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Striim Introduces Striim Cloud, a Real-Time Data Integration SaaS

Striim | February 25, 2022

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Customers may offer real-time data to enable next-generation business intelligence and analytics with Striim Cloud.

Striim, Inc. announced today the universal availability of Strim Cloud, the quickest way for businesses to deliver real-time data and insights to enable corporate intelligence and decision-making in the digital economy. The Striim Cloud platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics is the industry's first and only fully managed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform. Customers can simply design real-time data pipelines to stream trillions of events each day with just a few clicks, all while benefiting from enterprise-grade operational, security, and management features. Customers can revolutionise their organisations by adopting new cloud models, digitising legacy systems, and updating their application infrastructure using Striim Cloud's zero-maintenance, infinitely scalable platform.

Operations in a variety of industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics/supply chain, healthcare are being driven to become more responsive and reliable as a result of recent shifts in the worldwide economy and a more distributed workforce. As a result of these changes, there is a huge demand for real-time data. Operations leaders can utilise analytics to gauge demand and cost-to-serve with real-time data and make informed decisions. To stay relevant and successful in today's digital economy, the customer experience (CX) must also be individualised and differentiated.

ETL solutions from the past were not built to meet the needs of today's fast-paced businesses. Real-time applications connected to a modern customer experience, business intelligence, decision-making, real-time operations, and more cannot be supported by the traditional "batch" approach of data integration. Customers need real-time systems to ingest, process, query, and analyse data in order to deliver insights and enable real-time decisions. Data and analytics inform customer strategies and tactics across the entire organisation, but in order to be effective, customers need real-time systems to ingest, process, query, and analyse data in order to deliver insights and enable real-time decisions.

Striim Cloud is the only solution that provides real-time autonomous data pipelines, allowing businesses of all sizes, from FORTUNE 500 companies to startups, to migrate their outdated application designs to contemporary, cloud-native architectures with minimal downtime. The platform detects source database changes with change data capture (CDC), minimising the impact on other activities and ensuring the most up-to-date data possible. Customers might query, enrich, and execute analysis on a live data stream in real time instead of, after it has arrived at the destination database or data warehouse, allowing them to build apps on the pipeline and increase data capabilities without sacrificing speed.

Striim Cloud provides the organisation with a number of capabilities for digital transformation:

Striim Cloud gives you fast access to what's going on right now in a variety of apps: IT can quickly know what's going on, from consumer behaviour to marketing campaigns to supply-chain operations, and more, using real-time streaming data. The real-time streaming approach of Striim Cloud is intrinsically superior to older batch ETL techniques.
The cloud's simplicity, elasticity, and scalability are delivered by Striim Cloud: Customers can see all of their data pipelines in one place. They may create new pipelines or alter old ones, while Striim takes care of the heavy labour in the background. Cloud-native services and integrations are supported by Striim Cloud. This foundation enables businesses to quickly adjust to changing market conditions.
Enterprise innovation is boosted by Striim Cloud Enterprise: Enterprises get a competitive advantage by developing apps based on real-time data. Striim Cloud makes it simple to experiment with new apps based on data.

Data is automatically integrated into systems like Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Big Query, and Snowflake using Striim Cloud. Striim Cloud helps enterprises to fuel business information and decision-making in order to fulfil the demands of the digital economy while also providing an unrivalled data-driven customer experience.


User Entity and Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is a cybersecurity technology and approach that focuses on analyzing the behavior of users and entities (such as devices, applications, and systems) within an organization's IT environment. By using advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence, UEBA aims to detect and prevent cyber threats by identifying anomalies, deviations, or patterns in user and entity activities that might indicate potential security risks.


User Entity and Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is a cybersecurity technology and approach that focuses on analyzing the behavior of users and entities (such as devices, applications, and systems) within an organization's IT environment. By using advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence, UEBA aims to detect and prevent cyber threats by identifying anomalies, deviations, or patterns in user and entity activities that might indicate potential security risks.

