Equifax Partners with Bridgeforce Data Solutions

EQUIFAX INC. | March 08, 2022

Equifax® and Bridgeforce Data Solutions, a fintech firm, today announced a new partnership that strengthens their commitment to the data furnisher community by offering additional tools and support mechanisms to enable efficient data accuracy. Equifax can now make Bridgeforce's industry-leading Data Quality Scanner® (DQS) and comprehensive consulting assistance provided to data furnishers as part of the agreement, providing a seamless, integrated solution for optimum customer reporting compliance and dispute management to data furnishers.

Equifax has one of the industry's leading credit databases. Equifax depends on credit grantors to completely submit client data monthly in order to keep information current and maintain file quality. These data providers who report to Equifax are critical in recognizing credit risk and preventing financial losses in the credit-granting sector. For this group, which includes banks, credit unions, and lenders, among other financial institutions, more data integrity equals better credit-related choices and lower regulatory risk.

"Bridgeforce and Equifax share an ongoing commitment to data quality and accuracy, which drove our decision to partner together in support of today's data furnisher community. Bridgeforce strives to help furnishers improve data quality through a combination of automated technology and consulting support. Tapping into these offerings through our partnership with Equifax, furnishers can now comprehensively assess and address compliance and operational needs to mitigate risk, reduce costs and improve their overall customer experience."

Matt Scarborough, CEO of Bridgeforce Data Solutions

Equifax may now refer data providers in need of assistance to Bridgeforce's Data Quality Scanner® and complete consulting services as part of the new collaboration. Bridgeforce would provide software and advice to evaluate data from furnishers, among other things, to discover quality concerns and plan for regulator audits. A Bridgeforce Data Solutions case study shows that a leading U.S. bank witnessed a 70% drop in data inconsistencies during the first year of adopting DQS and a 30% decrease in its average quarterly dispute rate over a two-year period after installation.

Robert Eison, Chief Operating Officer for Equifax United States Information Solutions (USIS) said "Data furnishers play a critical role in today's credit ecosystem. As a trusted steward of consumer data, Equifax is committed to investing in practices and partnerships that help us better support customers in ensuring accurate data reporting. Joining forces with Bridgeforce supports this commitment by helping furnishers referred from Equifax enhance the quality of their data, resulting in improved accuracy, lower dispute rates and reduced compliance risk."


Enterprises can’t prevent a cyberattack, but they can take steps to effectively protect their data when an attack occurs. This white paper features six best practices you need to know about ransomware recovery.


Enterprises can’t prevent a cyberattack, but they can take steps to effectively protect their data when an attack occurs. This white paper features six best practices you need to know about ransomware recovery.

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Airbyte No-Code Builder Revolutionizes Data Integrations, Creates Connectors in Just Minutes

