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Syniti Introduces Syniti Match, the Industry's First AI-Driven Matching Solution to Support Both Party and Operational Data

Syniti, a global leader in enterprise data management, today announced the upcoming availability of its fully cloud-native Syniti Match, the most rapid and precise AI-powered data matching software on the market that supports both party and operational data. Enterprise data is often riddled with errors and consistencies like typos, missing fields, duplications, and name variances. Those errors are compounded when dealing with multiple systems which is increasingly common as organizations continue to modernize legacy operations. Syniti Match is purpose-built to handle data complexity, no matter the shape, source, or type of enterprise data, including customer, ERP, supply chain and business data.
  • Improve productivity –Syniti Match can reduce the time spent on data matching jobs. It can match millions of records in minutes with batch ingestion and can find matches in sub-seconds with real-time ingestion.
  • Enhance customer relationships – Organizations can use reliable, matched data to build a unified, 360-degree customer profile to enhance targeting campaigns and drive meaningful, relevant experiences.
  • Increase profitability – Free up working capital by identifying duplicate spare parts to help increase profitability; match parts and align them with vendors to help identify millions in potential procurement savings as well as in volume discounts.
  • Proactively maintain data quality – Protect the people, processes, and applications that rely on accurate data to function by getting ahead of duplicates that degrade data quality. Real-time matching helps prevent duplicates from being created by identifying them at point of entry. This function can also aid an enterprise's MDM strategy by matching master records across the company's business application landscape, offering real-time mastery to help ensure a single source of truth is being used for key functions such as business operations and analytics.

Syniti has replicated the natural intelligence humans use when forming comparisons, and with Syniti Match, can deliver that capability at scale. AI, proprietary phonetic and fuzzy matching algorithms, and context-sensitive lexicons evaluate matches contextually, allowing the software to understand data based on what it is, rather than where it resides in a table. It maximizes matches found while minimizing false positives and can easily scale as business data grows in volume and variety. With a flexible SaaS-based model, Syniti Match can be deployed from anywhere, anytime – without installation.

Emily Williams, vice president of product alliances, Syniti, said: ""The ability to match both types of data quickly and accurately fills a very necessary gap in the market as it benefits every part of an organization from operations to sales and marketing. With Syniti Match, we are reducing the wasted time spent on the tedious processes of eliminating the duplications and inconsistencies that drive down the quality of your data."

"Organizations today simply can't afford to base any decisions on poor quality data. At Syniti, we keep finding new and innovative ways to enable our customers to achieve the accurate and trustworthy data they need to run and grow their businesses."

Kevin Campbell, chief executive officer, Syniti

Jon Severn, circulation director, MJH Lifesciences, said, "MJH Lifesciences is the largest privately held medical media company in the U.S. We have a constant flow of new data sources into our system which makes keeping the data free of duplicates very difficult. Previously, we were de-duping files manually, and spending more time than we would like doing so - and delivering less accurate results. With Syniti Match, our current process is much more accurate, resulting in greater audit compliance and we have reduced incidents of unintentional duplicates."

About Syniti
Syniti solves the world's most complex data challenges by uniquely combining intelligent, AI-driven software and vast data expertise to yield certain and superior business outcomes. For over 25 years, Syniti has partnered with the Fortune 2000 to unlock valuable insights that ignite growth, reduce risk and increase their competitive advantage. Syniti's silo-free enterprise data management platform supports data migration, data quality, data replication, master data management, analytics, data governance, and data strategy in a single, unified solution. Syniti is a portfolio company of private equity firm Bridge Growth Partners LLC.



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