Datadobi Emerges as George Jon's First Choice to Deliver Data Migration for Its eDiscovery Platform

Datadobi, George Jon, Inc. | April 29, 2020

  • Datadobi has been selected by eDiscovery platform, process, and product specialist George Jon to power its data migration services.

  • George Jon selected Datadobi as its standard data migration tool based on performance, offering faster data transfer rates than other methods.

  • The George Jon eDiscovery platform enables scalable, performant and cost-effective discovery, governance, and investigation platforms.

Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data migration software, has been selected by eDiscovery platform, process, and product specialist George Jon, to power its data migration services for clients across the corporate, legal, and managed services sectors. George Jon builds and launches best-in-class, secures eDiscovery environments, from procurement and buildout, and requires a data migration solution that provides clients with fast and reliable file transfer capabilities. They’ve managed projects for all of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and members of the Am Law 100, among many others.


George Jon selected Datadobi as its standard data migration tool based on performance, with Datadobi offering faster data transfer rates than other methods. In addition, Datadobi’s ease of use and the ability to monitor migration activity from a centralized console saves considerable time for the George Jon team and its customers. The comprehensive reporting capabilities also offered by Datadobi gives George Jon the ability to simplify file management throughout the migration process.


The George Jon eDiscovery platform enables scalable, performant and cost-effective discovery, governance, and investigation platforms for eDiscovery users worldwide. By taking highly complicated, mission-critical data discovery program and making it easier, less expensive, faster, and better, the solution drives bottom-line value and peace of mind, allowing users to focus on core business and make informed decisions.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Datadobi DobiMigrate 5.8, which delivers an enhanced chain of custody that, by default, proves every document, file, or electronic object is an exact copy of its counterpart on the source system at the time of cutover. This allows organizations to move or merge unstructured data between platforms–in the cloud or on-premises without the worry of knowing whether the data was in fact copied exactly.

In searching for best-of-breed migration technology, we evaluated a number of vendors and Datadobi not only provided the most accomplished and powerful set of capabilities, but we have been working very effectively with their team to provide George Jon clients with excellent service.

- Jordan McQuown, VP of Technology at George Jon

“We look forward to building on the success of projects already completed and building a long-term relationship.” ,” explained Jordan McQuown, VP of Technology at George Jon. “Data migration is a key requirement for many of their clients who need the reliable, fast, and accurate transfer processes we provide as part of their eDiscovery strategy.” said Carl D’Halluin, CTO of Datadobi.

George Jon are innovative leaders in their field and it’s a great vote of confidence in Datadobi that they have selected our technology.

- Carl D’Halluin, CTO of Datadobi

About George Jon, Inc.:

George Jon is an eDiscovery platform, product and process specialist, delivering performant, scalable, fault tolerant environments. We work with global corporations, leading law firms, government agencies, and independent resellers/hosting companies to quickly and strategically implement large-scale eDiscovery platforms, troubleshoot and perfect existing systems, and provide unprecedented 24/7 core services to ensure maximum platform performance and uptime. Employing a modular framework that has been tested and perfected over almost a decade and a half of R&D, environments can be customized (i.e., scaled) to individual client needs, budgets and requirements (storage, compute, and application availability & tier). The best practices developed by George Jon have become the standard for global eDiscovery systems, driving productivity, profits and peace of mind throughout the industry. For more information, please visit

About Datadobi:

Datadobi, a global leader in data management and storage software solutions, brings order to unstructured storage environments so that the enterprise can realize the value of their expanding universe of data. Their software allows customers to migrate, archive, and protect data while discovering insights and putting them to work for their business. Datadobi takes the pain and risk out of the data storage process, and does it ten times faster than other solutions at the best economic cost point. Founded in 2010, Datadobi is a privately held company headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, New York, and Melbourne. For more information, please visit


In this quick demo we'll walk you through the process of building NPS data visualizations in Klipfolio, pulling in data from AskNicely.

Other News

Synopsys Launches the Era of Smarter SoC Design with ML-Driven Big Data Analytics Technology

