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Trianz Launches Extrica Data Mesh Platform on AWS Marketplace, Accelerating Governed Data Access and Usage of Analytics & AI for Global Enterprises

Trianz Launches Extrica Data Mesh Platform on AWS Marketplace

Digital transformation software and technology services firm Trianz is thrilled to announce the launch of its configurable data mesh platform Extrica on the AWS Marketplace, offering global enterprises advanced data management capabilities.

As the only data mesh born in the cloud, Extrica empowers businesses and IT to harness data 'as-is and where-is'; thus bypassing large data migration and management efforts to deliver analytics 50% faster and more cost effectively. The platform revolutionizes data management by enabling businesses to easily create, maintain, and share data products across their ecosystem, regardless of data location or technology. What sets Extrica apart is that it takes a business approach rather than a technical approach enabling non-technical users – all business roles and personas, human or automated – to have different conversations with the organization's data.

Built on world-leading AWS infrastructure and AWS Athena, Extrica allows businesses and their data-teams to source data from any on-prem or cloud source; productize it for repeatable and personalize use by different users; publish it in a unique "Netflix of enterprise data" marketplace experience and consume in visualization platforms such as AWS Quicksight, Power BI, Tableau, Qlikview, or AI and ML channels such as AWS SageMaker.

"Extrica Datamesh is the result of two years of disruptive innovation in collaboration with the AWS Athena team. We are now making it available worldwide to customers. Regardless of which cloud they use, any business can harness the power and acceleration of the Extrica Datamesh," said Sri Manchala, CEO of Trianz and author of Crossing the Digital Faultline. "By combining Extrica's innovative data management and analytics capabilities with the scale, security, and reliability of the AWS Marketplace, we are empowering enterprises to securely unlock the value of their data assets—faster and more cost effectively."

Trianz Extrica is now available here on the AWS Marketplace, providing organizations with a streamlined and secure pathway to leverage the platform's capabilities. Or find Extrica by visiting the AWS Marketplace and searching for Extrica.

About Trianz

Trianz simplifies the digital evolution of companies from strategy through execution. With a unique, multi-disciplinary and collaborative model, Trianz works with clients to transition to new business models, digitalized processes and deliver great experiences utilizing analytics, digital, cloud, infrastructure, and cyber security technologies. Leveraging a portfolio of digital platforms covering digital workplaces, cloud and infrastructure, and analytics, Trianz helps clients accelerate their transformations.



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Alteryx Unites with TechVets to Empower UK Veterans in Data Analytics

Alteryx | October 09, 2023

Alteryx, Inc. partners with TechVets in the UK to provide industry training and certifications in data analytics to empower veterans and active-duty service members. Alteryx had previously partnered with the US Department of Defense SkillBridge program to aid service members transitioning to civilian careers. The Alteryx SparkED program offers valuable resources such as a free Alteryx Designer license, interactive learning paths, and membership in the Alteryx Community. Alteryx, Inc., a leading provider of Analytics Cloud Platform solutions, has announced a partnership with TechVets, a prominent non-profit organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to facilitating career transitions in the field of information technology for veterans, service leaders, reservists, and their families. This collaboration between Alteryx and TechVets aims to empower veterans and active-duty service members in their journey toward civilian careers by equipping them with essential industry training and certifications in data analytics. These resources will be offered as part of the Alteryx SparkED no-cost education program. This partnership exemplifies Alteryx's unwavering commitment to supporting military service members globally. Earlier this year, Alteryx established a partnership with the United States Department of Defense SkillBridge program, a vital initiative assisting over 200,000 service members annually in their transition to civilian careers. Through the Alteryx SparkED program, participants gain access to valuable resources at no cost. These include a complimentary Alteryx Designer license, interactive learning paths, and membership in the Alteryx Community, all of which facilitate and enhance their training and development efforts. Kenneth Govens, a US Air Force Aerospace Propulsion, Jet Engines & Turboprop/Turboshaft Prop Enlisted, shared his experience with the Alteryx SparkED DoD SkillBridge program. He stated that organizations across all industries are striving to manage and analyze massive amounts of data. According to Govens, the Alteryx SparkED DoD SkillBridge program was ideal for the in-demand market, equipping him with cutting-edge training within the Alteryx automation platform. He also mentioned that the Alteryx platform was easy to navigate and had a user-friendly design suitable for users at any level. Govens expressed his goal to leverage his Business MA in Analytics, along with a Core Certification obtained through the Alteryx SparkED DoD SkillBridge program, to market himself and assist leaders in optimizing their performance through strategically guided decisions. Olivia Duane Adams, co-founder and chief advocacy officer at Alteryx, expressed her excitement about contributing to the analytics movement in the United Kingdom through the partnership with TechVets. She explained that this collaboration would help local companies close the analytics skills gap, enhance data literacy within their organizations, and simultaneously support service members as they transition into various career paths, such as supply chain management, resource forecasting, human resources, and more. Adams emphasized that the goal of the SparkED program and the partnership with TechVets was to provide comprehensive data science education and hands-on training with Alteryx, enabling veterans and active-duty service members to apply employable data analysis skills.

