Babel Street to Acquire Rosette, A Leading Provider of AI-Powered Text Analytics Software

Babel Street | November 29, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

Babel Street to Acquire Rosette, A Leading Provider of AI-Powered
Babel Street, a leading data-to-knowledge company, today announced it will acquire Rosette®, the AI-powered text analytics platform, from BasisTech. The combination of Babel Street and Rosette will form an enhanced data analytics and intelligence software platform, delivering rapid, rich insights across the threat intelligence, risk mitigation, and identity markets.

Rosette, an AI software solution developed and provided by BasisTech, powers many of the largest mission-critical systems in the public and private sectors. Customers deploy Rosette’s text analytics platform for cross-lingual identity resolution to help protect national security, prevent financial crime, and verify identity. Rosette applies machine learning and deep neural nets to help companies identify and understand relationships amongst people, locations, organizations, and events in multilingual text. Babel Street delivers critical and timely insights from across a massive, multilingual digital landscape through a single pane of glass for analysis, collaboration, and action at superhuman speed.

The acquisition positions Babel Street as a highly differentiated category leader in threat intelligence, risk mitigation, and identity markets. With Rosette’s complementary capabilities, Babel Street will provide expanded solutions to better serve the mission-critical needs of a broader set of government and commercial organizations worldwide. The new, comprehensive platform will support deeper entity knowledge base creation for screening and countering insider threats, leveraging Rosette’s deep AI and machine-learning-driven natural language processing (NLP) technology, as well as name-matching capabilities.

“Babel Street's deep expertise in cross-lingual search across massive amounts of data, coupled with Rosette’s ability to identify, categorize, extract, index, and analyze all aspects of multi-language text, will help improve safety and security for our customers. “With the addition of Rosette, we will create a leader in threat and risk intelligence, best positioned to capitalize on the large market opportunity at a time when this technology is increasingly vital for awareness and security. We’re thrilled to welcome Rosette’s deep bench of talent to the Babel Street team.”

Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street

“We’re excited for the opportunity to see Rosette’s technology integrated with the most comprehensive and flexible open-source intelligence platform available,” said Carl Hoffman, CEO of BasisTech. “Rosette’s NLP capabilities are a natural complement to Babel Street’s advanced analytics capabilities and will provide a powerful asset in helping screen for global threats and risk with greater context and understanding.”

Customers across industries can expect the integration to offer expanded, locally deployable capabilities and the addition of AI capabilities fueled by the most comprehensive range of enriched, standardized data sources across the digital landscape. This will provide greater intent understanding and trend discovery for governments and commercial enterprises across many industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and logistics. Following the close of the transaction, Babel Street will continue to market Rosette as a standalone offering and incorporate Rosette’s differentiated technologies into its own solutions.

“In addition to threat detection, conversational AI-enabling technologies like NLP have the potential to become the basis for trust between companies and their customers or trading partners,” explained Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research. “Rapid recognition of intent, real-time situational awareness, and machine learning empower Babel Street and Rosette to be the cornerstone for an ever-expanding set of mission-critical use cases.”

Specific capabilities that Rosette will bring to Babel Street include:

  • Advanced Natural Language Understanding: including relevancy scoring, document clustering, and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean tokenization delivering greater accuracy and richer insights across global markets.
  • Entity Extraction: including identifying relationships between people, places, and organizations, and entity mapping to rapidly identify and filter open-source searches across the world’s largest enriched document store.
  • Expanded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Modeling: including topic classification and intent detection, as well as risk and fraud scoring, entity attribution, and pattern detection for highly extensible capabilities across a wide range of use cases, including language analytics.