Synopsys | June 03, 2022

Driving greater design productivity by harnessing previously untapped design insights with machine learning technology, Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today announced a critical expansion of its EDA data analytics portfolio with the introduction of Synopsys DesignDash design optimization solution. As a complementary product to Synopsys' market-leading Digital Design Family and Synopsys™, the award-winning AI-driven design-space-optimization solution, Synopsys DesignDash is a comprehensive data-visibility and machine intelligence-guided design optimization solution that enables unmatched productivity in advanced SoC design. The Synopsys DesignDash solution delivers a real-time, unified, 360-degree view of all design activities for faster decision making, a deeper understanding of run-to-run, design-to-design and project-to-project trends, and enhanced collaboration in the SoC development process. "As a leading supplier of SoCs that are powering and transforming numerous high-impact industries, we pride ourselves on being able to push the limits of achievable device performance while also accelerating our customers' time-to-market," said Hiroshi Ikeda, director, Methodology Development Office, Global Development Group at Socionext. "We're very excited by the Synopsys DesignDash analytics solution as a systematic way to capture, consume and evaluate our vast design activity in a scalable way, enabling us to share and transfer expert knowledge across our worldwide design teams to enhance productivity and efficiency." Unlocking the Potential Within Vast Volumes of Digital Design Data The digital design flow holds a wealth of information from myriad sources that, properly utilized, could help teams optimize increasingly complex designs faster. According to Gartner® Inc., "By 2023, overall analytics adoption will increase from 35% to 50%, driven by vertical- and domain-specific augmented analytics solutions."1. The introduction of Synopsys DesignDash is the latest step in a multi-year, multi-disciplinary development effort to address the need for exponential gains in design productivity in the face of massive growth in system complexity, shrinking market windows and an increasingly challenging resource landscape. The cloud-optimized Synopsys DesignDash design optimization solution greatly enhances design productivity by: Providing extensive real-time design status through powerful visualizations and interactive dashboards. Deploying deep analytics and machine learning to extract and reveal actionable understanding from vast volumes of structured and unstructured EDA metrics and tool-flow data. Quickly classifying design trends, identifying design limitations, providing guided root-cause analysis and delivering flow consumable, prescriptive resolutions. With deeper design insights, designers can achieve more effective debug and optimization workflows, realize improved quality of results (QoR) and significantly extend overall design- and project-flow efficiency and effectiveness. This extensive insight and real-time visibility additionally deliver comprehensive resource monitoring and tracking that spans all design activities, enabling more data-driven management and risk mitigation throughout the design process. Synopsys DesignDash is natively integrated with the Synopsys Digital Design family of products for seamless data capture, resulting in insights that further accelerate the path towards design closure. The solution complements the Synopsys SiliconDash product, part of the Synopsys Silicon Lifecycle Management Family, forming a pre-silicon to post-silicon data continuum, maximizing opportunities for valuable data analysis across the complete design-to-silicon lifecycle. "SoC complexity across all application niches continues to rise as more functionality and performance is required. "Through the data analytics and machine learning capabilities of the Synopsys DesignDash technology, engineering teams now have an efficient way to share and utilize valuable insights that would otherwise take hours of manual work to compile or, in some cases, not be accessible." Karl Freund, founder, and principal analyst at Cambrian-AI Research "The semiconductor industry needs a dramatic improvement in design process productivity. Improving the quality and speed of engineering decisions with a comprehensive EDA data analytics platform is a critical step in this direction," said Sanjay Bali, vice president of Marketing and Strategy for the Silicon Realization Group at Synopsys. "Synopsys DesignDash unlocks the potential of the significant and growing volumes of EDA metrics and design-flow data, heralding a new era in smarter IC design by deploying an expanse of advanced data analytics and targeted machine learning to effectively guide design teams to achieve or exceed their product goals and schedules." About Synopsys Synopsys, Inc. is the Silicon to Software™ partner for innovative companies developing the electronic products and software applications we rely on every day. As an S&P 500 company, Synopsys has a long history of being a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP and offers the industry's broadest portfolio of application security testing tools and services. Whether you're a system-on-chip (SoC) designer creating advanced semiconductors, or a software developer writing more secure, high-quality code, Synopsys has the solutions needed to deliver innovative products.

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Revenue Growth and Increased Profitability mark Subex’s Q2FY21 Results

subex | November 09, 2020

Subex, a pioneer in the space of Digital Trust, today announced its consolidated financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2020. Performance Highlights for the quarter ended September 30, 2020: Revenue for the quarter at INR 933 million as against INR 857 million in Q2FY20 EBITDA for the quarter at INR 254 million as against INR 207 million in Q2FY20 EBITDA excluding Forex gains/losses for the quarter at INR 298 million as against INR ­­­178 million in Q2FY20 Profit after Tax (PAT) for the quarter at INR 123 million as against INR 63 million in Q2FY20 Vinod Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, Subex, said, “During a period where the industry as a whole is continuing to come to grips with the ‘new normal’, we are very pleased to report both revenue and profit growth for the second quarter of FY21. Market traction, along with our singular focus on Digital Trust, is slowly building the growth momentum. Despite the challenges of remote working, we are performing well on delivery and operations. With the recent appointment of our new CTO, we have augmented the management bandwidth required to drive an exciting product roadmap intended to expand our digital trust portfolio. We will also be strengthening our engagement with global strategic partners around our new solutions and technology areas such as blockchain, AI/ML to drive wider market adoption.“ Commenting on the results, Anil Singhvi, Chairman of the board, said, “Despite business challenges globally due to Pandemic, Subex has done very well. Continued good performance on all fronts, cleaned up balance sheet and improved free cash flows, are enabling us to invest in newer businesses and service our reduced capital base well” Highlights of the Quarter Launched Partner Ecosystem Management which will allow CSPs to accelerate their digital services portfolio expansion Listed as a Sample Provider for Augmented Analytics in Gartner’s Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for Artificial Intelligence in Telecom report Selected by a Tier-I Middle East operator for ROC Revenue Assurance and ROC Fraud Management Secured a new deal with a regulatory body in Africa to validate the revenues reported by operators in the region and the associated license fees Update on Capital Reduction Completed the capital reduction process Trading of new Subex shares commenced w.e.f. 5th November, 2020 About Subex Subex is a pioneer in enabling Digital Trust for businesses across the globe. Founded in 1994, Subex has spent over 25 years in helping global Communications Service Providers maximize their revenues and profitability. With a legacy of having served the market through its world-class solutions for business optimization and analytics, Subex is now leading the way by enabling all-round Digital Trust in the business ecosystems of its customers. Focusing on privacy, security, risk mitigation, predictability, and confidence in data, Subex helps businesses embrace the disruptive changes in the business landscape and succeed with Digital Trust. Subex leverages its award-winning product portfolio in areas such as Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Network Analytics, and Partner Management, and complements them through its digital solutions such as IoT Security and Insights. Subex also offers scalable Managed Services and Business Consulting services. Subex has more than 300 installations across 90+ countries.