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NICE Actimize X-Sight DataIQ ClarityKYC Wins Best Data Solution for Regulatory Compliance in A-Team Group’s 2023 Data Management Insight Awards

Business Wire | November 01, 2023

NICE Actimize, (Nasdaq: NICE) was named a winner in A-Team Group's Data Management Insight Awards USA 2023 in the category for Best Data Solution for Regulatory Compliance. NICE Actimize’s X-Sight DataIQ ClarityKYC was the recipient of the most online votes in its category derived from reader/online nominations from within the data management community and verified by A-Team Group editors and its advisory board. NICE Actimize’s X-Sight DataIQ ClarityKYC is a SaaS workflow solution that automates data aggregation and simplifies KYC for financial services organization users. The solution facilitates compliance with KYC/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements by integrating disparate datasets and streamlining the customer identification, due diligence, and credit investigation process. Customer onboarding is a critical first step in any financial services organization’s risk management strategy. Onboarding new customers and conducting ongoing reviews presents numerous competitive challenges, which include manual and error-prone processes, long onboarding times which result in longer time to revenue for the banks, and no practical way to make sure the bank’s global regulatory policies are met in an auditable process, said Craig Costigan, CEO, NICE Actimize. NICE Actimize’s DataIQ ClarityKYC addresses these issues effectively. We thank the A-Team group and the data management community for recognizing the innovation we offer with X-Sight DataIQ. “These awards recognize both established solution vendors and innovative newcomers providing leading data management solutions, services, and consultancy to capital markets participants across North America. Congratulations go to NICE Actimize for winning Best Data Solution for Regulatory Compliance,” said Angela Wilbraham, CEO of A-Team Group and host of the Data Management Insight Awards USA 2023. X-Sight DataIQ ClarityKYC leverages AI-powered technologies to access traditional content while intelligently orchestrating data from various global data sources. X-Sight DataIQ Clarity reduces the amount of effort needed to conduct research. Long IT integration projects and tasks formerly done manually or requiring steps can be completed quickly, automatically saving time and effort while enabling teams to comply with confidence while reducing customer friction.

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Teradata Partners with ActionIQ on New Marketing and Customer Experience Offering for VantageCloud Customers

Business Wire | October 04, 2023

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) and ActionIQ announced today a new joint-offering for marketing and customer experience (CX) activations for Teradata VantageCloud customers. This new offering, which includes integration with VantageCloud and ActionIQ, is now complete and ready for customers. The collaboration highlights Teradata’s open and connected ecosystem, which includes a strong partnership with ActionIQ to leverage the companies’ collective expertise in advertising and marketing technology for CX. Together, the two companies aim to democratize access to customer data across the enterprise while providing technical teams with enhanced control. By combining the harmonized data approach and advanced analytics of Teradata VantageCloud with the full capability of ActionIQ’s modern customer experience apps, businesses can gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, foster more meaningful engagements, and deliver superior experiences. The partnership between Teradata and ActionIQ is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience and driving profitable growth, said Lisa Stewart, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata. With ActionIQ's expertise in advertising and marketing technology for CX, combined with Teradata's complete cloud analytics and data platform, businesses can unlock the full potential of their customer data, enhance agility, accelerate time-to-value, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. “Teradata's unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ's marketer-friendly CDP (customer data platform) position us to redefine customer experiences," said Tasso Argyros, ActionIQ CEO and Founder. "Our shared vision is to empower businesses, enabling faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.” With Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform, and ActionIQ, businesses can unlock faster innovation, better decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences, particularly for AI and ML. ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture offers easy-to-use, self-service data access to marketers while pushing queries into VantageCloud for the best of both worlds in terms of performance, enterprise scale and security. This allows business teams to gain direct, but controlled, access to data, enabling self-serve use cases through seamless and scalable integrations with owned and paid channels. IT and data teams will benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and worry-free integrations, freeing up resources previously spent on managing ever-changing requirements. This partnership is designed to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, increases loyalty, and improves retention for business teams. ActionIQ will offer a range of solutions to Teradata VantageCloud customers: ActionIQ Audience Center is an audience segmentation tool enabling effective management of audience data for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer interactions. Real-Time CX allows for real-time access to customer profiles and behavior for personalized customer experiences. IdentityPlus provides comprehensive identity resolution capabilities that deliver deeper insights into customer identities and behaviors, resulting in personalized experiences and improved targeting. Journey Orchestration offers a drag-and-drop canvas for building multi-step, multi-channel customer journeys. As a result of this new partnership, all of these applications can now map directly to Teradata VantageCloud. ActionIQ will join Teradata at the Teradata Possible event in Orlando on October 2-4 to share more details with customers. About ActionIQ ActionIQ is a new kind of composable customer data platform for enterprise brands who want to grow faster and deliver meaningful experiences for their customers. Built for data in constant motion, ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture gives marketers easy and secure ways to activate data anywhere in the customer experience while keeping data securely where it lives. Unify data from any source, build smart audiences, resolve customer identities, and design personalized interactions that unlock revenue across the entire customer lifecycle – all while helping technical teams extend existing technology investments to manage data governance, costs, and performance. Enterprise brands such as Albertsons, Atlassian, Bloomberg, DoorDash, HP, and many more use ActionIQ to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences. Learn more at About Teradata At Teradata, we believe that people thrive when empowered with better information. Our best-in-class cloud analytics and data platform delivers the harmonized data and trusted AI/ML organizations need for confident decision-making, faster innovation, and impactful business results. See how at

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