Nokia Announces New SaaS Services for CSPs & Enterprises

Nokia | February 22, 2022

As advanced 5G services are rolled out, Nokia announced two new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services in the areas of analytics and security as part of its strategy to give communication service providers (CSPs) and corporates a far more flexible and cost-effective method of servicing their customers, operating, and monetizing their networks.

The new services follow Nokia's recent entry into the SaaS space, which aims to help CSPs and enterprises boost the time to value they derive from their services offerings by moving to an agile model based on software consumed purely on demand through a subscription, rather than customized software running on expensive, complex on premise infrastructure.

With AI/ML-driven closed-loop automation, Nokia AVA NWDAF improves network operations, improves customer experience (CX), and generates new income streams.

AVA NWDAF enables CSPs to deliver analytics at the network edge, implement 3GPP-defined analytics services, and form collaborations with software developers thanks to its distributed design and open APIs.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) technologies, unlike traditional SIMs, can store and manage numerous subscriber profiles remotely for authenticating users and devices on mobile networks. iSIM Secure Connect provides you complete control over the eSIM/iSIM management process, as well as the ability to monetize services based on verified digital identities.

Nokia's iSIM Secure Connect allows CSPs and corporations to securely manage machine-to-machine and consumer device subscriptions for eSIM- and iSIM-enabled devices through a SaaS delivery architecture.

Nokia is enhancing its AVA offering with additional SaaS functionalities based on NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function), which is part of the 5G Standalone architecture since the complexity of 5G networks has raised the requirement for sophisticated analytics.

Later this quarter, AVA NWDAF will be commercially accessible via a SaaS delivery model. iSIM Secure Connect by Nokia has planned to be accessible as a SaaS later this year, although users will be able to utilize it in other ways. Nokia's NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome and Nokia Anomaly Detection, both announced in November 2021 as SaaS solutions, will be available later this quarter. NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome allows CSPs to ensure 5G networks and monetize security through services such as 5G slicing, whereas Nokia Anomaly Detection is a machine learning service that finds and fixes network abnormalities before they harm users.

Later this year and through 2023, Nokia expects to launch further SaaS services in the areas of core, digital operations, monetization, and private wireless.

Nokia strives to serve critical features through open-source application programming interfaces (APIs) that are operable across numerous hyper scale platforms as its SaaS product roadmap progresses. This will result in a multi-vendor SaaS delivery architecture that leverages Nokia's relationships with key cloud providers as well as its continuous investments in cloud-native software and other technologies.

“To fully tap the wealth of opportunities that advanced 5G services offer, communication service providers and enterprises need new deployment models that enable faster service delivery to customers in a smarter, more cost-effective manner. Solution suppliers such as Nokia with its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security and analytics services, are turning to SaaS as a means for helping the telecom space modernize and monetize investments faster.”

Karl Whitelock, V.P. Research, Communications Service Provider Operations & Monetization at IDC

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia stated, “Adopting Nokia AVA NWDAF and iSIM Secure Connect through the SaaS model will greatly improve the time-to-value that CSPs and enterprises can realize by having on-demand access to services. These latest Nokia SaaS services strengthen our leadership position in helping our customers change the very foundation of how our industry does business.”


Hadoop has several security features as listed below: • Running data node daemons on privileged ports • Running tasks as the job owner instead of the task tracker daemon user This prevents other users from changing the job and also viewing the local task data


Hadoop has several security features as listed below: • Running data node daemons on privileged ports • Running tasks as the job owner instead of the task tracker daemon user This prevents other users from changing the job and also viewing the local task data

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DataStax Unveiled "Change Data Capture" for Astra DB

DataStax | March 25, 2022

DataStax, the real-time data provider, today announced "change data capture" (CDC) for Astra DB, a new functionality for its multi-cloud database based on Apache CassandraTM. Advanced streaming technology based on Apache PulsarTM powers the new CDC for Astra DB. It employs event streams to analyze and transmit database updates in real time, allowing real-time data to be used across data lakes, data warehouses, search, AI, and machine learning. With this powerful combination of event streaming and the high-scale, high-performance Astra DB multi-cloud database, any business can build smarter, more reactive apps driven by linked, real-time data. “CDC for Astra DB is unique in that it taps the performance of the world’s most scalable database and combines it with next-generation event streaming to fuel today’s data-intensive applications with a solution that just works.” Ed Anuff, chief product officer at DataStax Despite the pressure for companies to employ real-time data for instant action and insight, legacy architectures are failing to fulfill the performance and scalability demands of real-time data processing. As a result, only a fraction of real-time data is being used today. As a result, data is often submitted in batches, resulting in data that is chronically outdated. Praveen Viswanath, enterprise architect, Alpha Ori Technologies said that “We are excited about the availability of CDC for DataStax Astra DB which will provide a real-time source of streaming data for real-time analytics. This will enable us to rapidly deliver analytics and alerts that help our maritime clients save money on fuel, mitigate maintenance-related risks, and reduce carbon emissions.” Data that is processed and delivered in real time is one of the seven characteristics predicted to define data-driven enterprises, as per a recent McKinsey report, "The Data-Driven Enterprise of 2025," but businesses often must choose between speed and computational intensity, delaying more advanced analytics and inhibiting the execution of real-time use cases. Waseem Fadel, director of R&D at WorkJam said “We’re always looking for ways to streamline operations, and we hope that the combination of event streaming with Change Data Capture (CDC) will enable us to create smarter and more reactive applications fueled by connected, real-time data.” Businesses can now standardize on the massively scalable, zero-downtime Astra DB, and any updates to the database are processed and sent in real time to other areas of the data ecosystem, with no trade-offs between speed, scalability, and availability, thanks to CDC for Astra DB. Businesses may use their real-time data to gain additional business value from areas like e-commerce, fraud detection, customer experience, sales and inventories, and transportation and logistics, thanks to this seamless connectivity. Tony Baer, principal analyst at dbInsight stated “With CDC, Astra DB further converges operational and streaming data to become a bidirectional data hub for real-time data. CDC will allow customers to blend Astra DB with cloud analytic platforms like Snowflake, or the hub for mobile apps with far less friction.”

