Nokia Announces New SaaS Services for CSPs & Enterprises

Nokia | February 22, 2022

As advanced 5G services are rolled out, Nokia announced two new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services in the areas of analytics and security as part of its strategy to give communication service providers (CSPs) and corporates a far more flexible and cost-effective method of servicing their customers, operating, and monetizing their networks.

The new services follow Nokia's recent entry into the SaaS space, which aims to help CSPs and enterprises boost the time to value they derive from their services offerings by moving to an agile model based on software consumed purely on demand through a subscription, rather than customized software running on expensive, complex on premise infrastructure.

With AI/ML-driven closed-loop automation, Nokia AVA NWDAF improves network operations, improves customer experience (CX), and generates new income streams.

AVA NWDAF enables CSPs to deliver analytics at the network edge, implement 3GPP-defined analytics services, and form collaborations with software developers thanks to its distributed design and open APIs.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) technologies, unlike traditional SIMs, can store and manage numerous subscriber profiles remotely for authenticating users and devices on mobile networks. iSIM Secure Connect provides you complete control over the eSIM/iSIM management process, as well as the ability to monetize services based on verified digital identities.

Nokia's iSIM Secure Connect allows CSPs and corporations to securely manage machine-to-machine and consumer device subscriptions for eSIM- and iSIM-enabled devices through a SaaS delivery architecture.

Nokia is enhancing its AVA offering with additional SaaS functionalities based on NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function), which is part of the 5G Standalone architecture since the complexity of 5G networks has raised the requirement for sophisticated analytics.

Later this quarter, AVA NWDAF will be commercially accessible via a SaaS delivery model. iSIM Secure Connect by Nokia has planned to be accessible as a SaaS later this year, although users will be able to utilize it in other ways. Nokia's NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome and Nokia Anomaly Detection, both announced in November 2021 as SaaS solutions, will be available later this quarter. NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome allows CSPs to ensure 5G networks and monetize security through services such as 5G slicing, whereas Nokia Anomaly Detection is a machine learning service that finds and fixes network abnormalities before they harm users.

Later this year and through 2023, Nokia expects to launch further SaaS services in the areas of core, digital operations, monetization, and private wireless.

Nokia strives to serve critical features through open-source application programming interfaces (APIs) that are operable across numerous hyper scale platforms as its SaaS product roadmap progresses. This will result in a multi-vendor SaaS delivery architecture that leverages Nokia's relationships with key cloud providers as well as its continuous investments in cloud-native software and other technologies.

“To fully tap the wealth of opportunities that advanced 5G services offer, communication service providers and enterprises need new deployment models that enable faster service delivery to customers in a smarter, more cost-effective manner. Solution suppliers such as Nokia with its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security and analytics services, are turning to SaaS as a means for helping the telecom space modernize and monetize investments faster.”

Karl Whitelock, V.P. Research, Communications Service Provider Operations & Monetization at IDC

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia stated, “Adopting Nokia AVA NWDAF and iSIM Secure Connect through the SaaS model will greatly improve the time-to-value that CSPs and enterprises can realize by having on-demand access to services. These latest Nokia SaaS services strengthen our leadership position in helping our customers change the very foundation of how our industry does business.”


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HPE DMF v7 policies can be configured to migrate and store copies of both new and updated files in the capacity tier at specific intervals or after certain periods of file change inactivity. This effectively implements a high-quality, granular backup of a very large filesystem. DMF will automatically make backup copies of files and metadata on a rolling basis using policy definitions that can be tailored by administrators.

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Matillion Accelerates Productivity for Data Teams with Key Ecosystem Integrations

Matillion | November 30, 2022

Matillion, the leader in data productivity, today announced technical and cloud ecosystem partnerships to accelerate the value of data within enterprises. Varying skill levels, competing protocols, and a mix of processes and platforms keep modern data teams from delivering what the business needs. Seventy-five percent of data teams believe that outdated migration and maintenance processes are costing their organizations time, productivity, and money — at an annual price tag of up to $43.5 million. The Data Productivity Cloud is a data integration platform that allows teams of all skill levels to deliver business-ready data through cloud-native ELT (data extract, load, and transform). "Enterprises on a cloud data modernization journey need to prioritize a data stack that works in harmony with other platforms to achieve rapid time to value and trusted insights. The Data Productivity Cloud is a stack-ready platform that integrates with the platforms we need to deliver business-ready data to improve customer experience," said Harveer Singh, chief data architect and head of data at Western Union. "We use Matillion to load, transform, synchronize and orchestrate our data to produce a single source of truth in our data warehouse and connect to various business intelligence tools." Data teams improve efficiency using Matillion Data Productivity Cloud and these integrated accelerators: Healthcare Data Integration in Snowflake: FHIR Data Loader powered by Matillion and Hakkōda is a low-code solution that makes it easier for healthcare data teams to load FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) data in Snowflake, then transform the data into a fully structured format for more accessible analytics. AWS Redshift Serverless Scale: allows customers to easily run and scale analytics without provisioning and managing data warehouse clusters. Matillion users can choose Redshift Serverless agent from the drop-down menu inside Matillion ETL to scale data analytics. AllCloud's Matillion One Click solution: accelerates customers' journey to the cloud for data analytics by automating the setup and maintenance of data pipelines, monitoring costs and performance, and managing upgrades and disaster recovery, reducing deployment time by 75%. Collibra integration for end-to-end data lineage: as Collibra's Rising Star Partner of the Year 2022, Matillion integrates with Collibra to create unified data lineage that maps inbound and outbound data flows and stitches data objects to existing assets in the Collibra data catalog. "Working with FHIR data has become necessary for healthcare data teams. This dynamic and private data needs to be integrated for analytics but proves difficult to manage for legacy or point solution data platforms," said Patrick Buell, VP of consulting and co-founder at Hakkōda. "With Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud and Hakkōda's FHIR Starter accelerator, healthcare data professionals can load and transform FHIR data into Snowflake for faster time to insights. Solutions which used to require very senior expertise are now as easy as drag and drop." "The Data Productivity Cloud enables teams to get the most out of their data infrastructure, using native integrations and low maintenance connectors to help enterprises use more of their data and put it to work. "We are proud to partner with leading cloud technology providers and system integrators that put the customer at the center of their innovations and support data teams to deliver insights quickly." Josh Lewis, VP of global channels and alliances at Matillion About Matillion Matillion is The Data Productivity Cloud Matillion helps teams get data business-ready, faster — accelerating time-to-value and increasing the impact data can have. Thousands of enterprises including Cisco, DocuSign, Pacific Life, Slack, and TUI trust Matillion to load, transform, sync, and orchestrate their data for a wide range of use cases from insights and operational analytics, to data science, machine learning, and AI.