Businesswire | May 19, 2023

Airbyte, creators of the fastest-growing open-source data integration platform, today announced availability of its new no-code connector builder that makes it possible to easily and quickly create new connectors for data integrations. The builder enables non-engineers, such as data analysts, to create an extract, load, transform (ELT) connector within just five minutes – a process that traditionally could take more than a week. This announcement comes as an expansion of Airbyte's efforts to democratize data integration. Last year, Airbyte released a low-code, YAML-based Connector Development Kit, which facilitated faster and easier connector development. Now, with the no-code connector builder, Airbyte is reshaping the paradigm of data pipeline development. An Airbyte user survey showed 60% of respondents are having to build custom connectors at least every three months because of the need to pull in data from so many diverse sources. The new tool is a game changer for companies struggling to address their long tail of connector needs. With the no-code connector builder, companies no longer need to rely solely on off-the-shelf, existing connectors when considering an ELT solution. Instead, they can now easily build their own connectors to meet their unique data integration needs. “With businesses adding more data from increasingly diverse sources for analysis and decision-making, we’re making it easy to create custom connectors to serve every possible need,” said John Lafleur, co-founder and chief operating officer, Airbyte. “The combination of our new builder along with our open-source model means more data connectors for our user community of more than 10,000.” This video has more information on the Airbyte no-code connector builder, including these benefits. User-friendly Interface: The no-code connector builder is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, enabling individuals without a technical background to navigate and build connectors with ease. Rapid Connector Development: The tool drastically reduces the time needed to create an ELT connector, from over a week to just five minutes. Flexibility: By allowing companies to build their own connectors, Airbyte empowers them to address their unique data integration needs without having to rely solely on pre-existing connectors. Wide Availability: The no-code connector builder is available on both Airbyte Open Source and Airbyte Cloud, allowing for broad access and usage. Airbyte's no-code connector builder is a testament to the company's commitment to making data integration more accessible, flexible, and efficient for companies of all sizes and individuals of varying technical abilities. With more than 300 connectors, Airbyte is already the platform with the most connectors in the market. But there are still thousands of connectors needed. By removing the need for complex coding and significantly reducing the time required to build an ELT connector, this tool is set to revolutionize the way companies approach their long tail of connector needs. Since the beta release of the Airbyte connector builder two months ago, more than 100 connectors have been built and deployed to production by users to support critical data movement workloads for long-tail connectors. Here are comments from two users of the beta version about their experience with the new Airbyte connector builder. "The Airbyte no-code connector builder UI is border-line magic. A common data warehouse might have 10 to several hundred APIs integrated. Most, if not all of them, are HTTPS REST APIs meaning historically you'll have a lot of boilerplate code written for each and any integration. Furthermore, a good and stable integration not only needs to transfer data, it needs to implement retries, stream slices, checkpoints and many more – again resulting in copy/paste boilerplate code. Using the no-code connector builder, all of that is provided out of the box. Simply add your API details in a user-friendly point-and-click interface and the Airbyte builder automatically creates a fully-fledged, feature-rich data integration. Where a custom integration normally required days and weeks of work, with the connector builder I'm able to integrate new tools in hours! And all the production-requirements are covered – even Unit- and Integration-Tests are created for you." Andreas Nigg, a Data Architect at DataScienceEngineer “The connector builder has been a true unlock for our backend piping across many dimensions: speed, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. It has enabled us to convert endless lines of self-build Python ETL scripts, that carried a lot of technical debt, and was tedious to update at the same pace as our operations clock-rate, into beautiful Airbyte connectors that just work. We've had a blast building them and enjoyed swift and highly-qualified support from the Airbyte team.” Tobias Troelsen, Chief Analytics Officer at Capturi Airbyte makes moving data easy and affordable across almost any source and destination, helping enterprises provide their users with access to the right data for analysis and decision-making. Airbyte has the largest data engineering contributor community – with more than 800 contributors – and the best tooling to build and maintain connectors with its latest Connector builder. About Airbyte Airbyte is the open-source data integration leader running in the safety of your cloud and syncing data from applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other destinations. Airbyte was co-founded by Michel Tricot (former director of engineering and head of integrations at Liveramp and RideOS) and John Lafleur (serial entrepreneur of dev tools and B2B). The company is headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team around the world. To learn more, visit

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TIBCO Scales Data Science with Immersive Analytics

TIBCO | March 15, 2023

On March 14, 2023, TIBCO, a leading data connectivity, management, and analytics solutions provider helping businesses solve complex data challenges, announced a set of updates to its analytics suite. These updates aim to provide customers with immersive, real-time analytics that empower them to make better business decisions with confidence and impact benefiting from smarter and faster insights. The enhancements to TIBCO's analytics solutions, including TIBCO Spotfire, narrows the gap between action and insight, building on data science capabilities to accelerate time-to-decision and reduce operational costs. The TIBCO Data Management and Analytics portfolios provide a streamlined user experience by combining data management, visual analytics, streaming, and data science capabilities to improve business outcomes. TIBCO's analytics solutions have been enhanced to further support clients on their digital journeys, including upgrades to the following offerings: TIBCO Spotfire 12.2- offers a scalable, self-service analytics platform with built-in governance that enables human and automated decisions. TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Actions allows users to trigger actions and transactional workflows within the platform, bridging the gap between insight and decision. The application's new native TIBCO ModelOps capabilities deliver AI model management for real-time data science predictions. Additionally, Spotfire deployments are now managed natively in the cloud, reducing the cost of ownership and improving the user experience of IT and systems staff. TIBCO Streaming- now includes dynamic learning, which automates data analytics calculations and management on real-time events, expanding business intelligence into low-latency operational use cases such as IoT and edge sensors. In addition, Spotfire serves as a decision and control hub, making both human-in-the-loop monitoring and consistent automated decisions more efficient. TIBCO Data Science- Team Studio bolsters TIBCO's mission to democratize data science at scale, offering end-to-end lifecycle support for data access, preparation, feature engineering, management, model training, inference, and operations deployment. Updates consist of a new Apache Spark 3 workflow engine, TIBCO Data Virtualization for data management, and a new operator framework that enables workflows to execute as a single Spark application, thereby improving performance. The updates also provide greater interoperability with TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Virtualization, thus allowing users to control data preparation, feature engineering, training, and inference at scale within the Spotfire user interface. In the context of the business challenge at hand, end-user apps can train models, make predictions, summarize the data, and use data science approaches. About TIBCO TIBCO is a global leader in data connectivity, management, and analytics, providing innovative solutions that empower enterprises to solve complex data challenges and make critical business decisions with greater confidence and impact. Focusing on delivering seamless user experiences, its Data Management and Analytics portfolios combine visual analytics, data management, streaming, and data science capabilities to drive better business outcomes. With a focus on delivering immersive, intelligent, and real-time analytics, TIBCO is at the forefront of the data management and analytics industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to customers worldwide.