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Advantage Acquires Strong Analytics, Provider of AI and Machine Learning Solutions

Advantage Solutions | August 27, 2021

Advantage Solutions has acquired Strong Analytics, a provider of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science services for leading brands in consumer goods and retail, automotive, hospitality, marketing and advertising, pharmaceuticals, technology and other industries. The agency helps its clients design, create and deploy custom, end-to-end machine learning and AI products and solutions. “Strong Analytics’ data scientists and engineers have solved challenges as diverse as retail inventory optimization and multichannel marketing personalization,” said Gary Colen, president, marketing and digital commerce solutions for Advantage Solutions. “Their reputation for delivering high-value business solutions based on using data differently is well earned and we consider them key to our ability to continuously and proactively identify and address our clients’ and customers’ business opportunities and obstacles.” Founded by data scientists Brock Ferguson and Jacob Zweig, Strong Analytics works with organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 firms. Its work focuses on applying state-of-the-art innovations in machine learning — in areas such as deep learning, natural language processing and reinforcement learning — to automation and optimization problems. Among the agency’s areas of expertise are AI strategy and leadership, data analytics, data engineering, machine learning engineering and DevOps and architecture. “Strong Analytics and Advantage share an unwavering dedication to clients and a penchant for collaboration,” Ferguson said. “We’re very excited about coming together to bring added value to Advantage’s clients and help them solve their most difficult and complex problems — in weeks, not years.” About Strong Analytics Strong Analytics was founded in 2016 and provides data science consulting, machine learning engineering and data engineering services to companies across industries. Its suite of AI platforms enables custom-tailored solutions to go from design to deployment faster and more effectively than ever before. About Advantage Solutions Advantage Solutions is a leading business solutions provider committed to driving growth for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers through winning insights and execution. Advantage’s data and technology-enabled omnichannel solutions — including sales, retail merchandising, business intelligence, digital commerce and a full suite of marketing services — help brands and retailers across a broad range of channels drive consumer demand, increase sales and achieve operating efficiencies. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Advantage has offices throughout North America and strategic investments in select markets throughout Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe through which it services the global needs of multinational, regional and local manufacturers.

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ERT Launches Data Insights to Improve Study Efficiency and Effectiveness

ERT | December 09, 2020

ERT, a main worldwide data and innovation organization, which limits danger and uncertainty in clinical preliminaries, today announced the dispatch of Data Insights, its most current Trial Oversight arrangement. Intended to all the more precisely and quickly find fluctuations in endpoint data collection and the board, Data Insights engages study groups to make a proactive move to secure the legitimacy and honesty of their data and keep their examination on target and on schedule. Almost 80% of clinical preliminaries experience delays, with huge repercussions for study supports, contract research associations (CROs), study supervisors and patients who could profit by the medication or treatment in trial.1 Consequently, study groups invest significant energy and assets making and overseeing complex frameworks to distinguish and moderate endpoint data changeability issues and forestall expensive deferrals. ERT's Data Insights eliminates the weight of spotting data changeabilities from study directors and groups through cutting edge symptomatic, prescient and prescriptive investigation. It includes a configurable dashboard that empowers preliminary administrators to weight measurements and modify warnings and proposed activities dependent on data quality limits. Additionally, Data Insights gives a concentrated and point by point perspective on ERT's clinical and operational data across portfolios and individual examinations, takes into account granular data audit and produces issue-explicit reports with study, site and metric-explicit subtleties. The subsequent spotlight on high-esteem movement and shared understanding assists with decreasing and target remediation exertion, improve group dynamic and increment trust in data quality and consistence in general. "Data variability often requires study teams invest significant time and effort to uncover and understand problematic data and contributes to the reality that so few clinical studies end on time," said Dr. Otis Johnson, vice president of Trial Oversight. "Data Insights serves as an early indicator system, identifying studies at greater compliance or quality risk and highlighting the specific issue so our customers and users can spend less time investigating problems and more time solving them." In addition to configurable following and occasion notice, Data Insights clients and clients get every minute of every day Multilingual Customer Care and the capacity to sort data into portfolio, study and site-explicit perspectives. Data Insights is essential for ERT's vigorous collection of Data Analytics contributions, including ERT's Business Intelligence suite and Data Exchange. About ERT ERT (eResearch Technology) is a global data and technology company that minimizes uncertainty and risk in clinical trials so that its customers can move ahead with confidence. With nearly 50 years of clinical and therapeutic experience, ERT balances knowledge of what works with a vision for what's next, so it can adapt without compromising standards.

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