Cybermaxx and Logi Analytics Partner to Bolster Data Analytics Capabilities for MAXX Data Defense Systems Suite

Logi Analytics | November 03, 2020

Today, Logi Analytics, the main supplier of implanted analytics answers for programming groups, and CyberMaxx, the pioneer in online protection tasks administrations for medical care associations, report another organization incorporating Logi Info into CyberMaxx's MAXX Data Defense Systems set-up of oversaw security administrations and arrangements. CyberMaxx will be revealing the new data analytics capacities beginning November second, 2020.

Progressed data analytics is a higher priority than at any other time for network protection tasks groups – especially with cyberattacks expanding year-over-year for organizations, everything being equal. For MSSPs like CyberMaxx, which is collecting data from various sources all the while, powerful representations and announcing is basic to guaranteeing their security administrations stay on top of things with the goal that their clients can settle on speedy choices and decrease their danger of a break. Presently with Logi Info, CyberMaxx is improving its data analytics and revealing abilities while as yet holding the technological adaptability that has made it a viable online protection accomplice to undertakings for more than 15 years.

"Enterprises are dealing with an increasing volume of threats, and MSSPs entrusted with protecting these firms can't afford to lose their knowledge advantage – or else breaches will only continue," says Brett Hansen, CMO at Logi Analytics. "With the Logi Symphony suite of services – including Logi Info – CyberMaxx is now able to embed powerful data analytics, reporting, and visualization capabilities into their MAXX suite of managed services – equipping their security team and customers with the threat visibility and actionable data insights that are the difference between partner safety and business disruption."

CyberMaxx has been giving overseen security administrations to undertakings for over 15 years, zeroing in on the three mainstays of individuals, cycle, and innovation to forestall, identify, and react to cyberattacks. Strikingly, CyberMaxx gives specific oversaw security administrations to endeavors in the medical care, budgetary administrations, and retail areas – requiring chief network protection aptitude as well as an intensive comprehension of the specific consistence needs every area requires. It's every minute of every day/365 security tasks community (SOC) and online protection group are more basic than any other time in recent memory for these organizations, and with Logi Info CyberMaxx can give clients will more noteworthy danger knowledge and detailing highlights that will forestall, recognize and react to penetrates quicker than at any other time.

"CyberMaxx is constantly pushing forward to anticipate our customers' needs and provide the highest level of service in our industry, which is evidenced today by our 99% customer retention rate.  The partnership with Logi and the combined force of the CyberMaxx and Logi teams have delivered an innovative data analytics platform with powerful dashboards that will help our customers prevent costly breaches."  said Thomas Lewis, CEO of CyberMaxx.

CyberMaxx can utilize Logi Info as a feature of its more extensive Logi Symphony membership – which gives the MSSP admittance to the full Logi Analytics programming suite for a solitary, set cost. As CyberMaxx's analytics needs advance over the long haul, they'll have the option to exploit the full expansiveness of Logi Analytics' forefront installed analytics devices easily and cost-productivity.

Logi Analytics' insight and comprehension of installed analytics is basic to network safety activities for organizations in 2020 and past. These devices help improve perceivability of dangers and new or ignored assault vectors, while making it simpler for IT experts to investigate and follow up on the data without disturbing application work process. For MSSPs, these abilities are taking on consistently expanding significance as endeavors move a greater amount of their IT tasks to the cloud while the quantity of endpoint gadgets increments essentially – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the more extensive move to distant work therefore.

About Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics empowers the world's software teams with the most intuitive, developer-grade embedded analytics solutions and a team of dedicated people, invested in your success. Logi leverages your existing tech stack, so you can quickly build, manage and deploy your application. And because Logi supports unlimited customization and white-labeling, you have total control to make the application uniquely your own. Over 2,200 application teams have trusted Logi to help power their businesses with sophisticated analytics capabilities. Logi Analytics is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, with offices in Ireland, England, Ukraine, and China.

About Cybermaxx

CyberMaxx prevents, detects, and responds to cyberattacks for healthcare organizations. CyberMaxx equips its customers with a 24/7/365 security operations center with services including endpoint threat detection and response, network-based threat detection and prevention, security information and event management (SIEM) with advanced data analytics, vulnerability risk management, and incident response services.


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Factored Partners With Databricks to Enhance Data-Informed Decision Making With Unified Data Analytics

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DataCore | April 25, 2022

DataCore Software, the authority on software-defined storage, and Atempo, Data Protection and Data Management independent software vendor, are announcing today the integration of Atempo Miria Data Management platform with DataCore Swarm object storage software. "Miria's new WORM capabilities for long-term archive now takes full advantage of the S3-compatible API and immutability options in DataCore Swarm, enabling granular time navigation through simple retrieval of multiple files at a given point in time." stated Louis Laszlo, Director of Product Management at Atempo. "It offers highly flexible configurations, high availability, and unmatched performance while reducing enterprise storage costs." Organizations are primarily using Atempo Miria and DataCore Swarm for active archive, preserving large volumes of multimedia files, like videos, so they can be quickly retrieved in full, or partially restored on-demand as short clips directly from Media Asset Managers (MAM) or from Miria's Web interface. Additionally, the joint solution can be used to cost-effectively archive large dataset volumes while uncluttering expensive high-performance shared storage required for post-production work. Miria's new capabilities make it very easy to store important files for long-term retention leveraging Swarm's WORM/immutability options to prevent ransomware, tampering or unintentional deletion. "Customers favor the combination of Miria and Swarm for their active archive workflows for several reasons, including the open approach for managing and storing metadata with each object, the scalability of the joined solution as well as the high performances delivered. They benefit from a flexible and massively scalable archive where content is immediately accessible to users and workflows. Both solution elements have an extensive track record for addressing customers' challenges in rapidly scaling media library or sharing content between remote sites." Ben Watson, Technical Director, Product Management for DataCore The combined solution consists of Miria, the agile data management platform that leverages the highly flexible Swarm software-defined object storage, to simplify storage management and reduce costs, both of which are very important to organizations facing tight IT budgets and resources. DataCore and Atempo teams are present at the 2022 edition of the NAB Show on booth #N431 for Atempo and booth #N7035 for DataCore. About DataCore DataCore Software delivers the industry's most flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage solutions for block, file and object storage, helping more than 10,000 customers worldwide modernize how they store, protect, and access data. The company's comprehensive product suite, intellectual property portfolio, and its unrivaled experience in storage virtualization and advanced data services, position DataCore as the authority on software-defined storage. About Atempo Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with an established global presence providing solutions to protect, store, move and recover all mission-critical data sets for thousands of companies worldwide. With over 30 years' experience in data protection and data management, Atempo offers a portfolio enabling medium to large scale organization to tackle their core IT data protection challenges in addition on solving the new modern File Data Management fueling exabytes data pipelines in the digital economy.

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THE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI) PORTAL IS THE GATEWAY TO UW’S EDW REPORTING AND ANALYSIS TOOLS. SELECT A TOOL TO VIEW REPORTS, EXPLORE VISUALIZATIONS, INTERACT WITH DATA CUBES OR QUERY EDW DATA DIRECTLY. WHO SHOULD USE IT Anyone in research who is interested in understanding the institutional or departmental view of research awards, proposals, expenditures and associated summaries.