Equifax Partners with Bridgeforce Data Solutions

EQUIFAX INC. | March 08, 2022

Equifax® and Bridgeforce Data Solutions, a fintech firm, today announced a new partnership that strengthens their commitment to the data furnisher community by offering additional tools and support mechanisms to enable efficient data accuracy. Equifax can now make Bridgeforce's industry-leading Data Quality Scanner® (DQS) and comprehensive consulting assistance provided to data furnishers as part of the agreement, providing a seamless, integrated solution for optimum customer reporting compliance and dispute management to data furnishers.

Equifax has one of the industry's leading credit databases. Equifax depends on credit grantors to completely submit client data monthly in order to keep information current and maintain file quality. These data providers who report to Equifax are critical in recognizing credit risk and preventing financial losses in the credit-granting sector. For this group, which includes banks, credit unions, and lenders, among other financial institutions, more data integrity equals better credit-related choices and lower regulatory risk.

"Bridgeforce and Equifax share an ongoing commitment to data quality and accuracy, which drove our decision to partner together in support of today's data furnisher community. Bridgeforce strives to help furnishers improve data quality through a combination of automated technology and consulting support. Tapping into these offerings through our partnership with Equifax, furnishers can now comprehensively assess and address compliance and operational needs to mitigate risk, reduce costs and improve their overall customer experience."

Matt Scarborough, CEO of Bridgeforce Data Solutions

Equifax may now refer data providers in need of assistance to Bridgeforce's Data Quality Scanner® and complete consulting services as part of the new collaboration. Bridgeforce would provide software and advice to evaluate data from furnishers, among other things, to discover quality concerns and plan for regulator audits. A Bridgeforce Data Solutions case study shows that a leading U.S. bank witnessed a 70% drop in data inconsistencies during the first year of adopting DQS and a 30% decrease in its average quarterly dispute rate over a two-year period after installation.

Robert Eison, Chief Operating Officer for Equifax United States Information Solutions (USIS) said "Data furnishers play a critical role in today's credit ecosystem. As a trusted steward of consumer data, Equifax is committed to investing in practices and partnerships that help us better support customers in ensuring accurate data reporting. Joining forces with Bridgeforce supports this commitment by helping furnishers referred from Equifax enhance the quality of their data, resulting in improved accuracy, lower dispute rates and reduced compliance risk."


It’s not exactly news that more and more data is being collected every day. And whether it’s used to forecast weather patterns or plugged into an algorithm that predicts what late-period Adam Sandler movie you’re most likely to tolerate, there’s someone on the other side of that data collection actually making sense of what’s in the numbers. Those people, of course, are data scientists.


It’s not exactly news that more and more data is being collected every day. And whether it’s used to forecast weather patterns or plugged into an algorithm that predicts what late-period Adam Sandler movie you’re most likely to tolerate, there’s someone on the other side of that data collection actually making sense of what’s in the numbers. Those people, of course, are data scientists.

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Aimpoint Digital to Drive Value with Enhancement Through Gurobi Version 10’s New Features

Aimpoint Digital | January 10, 2023

On January 9, 2023, The pioneer in decision intelligence technology, Gurobi Optimization, announced the introduction of version 10 of its popular mathematical optimization software, Gurobi Optimizer. As a result, Aimpoint Digital, an analytics company committed to redefining businesses with data, will be able to use the power of mathematical optimization and prescriptive analytics to unlock client value by utilizing the significant features of Gurobi Optimizer version 10. Specifically, customers can experience the convenience of the latest gurobipy-pandas wrapper to build optimization models using Pandas data. This open-source project makes it simple and efficient for Pandas users to create mathematical models from data stored in DataFrames and Series, and read solutions back directly as Pandas objects. Yash Puranik, Principal Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital, said, "The release of a Pandas API and a native MLflow API is a game changer." He also said, "Many of our clients require comprehensive models that combine the power of machine learning/forecasting methods with optimization for applications such as inventory management and supply chain optimization," In addition, he stated, "Natively integrating Gurobi with the data processing power of Python/Pandas and machine learning model-based predictions helps us develop more efficient and robust solutions for our clients." (Source – GlobeNewswire) Aimpoint Digital is built up of top-tier data scientists and operations research professionals that are competent in solving complex challenges such as employee rostering, production scheduling, inventory optimization, and demand allocation in logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, and related industries allocation. By combining their experience in machine learning, data analysis, and optimization, Aimpoint Digital continuously provides decision-makers with dependable decision assistance. David O'keefe, Ecosystem Director at Gurobi, stated, "In addition to this new model-building feature, Gurobi 10.0 includes the ability to solve even more real-world business problems, even faster and easier than before. We are excited to see how the latest release of the Gurobi Optimizer improves our partner's deployment frameworks and their customers' models." (Source – GlobeNewswire) About Gurobi Optimization Gurobi, the market leader in mathematical optimization software, produces the world's fastest and most powerful mathematical optimization solver, the Gurobi Optimizer, which is used by leading global companies across more than 40 industries to solve complex, real-world problems and make automated decisions that optimize their efficiency and profitability. About Aimpoint Digital Aimpoint Digital is an analytics company that leverages data to solve its clients' most challenging use cases, improve the efficiency of value chain processes, and transform consumer experiences. From integrating self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing infrastructure environments, they work in transformational domains to enhance the performance of businesses.