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FrogData Launches WarrantyMind AI to Optimize Cash Flow for Dealerships

PR Newswire | August 22, 2023

FrogData, a leading provider of AI & Decision Analytics solutions for the automotive industry, today announced the launch of WarrantyMind AI, an end-to-end remote warranty administration service designed to optimize the warranty claims process for dealerships. As consumer demand rises for extended and electric vehicle warranties, properly filing claims is essential for cash flow. WarrantyMind AI ensures dealerships maximize this vital revenue stream. At the core of WarrantyMind AI is FrogData's cutting-edge AI platform that analyzes every repair order to extract key data points. This allows the remote staff to understand repair details, identify missing information, and determine optimal claims submission approach. The AI tools also automatically flag high-risk claims that require priority handling to avoid delays or rejections. By combining seasoned warranty experts with AI-driven insights and automation, WarrantyMind AI delivers increased accuracy, faster completion times, and higher approval rates for dealership warranty claims. The remote staff act as an extension of the dealership team with FrogData's integrated communications platform. WarrantyMind AI also provides dealerships with ongoing analytics and recommendations to continuously improve the warranty process. Dealers can identify technicians needing more training on repair documentation or claims trends that may require negotiations with OEMs. These insights help dealerships maximize future warranty revenue and margin opportunities. Expert staff add an additional layer of quality assurance, leveraging their experience to ensure accuracy and completeness. Decision Analytics also provide data-driven insights to continuously improve warranty operations. Together, the automation and expertise provided by WarrantyMind AI enables dealerships to realize the full revenue potential of their warranty business. Key benefits include: Increased claim approval rates and faster payment timelines to optimize cash flow Reduced administrative costs through streamlined, automated processing Detailed analytics revealing opportunities to maximize future warranty profitability "WarrantyMind AI utilizes cutting-edge AI and advanced data analytics to revolutionize warranty management," said Tej Soni, FrogData CEO. "Our intelligent automation streamlines the claims process while providing dealerships with data-driven insights to continuously improve. This powerful combination of technology optimizes both the speed and quality of warranty revenue." FrogData currently serves hundreds of dealership clients with its Data Analytics and AI platform. WarrantyMind AI provides an innovative new service to maximize a vital dealership revenue stream. For more information, visit About FrogData Headquartered in San Francisco CA, FrogData is the leader in AI and decision analytics solutions for the automotive industry. FrogData develops pioneering data-driven software and services that increase productivity and profitability for dealerships nationwide. FrogData partners with hundreds of dealers of all sizes to drive smart, data-informed business strategies and operations.

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Oracle Enhances Database 23c with AI Vector Search Capabilities

Oracle | September 20, 2023

Oracle introduces AI Vector Search, enabling semantic search and fast similarity queries by storing semantic content as vectors. Oracle Database 23c, "App Simple," streamlines interactions by declaring outcomes, incorporating AI Vector Search, and offering natural language interfaces. RAG combines large language models (LLMs) with private business data for precise responses to natural language queries while maintaining data privacy. Oracle has announced a significant enhancement to its Oracle Database 23c, introducing semantic search capabilities powered by AI vectors. This innovative collection of features, dubbed AI Vector Search, encompasses a suite of functionalities, including a novel vector data type, vector indexes, and SQL operators. This empowers Oracle Database to store semantic content from various sources, such as documents and images, as vectors and use them to run fast similarity queries. Notably, these advancements also facilitate Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a groundbreaking generative AI technique. RAG combines large language models (LLMs) with private business data to deliver precise responses to natural language queries. Importantly, this approach maintains data privacy by excluding sensitive information from LLM training data. Furthermore, Oracle will enable applications built on Oracle Database and Autonomous Database to add an LLM-based natural language interface. Thus allowing end-users to gain a simplified and intuitive way to request the data they need by framing natural language questions. Additionally, Oracle Database tools such as APEX and SQL Developer will receive enhancements with generative AI capabilities, empowering developers to use natural language for creating applications and SQL queries with ease, eliminating the need for manual coding. Oracle Database 23c, codenamed "App Simple," simplifies the way data professionals, developers, and data users interact with data by stating their desired outcomes rather than hand coding. Data systems will generate solutions using new database technologies such as JSON Relational Duality Views and AI Vector Search with new natural language interface capabilities. Additionally, by merging these technologies with Oracle's low-code APEX development framework, developers will be able to create complete apps. This method represents the future of data and application development and will offer huge productivity increases. Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President of Mission-Critical Database Technologies, Oracle, stated: Oracle Database is the leading repository of business data, and the combination of business data and semantic data is what enterprises need to implement artificial intelligence solutions, [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Searches on a combination of business and semantic data became easier, faster, and more precise when a single database managed both types of data, stated Loaiza. He further explained that by adding AI Vector Search to Oracle Database, Oracle enables customers to quickly and easily access the benefits of artificial intelligence without compromising security, data integrity, or performance. He emphasized that using Oracle AI Vector Search does not require machine learning expertise and that all database users, including developers and administrators, could learn to use it in less than 30 minutes. The latest updates to Oracle Database services and products include: Modern Oracle Database and AI Application Development Oracle Autonomous Database GoldenGate 23c Free Oracle Autonomous Database Free Container Image Oracle APEX Next-generation Oracle Database Product and Services Oracle Database 23c Oracle Globally Distributed Autonomous Database Oracle Exadata Exascale Autonomous Database Elastic Resource Pools Trusted Data Fabric for AI GoldenGate 23c Oracle GoldenGate Veridata 23c (Beta) OCI GoldenGate Oracle Database Appliance X10 Oracle Database infrastructure for small and medium businesses

