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Oracle Enhances Database 23c with AI Vector Search Capabilities

Oracle Enhances Database 23c with AI Vector Search Capabilities
  • Oracle introduces AI Vector Search, enabling semantic search and fast similarity queries by storing semantic content as vectors.
  • Oracle Database 23c, "App Simple," streamlines interactions by declaring outcomes, incorporating AI Vector Search, and offering natural language interfaces.
  • RAG combines large language models (LLMs) with private business data for precise responses to natural language queries while maintaining data privacy.

Oracle has announced a significant enhancement to its Oracle Database 23c, introducing semantic search capabilities powered by AI vectors. This innovative collection of features, dubbed AI Vector Search, encompasses a suite of functionalities, including a novel vector data type, vector indexes, and SQL operators. This empowers Oracle Database to store semantic content from various sources, such as documents and images, as vectors and use them to run fast similarity queries.

Notably, these advancements also facilitate Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a groundbreaking generative AI technique. RAG combines large language models (LLMs) with private business data to deliver precise responses to natural language queries. Importantly, this approach maintains data privacy by excluding sensitive information from LLM training data.

Furthermore, Oracle will enable applications built on Oracle Database and Autonomous Database to add an LLM-based natural language interface. Thus allowing end-users to gain a simplified and intuitive way to request the data they need by framing natural language questions. Additionally, Oracle Database tools such as APEX and SQL Developer will receive enhancements with generative AI capabilities, empowering developers to use natural language for creating applications and SQL queries with ease, eliminating the need for manual coding.

Oracle Database 23c, codenamed "App Simple," simplifies the way data professionals, developers, and data users interact with data by stating their desired outcomes rather than hand coding. Data systems will generate solutions using new database technologies such as JSON Relational Duality Views and AI Vector Search with new natural language interface capabilities. Additionally, by merging these technologies with Oracle's low-code APEX development framework, developers will be able to create complete apps. This method represents the future of data and application development and will offer huge productivity increases.

Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President of Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle, stated:

Oracle Database is the leading repository of business data, and the combination of business data and semantic data is what enterprises need to implement artificial intelligence solutions,

[Source – Cision PR Newswire]

Searches on a combination of business and semantic data became easier, faster, and more precise when a single database managed both types of data, stated Loaiza.

He further explained that by adding AI Vector Search to Oracle Database, Oracle enables customers to quickly and easily access the benefits of artificial intelligence without compromising security, data integrity, or performance. He emphasized that using Oracle AI Vector Search does not require machine learning expertise and that all database users, including developers and administrators, could learn to use it in less than 30 minutes.

The latest updates to Oracle Database services and products include:

Modern Oracle Database and AI Application Development

  • Oracle Autonomous Database
  • GoldenGate 23c Free
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Free Container Image
  • Oracle APEX

Next-generation Oracle Database Product and Services

  • Oracle Database 23c
  • Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Exadata Exascale
  • Autonomous Database Elastic Resource Pools

Trusted Data Fabric for AI

  • GoldenGate 23c
  • Oracle GoldenGate Veridata 23c (Beta)
  • OCI GoldenGate
  • Oracle Database Appliance X10
  • Oracle Database infrastructure for small and medium businesses


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