About Babel Street
Babel Street provides the most advanced data analytics and intelligence platform for the world’s most trusted government and commercial organizations. The AI-enabled platform helps them stay informed and improves around-the-clock decision-making for threat intelligence, identity and risk management, and alerting use cases. Teams are empowered to rapidly detect and collaborate on what matters in seconds by transforming massive amounts of global, multilingual data into actionable insights so they can act with confidence. Babel Street is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, with offices in London, Canberra, and Ottawa. For more information, visit

About BasisTech and Rosette®
Data analytics and machine learning are critical to verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime. BasisTech provides businesses and governments with advanced analytics and AI-powered solutions for deriving insights from multilingual text, connecting data silos, and discovering digital evidence. The Rosette text analytics platform employs machine learning and deep neural nets to extract meaningful information from unstructured data. Autopsy, a digital forensics platform, and Cyber Triage, an incident response tool, serve the needs of law enforcement, national security, and legal technologists. KonaSearch delivers deep search across Salesforce and other data sources.


LTS  offered Data Analytics. They also provide  IT process Automation and Devops Developer.


LTS  offered Data Analytics. They also provide  IT process Automation and Devops Developer.

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Bitwise Introduces Data Platform Cloud Migration Suite at PASS Data Community Summit

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Snowflake Scales Data Cloud Ecosystem Through Industry Solutions and Powered by Snowflake Program

