Rubrik's Cloud Data Management Solution to Protect World Wide Technology's Critical Infrastructure

World Wide Technology, Rubrik | July 22, 2020

World Wide Technology, a market-leading $12 billion technology solution provider, today announced that it selected Rubrik, the industry’s leading cloud data management solution provider, for data management and protection of its Advanced Technology Center core infrastructure.

The ATC is a large B2B lab environment running VMware and vCloud director. The ATC is a platform built on a collection of virtualized physical infrastructure, containing products from hundreds of vendors, that is digitized to create a collaborative innovation ecosystem for educating WWT engineers, customers and partners about solutions WWT develops and implements for organizations.

“When we evaluated Rubrik, we were impressed with the simplicity of its web-based user interface and the ease of configuring RPOs (recovery point objectives) and scheduling through Rubrik’s SLAs (service level agreements). Rubrik’s ability to protect vCloud Director vApps and vApp templates was critical to the decision,” said Michael Taylor, Chief Technology Officer, WWT. “The support and the service we received from Rubrik has been top notch. It shows that they are dedicated to us, not only as a partner, but as a customer.”


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Treasure Data Works with Amazon Marketing Cloud to Develop Turn-Key Integration to Enrich Customer Experiences

Treasure Data | October 31, 2022

Treasure Data, an award-winning enterprise customer data platform (CDP), today announced an integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud, a clean room solution by Amazon Ads, to help advertisers better understand audience segments, advertising performance, and streamline insight generation. Treasure Data is the first CDP vendor integrated with Amazon Marketing Cloud. Marketers are increasingly using CDPs to maintain their first party CRM information. At the same time, it is estimated that 80% of advertisers with media budgets of $1 billion or more plan to utilize clean rooms by 2023. To help advertisers acquire more value from their clean room experiences, this seamless integration between Treasure Data's CDP and Amazon Marketing Cloud, enables enterprises to develop richer and more timely insights for optimized marketing, advertising, and campaign investments. "As a pioneer in the CDP industry, Treasure Data is honored to be the first customer data platform to have completed this unique integration with Amazon Marketing Cloud. "The integration helps our customers to increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing and advertising campaigns with this global and privacy-safe solution." John Baudino, Vice President of Partnerships at Treasure Data Treasure Data customers using Amazon Ads for campaigns will now be able to easily send curated audiences to Amazon Marketing Cloud for enhanced and aggregated and anonymized insights such as audiences' in-market groups, lifestyle cohorts, and brand engagement patterns. The enriched segments derived from Amazon Marketing Cloud insights can then be used to fine-tune audience strategy for an advertiser's Amazon DSP campaigns. Audience insights returned are aggregated and anonymous. Features enabled through the integrations will be available to customers through the Treasure Data Marketplace. About Treasure Data Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud helps enterprises use all of their customer data to improve campaign performance, achieve operational efficiency, and drive business value with connected customer experiences. Our suite of customer data platform solutions integrates customer data, connects identities in unified customer profiles, applies privacy, and makes insights and predictions available for Marketing, Service, Sales and Operations to drive personalized engagement and improve customer acquisition, sales, and retention.

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Syniti Introduces Syniti Match, the Industry's First AI-Driven Matching Solution to Support Both Party and Operational Data

Syniti | October 20, 2022

Syniti, a global leader in enterprise data management, today announced the upcoming availability of its fully cloud-native Syniti Match, the most rapid and precise AI-powered data matching software on the market that supports both party and operational data. Enterprise data is often riddled with errors and consistencies like typos, missing fields, duplications, and name variances. Those errors are compounded when dealing with multiple systems which is increasingly common as organizations continue to modernize legacy operations. Syniti Match is purpose-built to handle data complexity, no matter the shape, source, or type of enterprise data, including customer, ERP, supply chain and business data. Improve productivity –Syniti Match can reduce the time spent on data matching jobs. It can match millions of records in minutes with batch ingestion and can find matches in sub-seconds with real-time ingestion. Enhance customer relationships – Organizations can use reliable, matched data to build a unified, 360-degree customer profile to enhance targeting campaigns and drive meaningful, relevant experiences. Increase profitability – Free up working capital by identifying duplicate spare parts to help increase profitability; match parts and align them with vendors to help identify millions in potential procurement savings as well as in volume discounts. Proactively maintain data quality – Protect the people, processes, and applications that rely on accurate data to function by getting ahead of duplicates that degrade data quality. Real-time matching helps prevent duplicates from being created by identifying them at point of entry. This function can also aid an enterprise's MDM strategy by matching master records across the company's business application landscape, offering real-time mastery to help ensure a single source of truth is being used for key functions such as business operations and analytics. Syniti has replicated the natural intelligence humans use when forming comparisons, and with Syniti Match, can deliver that capability at scale. AI, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, and context-sensitive lexicons evaluate matches contextually, allowing the software to understand data based on what it is, rather than where it resides in a table. It maximizes matches found while minimizing false positives and can easily scale as business data grows in volume and variety. With a flexible SaaS-based model, Syniti Match can be deployed from anywhere, anytime – without installation. Emily Williams, vice president of product alliances, Syniti, said: ""The ability to match both types of data quickly and accurately fills a very necessary gap in the market as it benefits every part of an organization from operations to sales and marketing. With Syniti Match, we are reducing the wasted time spent on the tedious processes of eliminating the duplications and inconsistencies that drive down the quality of your data." "Organizations today simply can't afford to base any decisions on poor quality data. At Syniti, we keep finding new and innovative ways to enable our customers to achieve the accurate and trustworthy data they need to run and grow their businesses." Kevin Campbell, chief executive officer, Syniti Jon Severn, circulation director, MJH Lifesciences, said, "MJH Lifesciences is the largest privately held medical media company in the U.S. We have a constant flow of new data sources into our system which makes keeping the data free of duplicates very difficult. Previously, we were de-duping files manually, and spending more time than we would like doing so - and delivering less accurate results. With Syniti Match, our current process is much more accurate, resulting in greater audit compliance and we have reduced incidents of unintentional duplicates." About Syniti Syniti solves the world's most complex data challenges by uniquely combining intelligent, AI-driven software and vast data expertise to yield certain and superior business outcomes. For over 25 years, Syniti has partnered with the Fortune 2000 to unlock valuable insights that ignite growth, reduce risk and increase their competitive advantage. Syniti's silo-free enterprise data management platform supports data migration, data quality, data replication, master data management, analytics, data governance, and data strategy in a single, unified solution. Syniti is a portfolio company of private equity firm Bridge Growth Partners LLC.

