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LeadGenius Expands AI Initiatives

LeadGenius Expands AI Initiatives

Global B2B customer data platform LeadGenius has announced the expansion of specific AI initiatives. These include incorporating Large Language Processing (aka Natural Language Processing, or NLP) into a data lake comprising more than 400 million international contacts across 20 million verified accounts spread across 189 countries around the world. Additionally, LeadGenius has contact insights on over 100,000 individuals in over 130 countries world wide.

In addition, LeadGenius is creating a novel tagging system that will provide a new level of personalization and segmentation. This marks the company's latest advancement in AI and a significant expansion of its precision data platform.

These moves are part of the company's recent acquisition of WhoKnows, a firm that provides predictive analytics and AI-driven data insights; however, the integration of these advanced AI capabilities will be featured as part of the new LeadGenius Dashboard and their Plays feature. The integration of NLP technology will empower customers with finely tuned marketing segmentation and world class insights providing never before seen custom signals designed for lead generation and marketing campaigns.

"LeadGenius has always been at the forefront of innovation in the custom data space, and our latest enhancements underscore that commitment," says Zeb Couch, VP of Sales and Customer Success. "With the introduction of Large Language Processing and Natural Language Processing to our data lake, we are able to provide a significantly wider range of data analysis and personalized marketing strategies."

The new tagging system, a key aspect of this AI-driven evolution, was developed in response to a growing need for precise, individualized data segmentation. This AI-enhanced feature enables customers to segment their audience based on a multitude of parameters, from personal interests to professional affiliations, providing a level of granularity that yields more personalized marketing strategies and better engagement rates.

"These capabilities represent a game-changing advancement for LeadGenius and its customers," Couch continues. "With our innovative tagging system, businesses can develop highly targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to resonate with potential customers. This not only streamlines the lead generation process but also increases the chances of converting prospects into loyal customers."

Moreover, the integration of WhoKnows' technology further enhances LeadGenius' AI capabilities, providing customers with predictive and prescriptive analytics to drive effective marketing and sales strategies. The acquisition has greatly accelerated the company's roadmap, allowing LeadGenius to deliver even more value to customers by leveraging WhoKnows' AI-powered personalization and segmentation technology.

"The integration of WhoKnows' technology into our existing platform has given us the ability to deliver an unmatched level of personalization and segmentation," Couch affirms. "We're thrilled about the benefits that this will bring to our customers, including the ability to reach the right person with the right message at the right time."

LeadGenius Plays, part of the new customer-facing dashboard, allows clients to visualize and interact with the enriched data in real time. It offers a user-friendly interface where clients can readily access and explore their personalized data sets. It further integrates with the company's existing suite of services, providing a unified, comprehensive platform for B2B data and sales intelligence.

"LeadGenius Plays gives our customers a hands-on experience with their enriched data," Couch adds. "It's more than just a dashboard-it's an interactive platform where customers can dive deep into their data, understand their audience, and craft highly effective, targeted marketing campaigns."

With this expansion, LeadGenius continues its pursuit of pioneering AI solutions for B2B customer data and lead generation. The company's commitment to delivering value to its customers remains unwavering, demonstrated by this leap in data analytics, personalization, and segmentation. LeadGenius hopes to reinvent its platform and reshape the B2B customer data landscape via empowering businesses to understand their audiences better.

About LeadGenius

LeadGenius is a global provider of B2B data intelligence. The company delivers precise data and account signals to businesses, powering unique insights and enabling go-to-market leaders to find their next great customer. LeadGenius's unique blend of NLP technology, machine learning, and human intelligence sets them apart, allowing them to provide precise and compliant data solutions to their Fortune 1000 customers.



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