the AI-powered world, today announced the latest versions of Universal Storage, bringing enhanced enterprise security features, performance and scale to its flagship software offering. With an install base of multiple exabytes and an annual growth rate of 300%, customers are continually challenging VAST with new feature requests to power their data-intensive use cases. This release, in total, represents more than 30 new features that have been directly requested by VAST customers. Testament to VAST’s distinguished R&D team, the average turnaround of “feature request to code” is four months. “Since our founding, we have always maintained a customer-first mindset, continuously adding new features and functionality at a rapid pace to solve their ever-growing and changing application needs. Ultimately, we work to foster a close collaboration with our customers whose use cases are our product’s North Star. This level of agility is never seen from legacy providers of data infrastructure. Our responsive approach not only helps our customers manage their data easier, it also creates long-term business partnerships with customers and the broader market that is good for VAST.” Jeff Denworth, co-founder of VAST Data VAST’s Universal Storage data platform provides customers with a cloud-native containerized storage architecture, and eliminates storage tiering to unleash insights on their massive reserves of data. Versions 4.2 and 4.3 expand on an already stellar feature set, while continuing to deliver increased functionality, scalability and security features — and still improving system performance. Notable features in the latest release include: Enhanced Security VAST expands protection against ransomware attacks with Object Locks. Customers can set policies on buckets and objects to make them immutable, preventing users and applications from deleting or modifying an object before its expiry. Admins can also use S3 bucket policies to define permissions, enabling secure identity and access management. Now generally available in Universal Storage, Indestructible Snapshots provide an additional layer of protection that safeguards immutable snapshots and policies from sophisticated external or internal attackers. Compliance with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, using validated cryptographic libraries for encryption at rest. Flexible Cloud Data Management One platform that integrates S3 bucket management for integrated file and object storage. Customers can easily share data between file and object storage protocols — Universal Storage is the only platform that provides this functionality, giving customers the best of both worlds. Check out this blog post and deep-dive demo. Further improvements to VAST’s centralized Uplink Cloud Management system include integration with Zendesk, providing customers with a smooth and intuitive support experience to create, track and manage their support tickets. For more information about VAST’s Uplink Cloud Management service, check out this blog post and deep-dive demo. Enhanced Performance for Secure Protocols Support for NFS4 over RDMA, delivering a performance boost for NFS4. By extending NFS4 over RDMA, VAST is increasing speed while providing customers with an enhanced security blanket via a Kerberized connection. VAST is the only vendor to accelerate NFS4 with RDMA, making it possible to power high-performance high-scale HPC, AI, media and analytics workloads with a simple and secure client interface. About VAST Data VAST Data delivers the data platform at the heart of the AI-powered world, accelerating time-to-insight for workload-intensive applications. The performance, scalability, ease of use and cost efficiencies of VAST’s software helps enterprise organizations overcome the historic barriers to building all-flash data centers. Founded in 2019, VAST is the fastest-selling data infrastructure startup in history.

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Aparavi Announces Technology Alliance with Quantum to Tame Unstructured Data Challenges

APARAVI‍ | August 04, 2022

APARAVI®, the company behind the award-winning Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform,  today announced a new partnership with Quantum Corporation to accelerate the adoption of automated, intelligent solutions designed to efficiently manage, protect, and gain business value from growing volumes of unstructured data. The companies’ combined solutions leverage the Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform with Quantum ActiveScale™ Object Storage software and platforms to enable cost-effective curation, protection, and use of unstructured data. “We are very excited about our partnership with Quantum. “Our partnership is expected to deliver novel data management solutions to provide companies with the ability to truly know and visualize their data to reduce business risks, lower storage costs, and increase business insights and data value.” Adrian Knapp, CEO and founder of Aparavi The Aparavi Platform helps companies to know and visualize their data across all their unstructured data platforms to realize the impact of risk and cost, and how to add value in ways they are not capitalizing on today. With data intelligence and automation, users gain insights into their unstructured data landscape and can take immediate action to effectively manage and migrate data to low-cost storage repositories like Quantum ActiveScale object storage, creating opportunities for immediate cost and performance benefits. The Aparavi platform gives users the ability to identify, classify, optimize and move their unstructured data based on file types and classification policies including CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA, etc.). Users can take advantage of over 140+ predefined classification policies or can easily build custom policies. The Aparavi Platform also improves storage consolidation by revealing hidden data, valuable data assets, and ROT (redundant, obsolete, or trivial) data. Quantum ActiveScale active archiving and long-term retention solutions are designed for durability, storage efficiency, and simple management at scale. ActiveScale is a leading object storage platform architected for both active and cold data, expected to provide up to 80 percent lower cost than alternative storage platforms. Designed for secure, always available access, ActiveScale is a valuable solution for private cloud storage deployments. THE APARAVI PLATFORM + QUANTUM ACTIVESCALE EXPECTED BENEFITS Unlocking the value of unstructured data on ActiveScale Intelligent data management to help you know what data you have Automated data lifecycle management to reduce risk and cost Seamlessly migrating tape data to ActiveScale Improved analytics and performance through lifecycle data management “Ninety percent of data is infrequently or rarely accessed but must be retained for its inherent, long-term value. Quantum is dedicated to data intelligence and automation to help users gain insights about their data and optimize its placement,” says Christine Brennan, director of technology Alliances at Quantum. “With Aparavi, we believe our customers will see cost and performance benefits across the enterprise by migrating inactive data to Quantum ActiveScale.” ABOUT APARAVI‍ APARAVI® is the trusted disrupter in unstructured data management, helping organizations find and unlock the value of data, no matter where it lives. Aparavi is a SaaS platform with a deep intelligence that rapidly discovers, automatically classifies, and optimizes highly distributed data to mitigate risk, reduce costs and exploit data value. Aparavi ensures secure access to modern data demands of analytics, machine learning, and collaboration, connecting business and IT to transform data into a competitive asset. Aparavi is a privately funded company headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. ABOUT QUANTUM Quantum technology, software, and services provide the solutions that today's organizations need to make video and other unstructured data smarter – so their data works for them and not the other way around. With over 40 years of innovation, Quantum's end-to-end platform is uniquely equipped to orchestrate, protect, and enrich data across its lifecycle, providing enhanced intelligence and actionable insights. Leading organizations in cloud services, entertainment, government, research, education, transportation, and enterprise IT trust Quantum to bring their data to life, because data makes life better, safer, and smarter. Quantum is listed on Nasdaq (QMCO) and the Russell 2000® Index.

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The big data revolution is well under way. We know that the sheer bigness of the data is not what is interesting. Rather, big data also departs severely from the familiar text and number data that we have stored in relational databases and analyzed with SQL for more than 20 years.