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The Role of Data Analytics in IoT

September 06, 2019 / NA

If you are familiar with IoT connected devices, you understand that their existence and relevance rely heavily on the data they manage to obtain. However, when it comes to the end-user, its not merely the raw data that they find value in but rather the digestible interpretation of the information gathered, i.e., the data analytics. Data analysis is the process by which raw data is transformed into meaningful information that will help a user draw key insights needed to make decisions moving forward. It brings core information to the forefront to provide easy to understand metrics on the users end. The ability to present data in a digestible and meaningful way is what makes an IoT solution desirable to consumers. Anyone can print datasets on a page and hand them off, but it would take time and effort on the users end to sift through that information manually and shape it into something they can work with. Data analytics provides users with the ability to easily pick up on patterns or tr...