BIG DATA MANAGEMENT announces Constellation, a Unified Data Platform for productivity workers and their teams | May 02, 2022 announces Constellation, their unified data platform that brings together all the data and information that knowledge workers need, in one place. launched in 2019 as a search company that enabled users to simultaneously search across all their cloud and local files. In building this capability, several of its partners saw the greater potential in the company's technology to connect the wealth of data that knowledge workers and their teams create and utilize.

Given the critical challenges businesses face in efficiently sharing information across teams and platforms, has invested its resources and latest round of funding into building out Constellation, a unified data platform for teams. Since January, the company has expanded its suite of integrations to include even more essential workplace apps, including Trello, Asana, Jira, Notion, and Confluence. The company continues to integrate with additional apps and services and will soon expand its support to design apps like Figma and code repositories like Github. By mid-2022, Constellation will connect with over 30 of the most used cloud applications.

While initially focused on unifying data and information from files, such as those created with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace apps, as well as PDFs, Constellation makes it possible to unify user-inputted SaaS data. Structured information from Jira tickets and Trello cards, for example, as well as conversations in apps like Slack, can now be searchable and shareable. Additionally, Constellation's Live Sync technology means data is constantly being updated and refreshed, so users always have access to the latest information.

Built for scale, Constellation supports an unlimited amount of data and is engineered with enterprise-grade security. Eventually, will enable developers to access the Constellation framework for their own apps and services, including corporations who may want to ingest this data into their own repositories.

"Google, Bing, Baidu, and others aggregated web information and made it searchable; Snowflake and Databricks brought together corporate data for advanced business intelligence. But nothing analogous exists for knowledge workers. Constellation unifies work data into a single view to make knowledge instantly accessible and actionable for teams."

Brian Shin, co-founder and CEO of

For now, will leverage Constellation to extend its end-user capabilities beyond search. The company will soon be releasing Collections, a way for users to assemble groups of files, email, and cloud data in a central space where others can add, find, and access what they need for their work.


Data Analytics is the way forward for organizations looking to maintain a competitive advantage. The best way to boost the bottom line and secure a bright future is by monetizing data. Start your Data Analytics journey right away and boost the economic value driven by your data.

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CRED iQ and Cherre Announce Data Integration Partnership

CRED iQ | March 11, 2022

CRED iQ, a data, analytics and valuation platform serving the commercial real estate finance and investment communities today announced the partnership and data integration with Cherre. Mutual clients of CRED iQ and Cherre can now easily add commercial real estate data to their Cherre data warehouse for better insights. Cherre seamlessly connects disparate real estate data into a single source of truth, empowering companies to instantly explore all their connected data for immediate and actionable insight. CRED iQ is a commercial real estate data, analytics, and valuation platform providing actionable intelligence to CRE brokers, lender, and investors in every market. It tracks maturing loans, expiring leases, detailed quarterly and annual financial operating statements, delinquent loans, newly issued loans, foreclosures, and REO. CRED iQ also maintains borrower and ownership contact information including names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses. Search Properties and Loans Here Subscribers to CRED iQ use the platform to identify valuable leads for leasing, lending, refinancing, distressed debt, and acquisition opportunities. Access CRED iQ with a free 7-day, full-access trial by clicking here. About CRED iQ CRED iQ is a commercial real estate data, analytics, and valuation platform providing actionable intelligence to CRE and capital markets investors. The data platform is powered by over $2.0 trillion of CMBS, CRE CLO, SASB, and GSE/Agency loan and property data. About Cherre Cherre is the leader in real estate data and insight. We connect decision makers to accurate property and market information, and help them make faster, smarter decisions. By providing a unique "single source of truth," Cherre empowers customers to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs. Cherre launched in 2016 and is located in New York City.

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Promethium Recognized by SIIA as best Data Tools & Platforms