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Quantiphi announces partnership with Databricks to help drive enterprise-wide AI adoption

Quantiphi | November 15, 2022

Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, today announced its partnership with Databricks, the lakehouse company and pioneer of this new data paradigm. Together, Quantiphi and Databricks will focus on helping enterprise customers to optimize their business workflows with AI which will be enabled by a strong foundation of the Lakehouse platform. Businesses today are embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. As a result, it has become imperative to modernize their data foundation for seamless operations across different environments, and deploy advanced cloud-based technologies – including analytics tools with advanced machine learning (ML) and MLOps capabilities. As Databricks Consulting Partners, Quantiphi will accelerate AI-driven innovation for clients across industries. Quantiphi's in-depth knowledge and deep expertise in helping enterprise customers modernize and democratize their Data and AI footprint at scale are valuable for the partnership with Databricks. Databricks' Lakehouse Platform is cloud-agnostic and enables users to unify their data warehousing and AI use cases on a consistent platform across multiple infrastructures simultaneously. "We are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with Databricks. "By combining the power of Databricks' Lakehouse Platform and Quantiphi's advanced AI/ML capabilities, our teams will empower customers to leverage data-driven MLOps and enable enterprise AI success." Asif Hasan, Co-founder, Quantiphi The collaboration is set to actively support customers with various data and AI services such as digital transformation strategy, AI innovation roadmap, MLOps, data modernization and migration, data management, security, and governance implementations. Quantiphi's team of dedicated applied AI Databricks experts will further help customers implement and scale data engineering, collaborative data science, full-lifecycle machine learning, and business analytics initiatives. "Today, there is a rising need for every business to have a strong foundation of data and AI. By combining the strength of Databricks' Lakehouse Platform in data engineering, data science and analytics and Quantiphi's AI-first digital engineering capabilities, we can help companies transform their businesses through the power of data", said Mohak Moondra, Practice Leader - Applied AI, Quantiphi. About Quantiphi Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company driven by the desire to reimagine and realize transformational opportunities at the heart of the business. Quantiphi solves the toughest and most complex business problems by combining deep industry experience, disciplined cloud, and data-engineering practices, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to achieve quantifiable business impact at unprecedented speed. We are passionate about our customers and obsessed with problem-solving to make products smarter, customer experiences frictionless, processes autonomous and businesses safer by detecting risks, threats, and anomalies. Together with partners and customers, we embark on a data and AI-led transformation journey that delivers impactful and measurable results.

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Pythian Makes Database Trends and Applications’ List of Trendsetting Solution Providers for 2023

Pythian | December 12, 2022

Pythian Services Inc., a leading data, analytics, and cloud services company, announced today its Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart solution has been named in Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine’s DBTA Trendsetting Solution Providers List for 2023—a list that showcases leading edge products and services related to data management and analytics. Compiled by DBTA, the list recognizes companies that have made a quantifiable commitment to developing and providing innovative methodologies. These organizations have a track record of guiding customers toward successful business outcomes in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive landscape. Pythian’s EDP QuickStart is a convenient solution that integrates structured and unstructured data from multiple sources to provide quick data insights. Pythian’s platform is scalable and extensible, supporting as many data pipelines as customers require to glean value from their enterprise analytics—without compromising on performance. EDP QuickStart is a rapid, low-risk method to demonstrate ROI, helping businesses unlock meaningful results in weeks. EDP QuickStart helps organizations integrate and refine multi-source data estates, eliminating frustrating data silos. Customers can quickly uncover comprehensive business insights that can be easily leveraged by stakeholders throughout their organization. “Pythian is honored to be recognized as a 2023 trendsetting solution provider in the data and analytics space. “DBTA’s list is a significant validation of Pythian’s ongoing commitment to provide solutions that both simplify the management of high volumes of data and advance customers on their quests for digital transformation.” Joey Jablonski, vice president of analytics at Pythian About Pythian Founded in 1997, Pythian is a leading global services company that helps organizations transform by leveraging the power of data, analytics and the cloud. With a spectrum of solutions ranging from infrastructure modernization and data enablement to application acceleration and business collaboration, Pythian delivers full-lifecycle consulting, professional services and managed services to create outstanding business outcomes.

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