Basis® Technologies Integrates with DrivenIQ to Provide Clients with Audience Data, Insight and Media Activation in Minutes

PRWeb | March 27, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Basis® Technologies Integrates with DrivenIQ to Provide Clients

DrivenIQ (, experts in audience data and advertising technologies, today announced it is an official data partner and audience data provider for Basis Technologies ( Basis Technologies is a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketers and advertisers.

For programmatic advertising activated through the Basis platform, marketers can expand audience reach with access to DrivenIQ’s data platform of 230 million households, 14 billion records and 492 million individual users. DrivenIQ gives brands and retailers the ability to curate custom audiences, segment site journeys and A/B test, all while bringing audience insight and activation in minutes - a process that normally takes weeks to complete.

“We’re proud to be among an elite group of data providers for Basis and its thousands of agency and enterprise customers,” said Albert Thompson, founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “This partnership further solidifies DrivenIQ’s audience data and customer data platform (CDP). It also provides Basis clients with unprecedented 1st-Party data, consumer persona insights, 360-degree views of consumer behavior trends, and intent buying and shopping signals. This information gives Basis clients the unprecedented ability to reach their ideal audiences and personalize their marketing campaigns.”

DrivenIQ’s Identity Graph, known as DrivenID, empowers marketers and brands to present real-time, highly customized and targeted ads to millions of consumers across online and offline channels. DrivenID works in tandem with ResolveID™, a sophisticated 1st-Party website audience resolution technology that identifies up to 40% of all visitors to a website at any given time. Both solutions are overlaid to provide more than 500 different data points, including demographic, psychographic, ethnicity, affluence and contextual buying intent behaviors.

According to Thompson, DrivenIQ’s data is deterministic and focused on consumer households and privacy compliance for billions of customer records across hundreds of millions of U.S. households.

“What marketers need is the true ability to curate and reach ideal audiences across disparate media channels while connecting multiple devices in the process,” Thompson said. “What’s more, they need a 360-degree, real-time audience perspective. These are the most effective ways, backed by proven results, that Basis clients can improve ROAS, drive sales, grow their business and achieve relationship-driven marketing efficiencies.”

“DrivenIQ automates important parts of data-driven marketing. Its capabilities can enable our clients to reach targeted customers with speed and accuracy,” said Ian Trider, VP of RTB platform operations, Basis Technologies. “As third-party cookies deprecate, it becomes vital for advertisers to utilize first-party data targeting that scales and can be highly customized for their marketing efforts.”

In addition to DrivenID and ResolveID, DrivenIQ’s audience management platform (AMP) also offers geo-location, spot-on-earth Pii technology that enables out-of-home, real-audience identification capabilities to target locations and places that intenders have recently engaged with or visited. This gives brands the ability to target consumers with precision geographic location technology and to close the loop on conversion sales attribution and ROI, as well as the ability for brands to activate custom audiences across their favorite integrations and marketing channels.

DrivenIQ is a data-driven intelligence technology firm. In 2021, Capstone Technologies Group, Inc (OTC: CATG), a company that acquires, operates and organically develops disruptive technologies, acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ and has since invested additional capital to further accelerate the company’s growth.

About DrivenIQ

DrivenIQ is an omni-data ad tech company and Audience Management Platform (AMP) that specializes in zero party and 1st-party data to help businesses best advertise to their ideal customers. The company offers a variety of services, including website traffic analytics, geo-zoning technologies, text message marketing, social media solutions, VisitIQ™, a caller ID solution for websites, DrivenIQ Identity Graph and DriveBidTM, a live vehicle trade-in marketplace. Founded by Albert Thompson, a digital advertising expert and former car dealer, DrivenIQ is known for its automotive industry data solutions, although it helps small, medium, and large businesses across various industries.


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Atempo Partners with Do IT Now to Elevate Data Management Services for HPC Users

