The Nexus of Data and Decision Making With PreludeSys Power BI

PreludeSys | March 22, 2022

PreludeSys' Power BI services, as a Microsoft Gold partner, enable enterprises to adopt today's data-driven culture to generate compelling insights, improve customer experience, and drive investments that result in higher ROI. With rich visualizations to assist examine the patterns and facts in their data, Power BI service offerings are enough to dramatically transform the way companies function, enabling important stakeholders to make coherent real-time judgments.

According to several industry experts, business intelligence helps companies to correctly evaluate and curate data for company success. For example, it helps in the understanding of customer acquisition costs, purchasing behaviour, and cycles, as well as speeding up decision-making. Regardless of the industry, a comprehensive BI solution enables one to comprehend everything about their organization from beginning to end. The ability to swiftly exploit data, evaluate patterns, and see everything in one place with unified dashboards is a true game changer.

Highlights from Power BI: Power BI can easily connect into any technical environment, on-premise or in the cloud, and extract data from a variety of sources and analyze it in a centralized system. Data visualization may assist in the discovery of revenue-generating data and its smooth sharing with internal and external business partners.

Data security in Power BI is robust, with suitable measures in place to prevent unwanted access. Power BI's automatic data refresh features allow you to use the most up-to-date data in your applications quickly. The platform, which utilizes a natural language interface and graphic design tools to minimize the need for technical professionals, is designed to give agility in data processing and managing questions. Power BI interfaces with cognitive services like Cortana and Bot frameworks to improve the user experience. For inquiries, it even has audio inputs.

The latest Power BI service solutions include never-before-seen features that help businesses not only improve operations and streamline procedures, but also foster a high-performance workplace culture by providing tools that keep workers engaged. Power BI helps frontline users to build a contemporary business that fits any progressive industry with immediate solutions and effortless accessibility.

VP, leading custodian firm in the USA said that “PreludeSys understood the dynamics of our enterprise and delved deeply into our problem areas to provide a tailored solution. They were collaborative and immersive in their approach when conceptualizing the Power BI solution for us, with a focus on providing a seamless and hassle-free operation. They catered to our needs with the right technology and out-of-the-box strategies. With Power BI, we removed complex dashboards and can collaborate more effectively than ever before.”

It is always preferable to get guidance from a dependable partner that can provide powerful industry solutions as well as the necessary knowledge and expertise to assess your business demands. The recommended tools for a successful Power BI installation include consulting, business analysis, solution design, and an execution roadmap.


Welcome to the second ggplot2 course on data visualisation! Here, we're going to build on the skills you learned in the first course to develop a wide variety of not only appealing, but meaningful, plots.We'll examine the last four layers - statistics, coordinates, facets, and themes - in detail. We'll also go over some tips for data vis best practices so you can make proper use of your new skill-set.


Welcome to the second ggplot2 course on data visualisation! Here, we're going to build on the skills you learned in the first course to develop a wide variety of not only appealing, but meaningful, plots.We'll examine the last four layers - statistics, coordinates, facets, and themes - in detail. We'll also go over some tips for data vis best practices so you can make proper use of your new skill-set.

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Modak and Neo4j Announce Partnership

Modak | August 29, 2022

Modak, a leading data engineering solutions provider, and Neo4j®, the world's leading graph data platform, today announced a partnership that will enable enterprises to accelerate the journey from multiple data sources to data products by bringing together the capabilities of Modak Nabu™ and Neo4j. According to Gartner, "By 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision making across the enterprise." "With growing data volumes and increasing diversity in data sources, it is essential for enterprises to provide their users the capability to understand relationships between different data assets. The partnership with Neo4j will bring the power of knowledge graphs, visualization, and analytics to data and business teams to accelerate the creation of data products using a self-service approach." Milind Chitgupakar, Chief Analytics Officer, and co-founder, at Modak Modak Nabu™ enables enterprises to automate data ingestion, curation, and consumption processes at a petabyte scale. Modak Nabu™ empowers tomorrow's smart enterprises to create repeatable and scalable business data domain products that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business users, data scientists, and BI analysts in finding the appropriate data, at the right time, and in the right context. Neo4j is the modern graph data platform for today's intelligent applications. Neo4j is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, scalable speed-optimized architecture, and ACID compliance. Neo4j enables data and business teams to harness connected data and avoid complex queries. Neo4j empowers analysts and data scientists with increased ML accuracy, scalable analytics, and contextual AI – making better predictions with the data they already have. With Modak and Neo4j partnership, enterprises will get the benefits of: Faster relationship and pattern discovery in datasets using graph visualization Simplified querying for data analytics with Cypher query language Democratization of data access along with effective graph visualization Consumption-ready curated data products Self-service data engineering using a no-code/low-code platform Integration of Modak Nabu™ with Neo4j Multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud data engineering About Modak Modak is a solutions company that enables enterprises to manage and utilize their data landscape effectively. We provide technology and cloud agnostic software and services to accelerate data migration initiatives. We use machine learning (ML) techniques to transform how structured and unstructured data is prepared, consumed, and shared. About Neo4j Neo4j is the world's leading graph data platform. We help organizations – including Comcast, ICIJ, NASA, UBS, and Volvo Cars – capture the rich context of the real world that exists in their data to solve challenges of any size and scale. Our customers transform their industries by curbing financial fraud and cybercrime, optimizing global networks, accelerating breakthrough research, and providing better recommendations.