Promethium | June 09, 2022

Promethium, the solution for collaborative data analytics, has been named the best Data Tools & Platforms of 2022 as part of the annual SIIA CODiE Awards. The CODiE Awards recognize the companies producing the most innovative business technology products across the country, and around the world. "Winning this CODiE award for Best Data Tools & Platforms is a great honor," said Promethium CEO and Founder Kaycee Lai. "When I worked as a data analyst the workflows were slow and broken, and they still are today. There wasn't one single solution that made it faster and easier for everyone - technical or not - to leverage data. So we built one. Now the workflow from question to data to answer takes minutes instead of months." Promethium's collaborative data and analytics offers two major advantages. First of all, it's an all-in-one solution. The entire data and analytics workflow can be completed by one person with one solution without long wait times, while also reducing costs. Secondly, it's powerful enough for data engineers, and easy enough for everyone else. Complexity has been eliminated with a no-code user experience and powerful Natural Language Processing automation. Last year Promethium was a CODiE awards finalist for Best Data Tools & Platforms. "Even during these tumultuous times, business application, software, service and product providers continued the industry's long tradition of developing and marketing innovative solutions to meet business needs. "We are proud to recognize this year's class of CODiE Award winners. They truly represent the best of the best in a highly-competitive and ever-evolving market." SIIA President Jeff Joseph The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, announced the full slate of CODiE winners during an online winner announcement June 8 in the metaverse. Acknowledged as the premier awards program for the software and information industries for over 35 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards are produced by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software, education, media and digital content industries. Promethium was honored as one of 46 winners across the 45 business technology categories, including seven leadership categories recognizing outstanding companies, individuals and teams. The SIIA CODiE Awards are the industry's only peer-reviewed awards program. The first-round review of all nominees is conducted by software and business technology experts with considerable industry expertise, including analysts, media, bloggers, bankers and investors. The scores from the expert judge review determine the finalists. SIIA members then vote on the finalist products, and the scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners. Forty-three awards were given this year for products and services deployed specifically for B2B software, information and media companies, including the Best Overall Business Technology Product, awarded to the product with the highest scores of both rounds of judging. About the SIIA CODiE™ Awards The SIIA CODiE Awards is the only peer-reviewed program to showcase business and education technology's finest products and services. Since 1986, thousands of products, services and solutions have been recognized for achieving excellence. About Promethium Promethium is the collaborative data and analytics solution used by data-driven enterprises to enable every employee to make data-driven decisions in real time without the technical complexity of data management. With Promethium, users can find data-driven answers by using intuitive natural language search. Unlike other solutions, there are no long implementations because data doesn't need to be moved and is accessed where it is. Connect data sources to Promethium and within minutes users can see results. Answers from data in minutes instead of months.

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Domo Launches Data Apps to Fill the Gaps of Traditional BI and Analytics

Domo | March 24, 2022

Today Domo announced Data Apps, new low-code data tools for everyone across an organization, designed to bring the benefit of data-driven decisions and actions to those who are underserved by traditional business intelligence (BI) and analytics. A Data App, which combines data, analytics and workflows, is experienced as a personalized standalone experience on a mobile device or embedded into existing apps and processes where work is already happening. Unlike traditional BI, which is designed for executives, managers and data analysts and requires a level of data literacy to interpret and apply insights, Data Apps are designed for any role in an organization and are built so any person can be guided by data to the optimal decisions and actions for achieving specific business outcomes. For example, an employee on the manufacturing floor can leverage a Data App on a work tablet to ensure the company’s quality and safety goals are met throughout their role in the production process. Or a shift manager in a coffee shop can get real-time insights on their phone into customer satisfaction scores and make necessary adjustments on-the-fly to improve the customer experience. The continued push for digital transformation across all areas of business is highlighting the urgent need for new data tools. Despite all the modernization efforts around business intelligence, data is still not being effectively leveraged in most organizations. In fact, no more than 20% of enterprise decision-makers who could be using business intelligence (BI) applications hands on are doing so. The other 80% still rely on the data and analytics skills of those 20% who do use BI applications, according to The Future of BI, Forrester Research Inc., February 23, 2022. And recent research sponsored by Domo showed the lack of proper tools is one of the key barriers that keeps organizations from using data more holistically. “It is time for organizations to move beyond thinking of data as charts and graphs and towards adopting customized intelligent apps that not only deliver insights but drive action and support the needs of workers right where the work gets done. Our focus with Data Apps is supporting the white spaces in organizations where traditional BI and enterprise software applications like CRM and ERP have traditionally not reached. We’re making it easy for customers to put data to work for everyone by leveraging Domo as a low-code data app platform to build apps and improve business processes and outcomes everywhere work gets done.” John Mellor, Domo CEO “Organizations face challenges in finding an approach to Data Apps that enables digital transformation. They seek solutions that allow organizations to easily compile, aggregate and share data across trusted networks - both inside and outside organizations, while giving each team member personalized data and automation needed for the business to move forward with more agility,” said R “Ray" Wang, founder and principal analyst, Constellation Research, Inc. Because of Domo’s robust data integration capabilities with more than 1,000+ native connectors built and managed by Domo, Data Apps can easily leverage data from existing systems – regardless of where data lives whether it be in a cloud data warehouse or data lake, or a core application like SAP, Salesforce or NetSuite. As a result, Data Apps are designed to deliver business value at record speed and scale, and what used to take weeks and months, now takes hours or days. “For decades analytics tools have been focused on solving the wrong problem. There will always be a place for ad hoc analyses, but organizations can better meet their day-to-day analytic needs with more directed, purpose-built analytical applications that are embedded into operational processes for line-of-business personnel - whether they be store managers, stock room team members or customer service representatives,” said David Menninger, senior vice president and research director, Ventana Research. “Using a platform like Domo’s to develop and distribute analytics apps helps eliminate time-consuming tasks such as data integration and management, allowing organizations to be more agile and responsive to existing business requirements and new market requirements as they arise.” As part of today’s announcement, Domo launched four solution accelerators, highly configurable Data Apps designed to support common business processes that have not been solved with traditional BI or enterprise software. These accelerators leverage the full capabilities of the Domo platform for data integration, analytics and distribution and are specifically for customers in retail, CPG and financial services. These first four solutions are as follows: Retail Store Performance and Operations – designed as a mobile app for executives, ops leaders, field and store employees to create the best customer experiences and drive sales and margin performance in the stores Retail-Vendor Brand Performance & Insight Sharing – designed for real-time collaboration around point-of-sale data, inventory and market data to help retailers and their vendor partners profitably grow their respective businesses Supply Chain Collaboration and Operations – a cross-functional supply chain problem solving tool that allows manufacturing, retail and logistics people to collaborate to improve supply chain visibility and efficiency to minimize cost Banking Customer Profitability and Behavior Analytics – designed to give financial services organizations such as banks, credit unions and mortgage companies near real-time insight into customer preferences so they can drive more valuable, longer-term relationships with customers Additional Announcements Domo also announced today new updates to the Domo platform that allow customers to leverage data at speed and scale. These announcements include new multi-cloud enhancements, a new governance toolkit, new integrations with Microsoft Office Suite and Teams, and more. About Domo Domo transforms business by putting data to work for everyone. Domo’s low-code data app platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics to enable anyone to create data apps to power any action in their business, right where work gets done. With Domo’s fully integrated cloud-native platform, critical business processes can now be optimized in days instead of months or more.