HPCwire | May 23, 2023

Atempo, a leading European software manufacturer of data protection and data management solutions, and Do IT Now, a European leader in HPC services, announce today their partnership to deliver enhanced data management services to support HPC users. To effectively solve their data services challenges, Do IT Now is integrating Atempo’s Miria, a comprehensive all-in-one data management platform for very large unstructured data, in its portfolio. European Alliance for HPC Services By integrating Atempo’s Miria into their solution product portfolio, Do IT Now provides HPC users with a full suite of data management capabilities from analytics to backup, archiving, migration and beyond. With key capabilities such as Air Gap and DR orchestration to control the risk of ransomware and analytics delivering actionable insights translated into data movement workflows to implement best-in-class data flow strategies, Atempo’s Miria Data Management platform is the cornerstone for HPC community to achieve their goal and support their growth. This collaboration is aiming to bring benefits to HPC users in a wide range of industries, such as research, financial services, pharmaceutical, life science and many others. By combining Atempo’s proven solutions with Do IT Now’s expertise in HPC, the partnership provides more effective management and protection of mission critical data. Whenever you are faced with challenges towards Data Mobility/Migration/Archive/Backup/Analytics on heterogenous storages with demanding performance requirements, Do IT Now through all-in-one Miria data management platform will provide you with a high-end solution solving your pain on-premises, in full cloud or hybrid environment regardless of the disk/object/tape/optical source and target involved. “We are excited to partner with Do IT Now to extend our data management and data protection solutions to HPC users across Italy, Spain, France, and Germany,” said Pietro Pugliese, Atempo’s Country Manager, Italy. ” Do IT Now’s recognized expertise in the HPC domain, together with Atempo’s top-tier technology, will allow us to provide the most effective solutions and support for our shared clients.” Cosma Belli, EMEA Business Development Manager, added: “We are proud to collaborate with Atempo, a company that mirrors our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and services to our customers. With this partnership, we can offer HPC users a robust suite of data management and data protection capabilities that will help them better manage and secure their data.” About Atempo Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with an established global presence providing solutions to protect, store, move and recover all mission-critical data sets for thousands of companies worldwide. With over 30 years’ experience in data protection and data management, Atempo offers a complete range of proven solutions for physical and virtual servers’ backup, workstations, and migration between different storages of very large data volumes. To continuously improve the satisfaction of its customers and partners, the group is committed to a process of continuous improvement of its solutions and services and has thus obtained the ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System. Recently, Atempo is listed as a Top Manufacturer in the Worldwide Scale-Out NAS Market in 2022. About Do IT Now Founded in 2020 Do IT Now is an alliance of Italy-based Do IT Systems, Spain-based HPCNow! and France based UCit. With more than 30 years of experience providing HPC solutions in the fields of science and engineering, the alliance has established itself as a leader in HPC services in Europe. Its group members generate about 10 million euro in annual revenue and consist of more than 100 HPC-focused professionals. Do IT Now, operates out of offices in Montpellier (France), Munich (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Turin (Italy).

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Latest Release of the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse Simplifies Data Pipelines and Accelerates Query Performance for Growing Customer Base

Businesswire | May 26, 2023

Ocient, the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company, today announced the version 22 release of its flagship product, the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse (OHDW). This latest release builds upon Ocient’s hyperscale data integration and data movement capabilities while adding new real-time analytics features, query performance enhancements, and support for additional business intelligence (BI) tools. Ocient’s ability to continuously stream, load, and transform large scale datasets and execute machine learning directly within the database enables customers to execute complex, continuous data integration, transformation, and exploration alongside real-time analytics and OLAP-style workloads from a single solution stack. Native support for ETL and ELT workloads – Version 22 of the OHDW delivers improved performance for loading, streaming, and extract, load, transform (ELT) workloads. Organizations challenged with continuous data movement and transformation at scale can streamline complicated loading processes for complex data types and eliminate the need for standalone tools like Spark and Informatica that add latency and overhead to hyperscale workloads. Once data is transformed into a relational format and loaded or streamed, Ocient’s ELT capabilities support massive joins, groupings, and aggregations that enable customers to optimize query performance, activate transformed datasets, and prepare variations of source data for data science and operational data stores without needing to move or copy data. New real-time analytics features – Version 22 marks the general availability of Hyperloglog (HLL) sketches for Ocient’s suite of real-time analytics capabilities so customers can create rollups of data using approximations on aggregated metrics and accelerate query processing without sacrificing performance. Ocient’s ability to execute compute-intensive log-level aggregation, high concurrency queries, and always-on data streaming for real-time analytics alongside complex, compute-intensive OLAP-style workloads enables customers to streamline operations and consolidate a variety of mixed analytical workloads onto a single platform. Query performance enhancements – To enable customers to enrich data at scale while lowering latency and reducing costs, Ocient version 22 delivers query performance enhancements via I/O pushdown and join optimizations on hyperscale tables with hundreds of billions of rows. When combined with Ocient’s support for semi-structured and multidimensional data types, these enhancements enable Ocient to accelerate query plans on highly complex data sets while tightly controlling costs. Support for integrations with Metabase and Superset – Ocient version 22 offers new integrations with Metabase and Superset for easy data visualization and integration into existing customer environments. Both integrations leverage Ocient’s geospatial analytics and in-database machine learning (ML) so customers can quickly visualize and act on ML model results without the need for additional ELT processes or requirements. “In today’s economic environment, enterprises looking to scale their data and analytics requirements must pursue innovation while bringing greater efficiencies and cost savings to their business,” said Chris Gladwin, CEO at Ocient. “With version 22, Ocient is enabling customers with the capabilities they need to increase price performance, consolidate multiple resource-intensive tools into a single solution, and unlock new opportunities for product development and real-time decision intelligence to help grow their business.” From piloting new solutions to full production deployments, Ocient helps customers simplify complex data pipelines while facilitating the time-intensive task of engineering new end-to-end solutions with comprehensive migration support and services. When consolidating multiple databases and tools into a single solution, Ocient’s Customer Solutions team ensures customers move from pilot to production in weeks to months, with ROI delivered in a year or less. Ocient provides flexibility to deploy on premises and on cloud with Google or AWS, or as a fully managed solution in OcientCloud. To learn more about the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse, click here. About Ocient Ocient is the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company that enables organizations to unlock value by analyzing trillions of data records at performance levels and costs previously unattainable. Leading organizations around the world trust Ocient’s team of industry experts to design and deploy proven complex solutions that enable and fast-track new revenue opportunities and streamline operations. Ocient’s pilot-to-production solutions are rapidly deployed on premises, in the Ocient Cloud or in the public cloud, with little to no resource-intensive integration. Ocient is a carbon-neutral company, headquartered in Chicago, and backed by leading investors including Greycroft, OCA Ventures and In-Q-Tel. For more information, please visit

