Making Big Data Processing Simple with Spark," Matei Zaharia

January 1, 1900

As data volumes grow, we need programming tools for parallel applications that are as easy to use and versatile as those for single machines. The Spark project started at UC Berkeley to meet these goals. Spark is based on two main ideas. First, it has a language-integrated API in Python, Java, Scala and R, based on functional programming, that makes it easy to build applications out of functions to run on a cluster. Second, it offers a general engine that can support streaming, batch, and interactive computations, as well as advanced analytics such as machine learning, and lets users combine them in one program. Since its release in 2010, Spark has become a highly active open source project, with over 900 contributors and a broad set of built-in libraries. This talk will cover the main ideas behind the Spark programming model, and recent additions to the project…



People Flow Analytics - Retail Intelligence - Consumer behavior and the brick-and-mortar performance


Power of industrial data analytics resides in data transformation

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The power of data analytics in industrial context resides in how you transform and prepare your data. Let Wizata Data Scientist, Jeremy Lambert, explains why and how you can get more insights from your data with a properly prepared dataset....

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InsightSquared Revenue Analytics & Forecasting

video | May 21, 2021

InsightSquared delivers full funnel revenue analytics and predictive forecasting for your entire customer journey. Finally complete visibility into your revenue processes—the visibility you need to understand where, why and how you win. It's your blueprint to more revenue....

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NodeGraph — The smarter, all-in-one data intelligence stack

video | April 12, 2021

Choose NodeGraph — the automated solution for all your data & analytics tools — collecting data governance, data quality, data catalog and data lineage functionalities all under one roof....

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Modernize ETL, Data Warehouse & Analytics — Migrate to Cloud Platforms with Impetus

video | April 14, 2021

Transform queries, ETL code, applications, reporting, and analytical workloads to your target environment with up to 90% automation. Our Workload Transformation Solution helps you simplify, accelerate, and de-risk your modernization journey, enabling valuable time and money savings....

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