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Domo Named to Constellation ShortList™ for Multicloud Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and ShortList for Embedded Analytics

Business Wire | August 07, 2023

Today Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced it was named to the Q2 2023 Constellation ShortList™ for Multicloud Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms (BI) for the eighth consecutive year. The company was also named to the first-ever Q2 2023 Embedded Analytics ShortList. The Constellation ShortList helps organizations narrow their search for the technologies they need to meet their digital transformation goals. All shortlisted vendors were determined through Constellation’s client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share and internal research. “The Constellation ShortLists help customers identify the solutions that can support their organizations with cloud deployment, embedding and AI/ML augmentation capabilities,” said Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. “The ShortLists reflect the vendors that our network of buy-side clients value the most, offering capabilities such as: data integration and preparation, data storytelling, dashboarding and reporting, security, access control, governance, data cataloging, data modeling, and data management. We congratulate Domo on being named on both the ShortList for Multicloud Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms as well as the ShortList for Embedded Analytics.” The firm evaluated more than 25 vendor solutions in the Multicloud Analytics and BI Platforms market, which included the following key criteria for inclusion: Delivery of SaaS or managed services on two or more public clouds Containerization underpinnings supporting consistent streamlined deployment and scalability across multiple clouds Data management capabilities such as data integration and self-service data preparation Breadth of analysis tools, including dashboarding, data visualization, forecasting and predictive capabilities Rich collaboration features for authors, analysts and business users In the Embedded Analytics category, Constellation evaluated over 25 solutions categorized in the market and used the following key criteria for inclusion: Microservices architectures, fine-grained application programming interfaces (APIs), RESTful interfaces, and software development kits that support flexible embedding of data, metrics, visualizations, and dashboards into a range of external destinations Support for DevOps approaches that bridge the gap between development and operations and help automate continuous integration and continuous deployment Cloud deployment options that liberate customers from system administration Low-code/no-code development and embedding options that enable nondevelopers to build custom applications and data- and insight-enable external applications Alerting and workflow options that enable organizations to trigger events, automate actions, and kick off workflows based on data- and insight-driven rules and thresholds Predictive capabilities that support proactive action and automation “We’re pleased to once again be recognized by Constellation Research for our BI and analytics leadership,” said Josh James, founder and CEO, Domo. “Domo’s inclusion in the Constellation ShortLists directly reflect the customer commitment that anchors our strategic investments and reinforces our reputation for driving customer success.” Constellation Research advises leaders on leveraging disruptive technologies to achieve business model transformation and streamline business processes. Products and services named to the Constellation ShortList meet the threshold criteria for this category as determined through client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research. The portfolio is updated at least once per year as the analyst team deems necessary based on market conditions. About Domo Domo puts data to work for everyone so they can multiply their impact on the business. Our cloud-native data experience platform goes beyond traditional business intelligence and analytics, making data visible and actionable with user-friendly dashboards and apps. Underpinned by AI, data science and a secure data foundation that connects with existing cloud and legacy systems, Domo helps companies optimize critical business processes at scale and in record time to spark the bold curiosity that powers exponential business results.

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