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Wipro Launches Wipro Data Intelligence Suite

Wipro | December 02, 2022

At AWS re:Invent today, Wipro Limited announced the launch of Wipro Data Intelligence Suite, a one-stop solution for accelerating cloud modernization and data monetization, focused on modernizing data estates, including data stores, pipelines and visualizations, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Wipro Data Intelligence Suite offers reliable and secure means to migrate from existing platforms and fragmented legacy systems to the cloud. “Today, cloud architectures are enabling companies to transform their legacy systems, allowing them to develop business innovations, optimize costs, and enhance agility,” said Sudhir Kesavan, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Cloud Transformation, Wipro FullStride Cloud Services, Wipro Limited. “We’re excited to put these benefits in reach for our clients using Wipro’s FullStride Cloud Services’ full-stack approach in collaboration with AWS.” In conjunction with a clearly defined cloud migration strategy, Wipro Data Intelligence Suite offers a standardized platform that supports each phase of the migration process. With a comprehensive approach, enterprises can unlock new opportunities while avoiding stability, latency, or data loss issues. Wipro Data Intelligence Suite enables an end-to-end automation of a company’s cloud migration journey, ensuring that businesses can gain business value quickly while mitigating migration risks. It delivers an efficient, reliable pathway to cloud-driven modernizations that set the stage for accelerated workflows and enhanced data analytics operations. Its innovative suite of accelerators and ready-to-deploy modules allow enterprises to develop an effective strategy for migrating legacy applications and data to the cloud, as well as prioritizing their cloud investments. “The scalability, security, and stability of AWS’s cloud-based architecture, together with Wipro’s Data Intelligence Suite, increases productivity, reduces migration costs, and drives faster time to market. In today’s rapidly changing world, we take pride in the ability to deliver seamless transformation that simplifies technology complexities and enhance business value for our clients.” -Sriram Narasimhan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Data & Analytics, Wipro Limited. About Wipro Limited Wipro Limited is a leading technology services and consulting company focused on building innovative solutions that address clients’ most complex digital transformation needs. Leveraging our holistic portfolio of capabilities in consulting, design, engineering, and operations, we help clients realize their boldest ambitions and build future-ready, sustainable businesses. With over 250,000 employees and business partners across 66 countries, we deliver on the promise of helping our customers, colleagues, and communities thrive in an ever-changing world. For additional information, visit us at

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Tredence Unveils ATOM.AI at NRF 2023 for Retailers and CPGs

Tredence Inc. | January 17, 2023

On 16 January 2023, Tredence, a global data science and AI solutions provider, announced the launch of an intelligently engineered platform, ATOM.AI. The platform is an end-to-end AI accelerator that accelerates data and analytics modernization. The announcement to launch ATOM.AI was made at the National Retail Federation (NRF), the leading retail industry show, for retailers and consumer goods companies. ATOM.AI assists industries in data transformation into winning results by reducing the time to value by fifty percent. This is possible with the platform's advanced AI/ML capabilities, pre-built feature stores, technical notebooks, deep data sets, and integrations with third parties. At NRF, Tredence will launch ATOM.AI, which powers the deployment and development of retail and CPG-centric AI applications 50% faster. The solution is built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. ATOM.AI is a data and AI platform powered by leading hyperscales which consists of five modules designed to drive efficiency AI solution development and deployment phase Data Works- to harmonize external and internal data and build a comprehensive feature store Algo Works - to accelerate ML model development and enhance algorithm performance UI/UX Works - to speed up application design with pre-built UI/UX templates Solution Works - pre-built AI/ML solutions for large industries Automation Works - integrates, orchestrates, deploys, and scales AI Soumendra Mohanty, Chief Strategy Officer, Tredence, said, "Enterprises across all industries are examining ways to embed AI into their core business processes. However, only 53 percent of AI projects make it from prototype to production. In contrast to the previous technology transformations, AI is vastly different." He added, "We are dealing with a nonlinear condition here. ATOM.AI equips companies to put AI at the center of their transformation strategy while also delivering on our last-mile AI mission. With ATOM.AI, Tredence places a heavy emphasis on ROI." (Source: PR NewsWire) About Tredence Tredence is a worldwide provider of data science solutions aiming to address AI's last-mile challenge. The gap between value realization and insight creation defines the last mile. Tredence has been acknowledged as a leader and a great place to work-certified in the Forrester WaveTM: Customer Analytics Services. The company is based in San Jose (California) and has offices in Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto, and Bangalore.

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