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Tredence bets big on $30 Billion Data Migration and Modernization Market

Tredence Inc. | August 19, 2022

Tredence Inc., a leading data science solutions provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI, has announced capability development investments and partnerships to expand and strengthen its 'data on cloud' migration and modernization solutions that will accelerate Data and AI outcomes for its enterprise customers. Every enterprise data modernization initiative brings its own sets of characteristics and challenges that must be addressed contextually. Siloed data locked in legacy systems and dated modernization and analytics approaches are the chief roadblocks to becoming an insights-driven organization. Tredence's relentless focus on delivering business transformation value for industries fast-tracks data migration with advanced, enterprise-class, multi-cloud, cross-platform data and analytics migration and modernization solutions that leverage the highest degree of AI-led automation. The company accelerates end-to-end integrated data management through the entire data lifecycle, including data discovery, reengineering, migration, modernization of data and applications, quality improvement, governance, privacy, and data democratization. The three steps of this strategy are: Speed to action through AI-enabled data and analytics migration, modernization accelerators across data lifecycle management. This incorporates data platforms discovery, data discovery, data migration, data catalog, data enrichment and data quality. Speed to scale by leveraging its strategic partnerships with all major cloud hyperscalers, as well as data and AI platform ISVs. The company recently partnered with Bladebridge to transform its customers' data state, cloud infrastructure, and deliver a complete suite of data and AI offerings. Speed to value by accelerating data migration and modernization timeframes with its innovative solutions, Tredence expects to reduce overall data estate transformation costs and deliver transformational value faster, leveraging its vast industry solutions & accelerators. Tredence invests 5% of its revenue in R&D. The company's AI Innovation center of excellence currently employs more than 100 data scientists and engineers working in industry and functional accelerators. The three-fold approach equips Tredence to tap into the $30 billion data migration and modernization market and accelerate data estate return on investment for all its enterprise customers in a seamless, end to end motion. "Enterprises are having a challenging time predicting new customer behaviors and are constantly evaluating, refining, and updating their analytical models. Tredence is making considerable capability development investments in building 'data on cloud' solutions for enterprises. To that end, we are collaborating with an ecosystem of partners to build migration and modernization strategies and solutions that turn enterprises into insights-driven organizations." Sumit Mehra, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-founder, Tredence "Every enterprise today relies on real-time data and insights to stay agile and be competitive in a very dynamic global business environment. However, for most enterprises, insights generation and last-mile adoption remain a pipe dream without a clear, effective data modernization strategy. Our data migration and modernization solutions take the complexity out of data transformation and reduce time to value significantly, operationalizing modern data platforms on the cloud," said Soumendra Mohanty, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Tredence. Tredence was recently recognized by Databricks as 2022 Retail and CPG (Consumed Packaged Goods) partner of the year and Microsoft Analytics Partner of the Year 2022, highlighting the Data and AI transformation value it is delivering to all its enterprise customers. About Tredence Inc. Tredence is a global data science solutions provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI. The 'last mile' is the gap between insight creation and value realization. Headquartered in San Jose, the company embraces a vertical-first approach and an outcome-driven mindset to help clients win and accelerate value realization from their analytics investments. Tredence is a Great Place to Work-Certified and as a 'Leader' in the Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Services. Tredence is 1,700-plus employees strong with offices in San Jose, Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto, and Bangalore, with the largest companies in retail, CPG, hi-tech, telecom, healthcare, travel, and industrials as clients.

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Data Integration Platform Dataddo Launches First-Ever Free Plan with No Extraction Limits

Dataddo | September 28, 2022

Dataddo, an SaaS startup that provides an automated, no-code data integration platform, today announced the launch of its Free plan—the first-ever free data integration plan with no extraction limits. This is a no-investment way for any professional, regardless of technical skill, to access and start working with data from disparate sources. The plan comes as a response to company cultural obstacles that hinder adoption of data initiatives within organizations across industries, such as low data literacy. For at least the last five years, the grand majority of leading companies across industries has been investing in data initiatives, with the percentage today being as high as 97%. Yet only 26.5% of these companies claim to actually be data-driven. Mounting evidence suggests that the main reason for this discrepancy is company culture, meaning both lack of executive buy-in on initiatives and lack of employee confidence in data skills. In a recent survey by Accenture of 9,000 employees from companies across industries, nearly three quarters of respondents (74%) claimed to feel “overwhelmed or unhappy when working with data.” This is critical because, as Gartner states, “the real drivers of [data-driven culture] are the people.” Dataddo’s Free plan aims to help businesses overcome these obstacles by making it easier for them to share data and familiarize employees with visualization tools before investing in paid tools. The plan is the first free data integration plan on the market that puts no cap on extraction limits, and it can be used for an unlimited period of time. Under the plan, subscribers can access any ten of Dataddo’s 200+ connectors and automate the synchronization of any volume of marketing, sales, financial, and other cloud data to up to three dashboarding applications and/or Google Sheets weekly. The company offers a growing library of free templates for popular dashboarding applications, enabling professionals with any level of data skill to start analyzing immediately. The platform is SOC 2 Type II certified and compliant with all major data privacy laws around the globe, including ISO 27001, GDPR for Europe, CCPA and HIPAA in the US, LGPD for Brazil, POPIA for South Africa, and more.

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