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Striim Introduces Striim Cloud, a Real-Time Data Integration SaaS

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Customers may offer real-time data to enable next-generation business intelligence and analytics with Striim Cloud.

Striim, Inc. announced today the universal availability of Strim Cloud, the quickest way for businesses to deliver real-time data and insights to enable corporate intelligence and decision-making in the digital economy. The Striim Cloud platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics is the industry's first and only fully managed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform. Customers can simply design real-time data pipelines to stream trillions of events each day with just a few clicks, all while benefiting from enterprise-grade operational, security, and management features. Customers can revolutionise their organisations by adopting new cloud models, digitising legacy systems, and updating their application infrastructure using Striim Cloud's zero-maintenance, infinitely scalable platform.

Operations in a variety of industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics/supply chain, healthcare are being driven to become more responsive and reliable as a result of recent shifts in the worldwide economy and a more distributed workforce. As a result of these changes, there is a huge demand for real-time data. Operations leaders can utilise analytics to gauge demand and cost-to-serve with real-time data and make informed decisions. To stay relevant and successful in today's digital economy, the customer experience (CX) must also be individualised and differentiated.

ETL solutions from the past were not built to meet the needs of today's fast-paced businesses. Real-time applications connected to a modern customer experience, business intelligence, decision-making, real-time operations, and more cannot be supported by the traditional "batch" approach of data integration. Customers need real-time systems to ingest, process, query, and analyse data in order to deliver insights and enable real-time decisions. Data and analytics inform customer strategies and tactics across the entire organisation, but in order to be effective, customers need real-time systems to ingest, process, query, and analyse data in order to deliver insights and enable real-time decisions.

Striim Cloud is the only solution that provides real-time autonomous data pipelines, allowing businesses of all sizes, from FORTUNE 500 companies to startups, to migrate their outdated application designs to contemporary, cloud-native architectures with minimal downtime. The platform detects source database changes with change data capture (CDC), minimising the impact on other activities and ensuring the most up-to-date data possible. Customers might query, enrich, and execute analysis on a live data stream in real time instead of, after it has arrived at the destination database or data warehouse, allowing them to build apps on the pipeline and increase data capabilities without sacrificing speed.

Striim Cloud provides the organisation with a number of capabilities for digital transformation:

Striim Cloud gives you fast access to what's going on right now in a variety of apps: IT can quickly know what's going on, from consumer behaviour to marketing campaigns to supply-chain operations, and more, using real-time streaming data. The real-time streaming approach of Striim Cloud is intrinsically superior to older batch ETL techniques.
The cloud's simplicity, elasticity, and scalability are delivered by Striim Cloud: Customers can see all of their data pipelines in one place. They may create new pipelines or alter old ones, while Striim takes care of the heavy labour in the background. Cloud-native services and integrations are supported by Striim Cloud. This foundation enables businesses to quickly adjust to changing market conditions.
Enterprise innovation is boosted by Striim Cloud Enterprise: Enterprises get a competitive advantage by developing apps based on real-time data. Striim Cloud makes it simple to experiment with new apps based on data.

Data is automatically integrated into systems like Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Big Query, and Snowflake using Striim Cloud. Striim Cloud helps enterprises to fuel business information and decision-making in order to fulfil the demands of the digital economy while also providing an unrivalled data-driven customer experience.



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