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HEAVY.AI Launches HEAVY 7.0, Introducing Real-Time Machine Learning Capabilities

Businesswire | April 20, 2023

HEAVY.AI, an innovator in advanced analytics, today announced general availability of HEAVY 7.0. The new product adds innovative machine learning capabilities, enabling telcos and utilities to perform in-database predictive modeling and simulate any scenario to uncover key insights. HEAVY 7.0 also incorporates new ways to interactively join and fuse data in the Heavy Immerse visualization platform, as well as more powerful cell site planning and optimization capabilities via significant enhancements to the HeavyRF telco module. “For telcos and utilities, delivering the best service to their customers means constantly analyzing, investigating and learning from the immense amounts and vast sources of data available to them. But analyzing complex geospatial data combined with customer and radiofrequency data, is a cumbersome and error-prone process,” said Jon Kondo, CEO, HEAVY.AI. “HEAVY 7.0 provides tools and features that make it fast and easy for these organizations to analyze any type of data and uncover insights that are critical for their business.” Introduction of machine learning capabilities via predictive modeling in-database HEAVY 7.0 introduces HeavyML, enabling predictive analytics directly in-database as a public beta feature. Implemented as native SQL operators that can be evaluated interactively on GPUs and then visualized and rendered in Heavy Immerse dashboards, HeavyML supports a variety of clustering and regression algorithms, including tree-based models such as random forest regression. With this addition, domain experts and other end users not intimately familiar with data science workflows can leverage predictive analytics on large datasets. Expanded HeavyRF Cell Site Planning and Optimization Capabilities HEAVY 7.0 features a new site editor for graphical specification of network hardware and its configuration under various, complex operating scenarios, such as rush hour scenarios, reduced power or maintenance modes and seasonal or monthly variation in vegetation optical thickness – a critical capability for midband 5G and lower frequencies. As a result, telcos can develop and test various software optimized network (SON) scenarios safely and with full visibility to potential customer experience impacts. HeavyRF has also gained improved workflows for establishing and monitoring business targets involving large numbers of buildings. HeavyRF has always provided a continuously updated view of relevant business metrics, but now it can target thousands of buildings at once using fully customizable and extensible building tagging. The addition of no-code joins in Heavy Immerse Heavy Immerse has long offered non-technical users the ability to rapidly visualize, map and filter enormous datasets interactively and in-real-time. Heavy 7.0 further enables users to get rapid, visual insights from their data via the addition of no-code join capabilities. Joins can now be specified directly from Heavy Immerse dashboards, and thanks to the speed of the underlying GPU database, execute across multi-billion record datasets at interactive speeds, no indexing or down-sampling required. The ability to performantly fuse large datasets without writing SQL further democratizes access to complex insights for a broad set of users. A major California utility is using the new join capabilities to downscale huge weather models, measuring weather’s impact on specific assets as well as their effect on customers. HEAVY 7.0 is available now in limited release for existing HEAVY.AI customers. About HEAVY.AI HEAVY.AI provides advanced analytics that empower businesses and the government to visualize high-value opportunities and risks hidden in their big location and time data. HEAVY.AI supports high-impact decisions in previously unimaginable timelines by harnessing the massive parallelism of modern GPU and CPU hardware. The analytics technology unifies today’s exploding data volumes from multiple sources for a better immersive, real-time, interactive visual experience. It is available in the cloud and on premises. HEAVY.AI originated from research at Harvard and MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and is funded by GV, In-Q-Tel, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), NVIDIA, Tiger Global Management, Vanedge Capital and Verizon Ventures. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. Learn more about HEAVY.AI at

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