Snowflake | November 08, 2022

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, today announced at its Snowday 2022 event, the final San Francisco stop on its Data Cloud World Tour, continued growth across the Data Cloud ecosystem, driven in part by Snowflake’s cloud, data provider, services, technology, and Powered by Snowflake partners, alongside its customers. Launched over two years ago, the Snowflake Partner Network continues to serve as the engine that fuels the growth of the Data Cloud ecosystem, unlocking the potential of the Data Cloud with a broad array of solutions, applications, and partners that help mobilize the world’s data. “Together, Deloitte and Snowflake are supporting customers end-to-end through their data mobilization journeys,” said Frank Farrall, Principal – Data and AI Alliances Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Our alliance with Snowflake allows us to be part of the process of helping to redefine the market for data technology, empowering our joint clients to achieve their digital innovation goals and unlock business value at scale.” Powered by Snowflake Fuels New Innovations Powered by Snowflake is becoming synonymous with application development in the Data Cloud, with the program growing by over 6x year-over-year as of July 31, 2022. The program provides partners and customers developing applications on Snowflake with the tools and resources they need to build, market, and operate applications in the Data Cloud. Leading supply chain solution providers like Blue Yonder, cybersecurity organizations like Panther, media and advertising organizations like Piano, marketing technology organizations like Simon Data have built their customer-facing applications on Snowflake, enabling them to seamlessly scale with user demand, reduce operational burden, and unlock new revenue streams. Snowflake announced the launch of its Native Application Framework (currently in private preview) at this year’s Snowflake Summit, unlocking the ability for application logic to come to the data instead of forcing the customer to relinquish control of or move data. Since then, companies like Capital One are leveraging the Native Application Framework to build a new class of applications on Snowflake that enable customers to install applications from Snowflake Marketplace, and run them directly in their Snowflake instances. “Earlier this year, Capital One entered the enterprise B2B software market with the launch of Capital One Software and our first product, Slingshot,” said Salim Syed, VP and Head of Engineering, Capital One Software. “We chose to develop a Slingshot app for Snowflake Marketplace to further enhance the Slingshot customer experience and increase the time to value for our joint customers. The ease at which consumers can securely install and run applications directly in their Snowflake instances is of huge value to those building applications in Snowflake.” Snowflake Partners Building Joint Industry-Vertical Solutions in Alignment with Customers’ Priorities Snowflake continues to advance as the standard across industries through its vertical and horizontal solutions with the launch of four industry-specific Data Clouds recently built on Snowflake’s single, integrated platform: Financial Services Data Cloud (September 2021), Media Data Cloud (October 2021), Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud (March 2022), and Retail Data Cloud (March 2022). Within each industry-specific Data Cloud, Snowflake announced partner-delivered solutions that are designed to take advantage of Snowflake’s unique interoperability and secure data sharing capabilities, create frictionless collaboration between organizations, leverage best practices, reduce time-to-value, and increase overall impact. Examples of joint solutions include: Media Data Cloud – Slalom created solutions on the Media Data Cloud for the cookieless ecosystem, which enable marketers to generate insights from their first-party data and stay compliant with privacy regulations, while ensuring that data is never stale or out of date. Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud – Novartis is leveraging the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud to optimize omnichannel engagement and accelerate time-to-market while collaborating more closely than ever with their healthcare partners, unlocking data to reimagine medicine that will improve patient outcomes. Retail Data Cloud – Infosys is improving time-to-value for customers with pre-built partner solutions that help solve for top priority use cases in merchandising, supply chain, and personalization, and can quickly help businesses grow value. Financial Services Data Cloud – Alation pioneered the data catalog and launched the Alation Data Governance App with Snowflake-specific policy features to help drive data governance adoption and increase the transparency of data controls in the Financial Services Data Cloud. “Enterprises are focusing on creating sustained competitive advantage through data and AI, however, they are faced with significant challenges in modernizing to cloud-led data estates. Re-imagining business processes enabled by data and AI and creating data-driven new growth engines is key to win and lead in the digital world.” said Sunil Senan, Senior Vice President and Business Head for Data and Analytics at Infosys. “Infosys is helping its clients through Industry Intelligence cloud offerings under Infosys Cobalt in collaboration with Snowflake empowering enterprises to address these challenges and accelerate their data-driven business strategy.” Additionally, Snowflake executed and launched its inaugural Modern Marketing Data Stack Report: Your Technology Guide to Unifying, Analyzing, and Activating the Data that Powers Amazing Customer Experiences, identifying the best of breed Snowflake partner and Marketplace solutions used by Snowflake customers to show how marketers can leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud to best identify, serve, and convert valuable prospects into loyal customers. Snowflake’s report provides a concrete overview of the top solutions marketers are currently choosing to create their data stacks. Snowflake Continues to Invest in Partner Innovation Snowflake Ventures continues to foster innovation by actively investing in companies that demonstrate a commitment to mobilizing data, providing value to customers through deeper integrations with Snowflake. Snowflake Ventures investments in 2022 include dbt Labs, Hex, Immuta, Matillion, Securonix,, and Tecton. "Matillion and Snowflake are committed to maximizing the data productivity of our mutual customers by enabling data teams to transform and enrich data directly within the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Matthew Scullion, CEO and founder, Matillion. “Together we have collaborated to support hundreds of global enterprise customers since the introduction of Matillion ETL for Snowflake. We remain laser-focused on empowering data teams to build the future-ready data infrastructure that supports their analytics, data science, and AI projects.” The Data Cloud ecosystem remains a primary focus for Snowflake as it continues to advance innovation through joint solution development and go to market programs in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blue Yonder, Carahsoft, Citi, Dell Technologies, Pure Storage, Salesforce, Stripe, and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). “The Snowflake Partner Network is at the heart of the exponential growth that Snowflake’s Data Cloud has experienced over the past year,” said Colleen Kapase, Snowflake’s SVP Partners and Alliances. “Our partners continue to amaze us in how they leverage their capabilities and expertise to deliver powerful data-driven business outcomes to our joint customers. We look forward to continuing to strengthen the Data Cloud through our partners to deliver even more impact to customers.” Snowflake also announced new innovations to Snowflake’s industry-leading data platform that will further drive economic value for customers, new advancements that disrupt application development with the Data Cloud, and more at Snowday 2022. About Snowflake Snowflake enables every organization to mobilize their data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Customers use the Data Cloud to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data, and execute diverse analytic workloads. Wherever data or users live, Snowflake delivers a single data experience that spans multiple clouds and geographies. Thousands of customers across many industries, including 510 of the 2022 Forbes Global 2000 (G2K) as of July 31, 2022, use Snowflake Data Cloud to power their businesses.

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