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Clarivate Expands Real World Data and Analytics Solutions with Addition of U.S. Specialty Pharmacy Data

Clarivate | December 06, 2022

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, today announced the inclusion of linked specialty pharmacy claims data within real world data solutions. The new U.S. dataset will expand the real world data and analytics offerings from Clarivate. Researchers can access an in-depth view of high-cost medications and valuable insights into the patient's treatment journey in chronic, complex and rare diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (e.g., Humira, Enbrel), inflammatory conditions (e.g., Dupixent, Otezla), and cancer (e.g., Xgeva, Xeloda). Specialty drugs cover at least 20% of the market for chronic, complex and rare diseases. However, conventional claims data warehouses rarely include these high-cost medications, which limits the research potential of numerous diseases. Specialty pharmacy data enables life sciences professionals to: Track specialty drug uptake and understand market dynamics (market and launch analytics) Build brand-level patient profiles (brand analytics, patient journey) Measure non/adherence and switching patterns (persistency and adherence analysis) Target and appropriately engage prescribers and providers (commercial targeting) Researchers can leverage this real-world dataset to make evidence-based decisions -- developing successful strategies, optimizing commercial resources, and defining the right activities and messaging to improve patient outcomes. "Clarivate is committed to supporting customers across the drug, device and diagnostic lifecycle with timely, fit-for-purpose real world data solutions. The addition of integrated, high-capture specialty pharmacy data to the Clarivate portfolio further expands the set of questions that can be answered in the data by reducing fragmentation and bias and providing a more holistic view of the patient." Matt McKinley, VP, Head of Real World Data & Analytics The specialty pharmacy data covers over 500 specialty drugs spanning diverse therapeutic areas. The data enables a holistic analysis of complex clinical profiles reducing the need for additional data mapping or processing. The unique data and insights are updated weekly, allowing users to track changes in clinical pathways, product uptake and market dynamics. About Clarivate Clarivate™ is a global leader in providing solutions to accelerate the pace of innovation. Our bold mission is to help customers solve some of the world's most complex problems by providing actionable information and insights that reduce the time from new ideas to life-changing inventions in the areas of Academia & Government, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Professional Services and Consumer Goods, Manufacturing & technology. We help customers discover, protect and commercialize their inventions using our trusted subscription and technology-based solutions coupled with deep domain expertise.

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AllCloud Launches Matillion One Click Solution to Accelerate Cloud Data Analytics

AllCloud | November 14, 2022

AllCloud, a global cloud services company AWS Premier Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, announces the launch of the Matillion One Click solution, its latest Solutions Factory offering. AllCloud’s Matillion One Click solution is an IP-led solution that accelerates customers’ journey to the cloud for data analytics by helping them acquire data faster and at scale, reducing the amount of time it takes to fully productionize their Matillion instances by 75%. AllCloud is a Platinum Matillion Partner. Matillion helps a company turn its raw data into timely and meaningful information. Its ETL tool integrates with an extensive list of pre-built data source connectors, loads the data into a cloud environment, and performs the transformations necessary in order to make data consumable by analytics tools such as Sigma, Tableau, Power BI, and more. One of the challenges with ETL tools is that line-of-business leaders don’t understand the complexity of acquiring data, bringing it into a data warehouse and making it accessible. It’s an onerous process that can take a company months to achieve. With AllCloud’s Matillion One Click solution, companies can accomplish this goal in a matter of weeks, showing value to the business faster. AllCloud’s Matillion One Click solution complements Matillion’s ETL by adding six (6) critical components needed to fully productize their Matillion instance. Clients are now able to: rapidly setup and configure the initial deployment and configuration; automate the setup and maintenance of data pipelines and quality checks; automate testing of changes and promotions; monitor job, server, costs and performance; increase team productivity through CICD and Git integration; and manage upgrades and disaster recovery. “AllCloud is focused on accelerating our customers’ journey to the cloud, whether that journey involves AWS, Salesforce or data analytics. “AllCloud’s Matillion One Click solution greatly enhances our ability to provide clients with data that is business-ready so they may realize increased revenues, find new revenue streams, improve margins and create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.” Dave Taddei, SVP, Data and Analytics Practice, North America, at AllCloud The AllCloud Matillion One Click solution is part of AllCloud’s Solution Factory. The AllCloud Solutions Factory supports every stage of a company’s cloud journey, from migration and modernization to security, compliance and DevOps, while optimizing cost and governance. About AllCloud AllCloud is a global professional and managed services company providing organizations with the tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, AllCloud accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from the cloud. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, a Salesforce Platinum Partner and Snowflake Premier Partner, AllCloud helps clients connect their front office and back office by building a new operating model that allows them to harness the benefits of cloud technology and data analytics. With the incorporation of our IP-based solutions into customer’s roadmaps, AllCloud also enables an increased productivity engine for clients and allows them to achieve operational excellence on the cloud, with a secure environment, at every milestone of their journey to becoming cloud first.

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