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Privitar Announces Strategic Partnership with Data Integration and Management Leader Denodo to Advance Modern Data Provisioning

Privitar | April 20, 2022

Privitar, the leader in modern data provisioning, today announced a strategic partnership with Denodo, the leader in data integration and management software. With this new partnership, Privitar and Denodo are aligning to advance modern data provisioning and put safe data at the core of any data mesh and logical data fabric powered by data virtualization. “For an organization to be able to maximize their use of data for analytics, it needs to be both safe and accessible to the right people, at the right time. By combining Privitar’s domain expertise in data privacy and modern data provisioning with Denodo’s leadership in data virtualization we‘re creating a force multiplier effect, enabling organizations to take an agile approach to creating, managing, governing, and protecting data products – then safely leverage that data for analytics within their organizations and beyond.” Mike Foster, Vice President of Technology Partners at Privitar Organizations are increasingly embracing data mesh and data fabrics as the basis of their modern architecture stacks, taking advantage of their ability to democratize both data access and management. By treating data as a product, it can be built once and reused in different analytical workloads rather than repeatedly re-inventing data integration pipelines to create that same information for different analytical systems. Data virtualization has risen to the fore as a key enabler of data mesh architectures, being leveraged to produce, consume, and govern data products. Similarly, for any enterprise data fabric, data virtualization ensures less data copying and data replication, thus ensuring faster time-to-insights, better adherence to compliance, and stricter data governance. Safe, trusted data must be at the core of these systems to ensure that data remains safeguarded. The combination of Denodo’s data virtualization and Privitar’s data privacy and provisioning solutions will enable organizations to manage and provision data products and sensitive data; automatically and transparently enforce governance policies based on the user, the location sensitivity, and intended purpose data; and remain compliant with relevant regulations and legislation. “Denodo’s logical approach to data integration and management brings agility and flexibility, and can help organizations address the growing, layered complexities of data integration, management, and delivery,” said Suresh Chandrasekaran, Executive Vice President, Denodo. “Our partnership with Privitar will enable organizations to automatically and transparently allow sensitive data to be consistently governed while remaining protected and compliant with legislation. We’re empowering organizations to unlock the value of distributed data, no matter where it lives, using the power of data virtualization and privacy-enhancing technology.” About Privitar Privitar empowers organizations to use their data safely and ethically. Our modern data provisioning solution builds collaborative workflows and policy-based data privacy and access controls into data operations. Only Privitar has the right combination of technology, domain expertise, and best practices to support data-driven innovation while navigating regulations and protecting customer trust. About Denodo Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing agile, high performance data integration, data abstraction, and real-time data services across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data, and unstructured data sources at half the cost of traditional approaches. Denodo’s customers across every major industry have gained significant business agility and ROI by enabling faster and easier access to unified business information for agile BI, big data analytics, Web, cloud integration, single-view applications, and enterprise data services. Denodo is well-funded, profitable, and privately held.

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Data Analytics is the way forward for organizations looking to maintain a competitive advantage. The best way to boost the bottom line and secure a bright future is by monetizing data. Start your Data Analytics journey right away and boost the economic value driven by your data.