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Authentic Brands Group Partners with Amperity to Supercharge Their Customer Data

Businesswire | April 10, 2023

Amperity, the leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for consumer brands, and Authentic Brands Group (Authentic), a global brand development, marketing, entertainment, and digital platform, today announced a partnership whereby Amperity will become Authentic’s cornerstone partner for data management strategy, helping to unify in-store and digital experiences for consumers across its portfolio of brands. With a vast roster of more than 40 iconic and world-renowned brands, including Reebok, Forever 21, Aéropostale and Eddie Bauer, Authentic's digital platform is powered by more than 200M consumer data files. In partnership with Amperity, Authentic will look to activate data from multiple online and offline touchpoints, including pre-purchase, point-of-sale, and post-purchase customer care, to create unified customer profiles. "We strive to provide the most optimal shopping experience for our consumers, and having a clean data foundation is essential,” said Adam Kronengold, Chief Digital Officer, Authentic. “Amperity’s platform allows us to resolve identities at scale across our portfolio and leverage data to inform brand and business development decisions.” Amperity brings together Authentic’s diverse consumer data to enable 360 unified view and comprehensive understanding of its brand consumers to enhance each brands’ digital engagement strategy. “Authentic has amassed a vast and loyal customer base, spanning more than 40 renowned brands,” said Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity. “The reality is that there are many CDPs, but not all of them are created equal. We're honored Authentic has chosen our platform to help them to deliver personalized experiences for every individual customer, driving engagement and retention to unprecedented levels.” To learn how other brands like Authentic are partnering with Amperity visit About Authentic Brands Group Authentic Brands Group (Authentic) is a global brand development, marketing and entertainment platform, which owns a portfolio of more than 40 iconic and world-renowned Lifestyle, Entertainment and Media brands. Headquartered in New York City, with offices around the world, Authentic connects strong brands with best-in-class partners and a global network of operators, distributors and retailers to build long-term value in the marketplace. Its brands generate approximately $24.7 billion in global annual retail sales and have an expansive retail footprint in more than 150 countries, including 10,500-plus freestanding stores and shop-in-shops and 375,000 points of sale. Authentic is committed to transforming brands by delivering powerful storytelling, compelling content, innovative business models and immersive experiences. It creates and activates original marketing strategies to drive the success of its brands across all consumer touchpoints, platforms and emerging media. Authentic’s brand portfolio includes Marilyn Monroe®, Elvis Presley®, Muhammad Ali®, Shaquille O'Neal®, David Beckham®, Dr. J®, Greg Norman®, Neil Lane®, Thalia®, Sports Illustrated®, Reebok®, Eddie Bauer®, Spyder®, Volcom®, Airwalk®, Nautica®, Izod®, Brooks Brothers®, Barneys New York®, Judith Leiber®, Ted Baker®, Hervé Léger®, Frye®, Juicy Couture®, Vince Camuto®, Lucky Brand®, Aéropostale®, Forever 21®, Nine West®, Jones New York®, Tretorn®, Prince®, Van Heusen®, Arrow®, Hickey Freeman®, Hart Schaffner Marx® and Thomasville®. About Amperity Amperity delivers the data confidence brands need to unlock growth by truly knowing their customers. With Amperity, brands can build a first-party data foundation to fuel customer acquisition and retention, personalize experiences that build loyalty, and manage privacy compliance. Using patented AI and ML methods, Amperity stitches together all customer interactions to build a unified view that seamlessly connects to marketing and technology tools. More than 400 brands worldwide rely on Amperity to turn data into business value, including Alaska Airlines, DICK’S Sporting Goods, Endeavour Drinks, Planet Fitness, Seattle Sounders FC, Under Armour and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

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