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Sesame Software Announces High-Volume Data Connector for Marketo to Integrate and Replicate Data to Any Data Warehouse

Sesame Software | June 18, 2022

Sesame Software, the innovative leader in Enterprise Data Management, today announced a new high-volume data connector for Marketo. With Relational Junction, you can easily integrate Marketo with cloud applications and relational databases to the data warehouse of your choice. This connector empowers marketers and data teams to improve the quality of their data, eliminate silos, and uncover new insights into marketing performance. Modern-Day Marketers Relational Junction provides Marketo users with the ability to sync data for a complete view of the customer lifecycle. Marketo users work with a full stack of different technology platforms daily and collecting, analyzing, and making sense of all that data can be difficult. Relational Junction solves this problem by enabling users to easily integrate Marketo with various platforms. With Relational Junction, you can have all your data in a single source of truth to explore new correlations and get thoughtful insights about your marketing and business performance. Relational Junctions Key Benefits: Easily access, discover, replicate and integrate Marketo data with adjacent enterprise systems — such as databases, ERP and CRM systems, and custom applications Connect and unify all of your Marketo data to the destination of your choice for a complete view of your critical business data across your entire organization Move data at the fastest possible data movement with hyper-threaded high-volume data connectors Keep your data fresh with automated data syncs for timely insights and accurate reporting Launch in minutes with no coding, data mapping, or maintenance Relational Junction for Marketo Ultimately, Relational Junction's data connector for Marketo allows data teams to get to their data faster and data engineers to work on higher-value projects. "Relational Junction breaks the data engineering bottleneck by offering patented hyper-threaded technology that ensures the fastest possible data movement for Marketo. With simple click-and-load deployment, Relational Junction will have you up and running faster than any other traditional ETL tool." - Rick Banister, CEO of Sesame Software The platform's scalable architecture evolves and updates with organization-spanning data needs that continuously change. Knowing data is always fresh and up to date allows for new ways to customize messaging and drive better customer experiences with more targeted and informed campaigns. About Sesame Software Sesame Software is the Enterprise Data Management leader, delivering data rapidly for enhanced reporting and analytics. Sesame Software's patented Relational Junction data platform offers superior solutions for data warehousing, integration, backup, and compliance to fit your business needs. Quickly connect to SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications for accelerated insights.

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ThoughtSpot Expands the Modern Analytics Cloud to Help Companies Dominate the Decade of Data

ThoughtSpot | May 11, 2022

ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, today announced a significant update to the organization’s platform during their annual customer conference Beyond 2022 to help organizations around the world dominate the decade of data. These new capabilities include ThoughtSpot Sync, CodeSpot, Bring Your Own Charts, new Liveboard capabilities, and multiple new SpotApps. ThoughtSpot also announced the launch of new editions, including Team Edition, Pro Edition, and a special offer for startups, education institutions, and nonprofits, making it possible for individuals, small teams, and growth companies to take advantage of the Modern Analytics Cloud. The dawning of the decade of data The proliferation of cloud, mobile, and new data sources over the last ten years set the stage for transformational change for every business and sector in society. Now, the rise of new technologies like AI, web3, and 5G are taking this transformation further than ever before, creating a generational shift in power in the market, within organizations, and between consumers and brands. At the core of these shifts in power is data. As these power shifts fundamentally reimagine the world around us, they’re creating new opportunities for businesses bold enough to reimagine themselves in kind. The new ThoughtSpot capabilities give companies a new experience layer that makes it possible to put innovation from across the modern data stack in the hands of every employee to maximize the value of all these different tools. Armed with these new functionalities, customers can confidently accelerate analytics initiatives and adopt the new rules of data as they seek to dominate the decade of data. A deeper look Each of the new elements launched for the Modern Analytics Cloud enables organizations, whether startups or established enterprises, to connect, build, launch, and scale the power of data in their organizations. Connect With multiple new integrations and expanded relationships, connecting ThoughtSpot to any data source or data platform has never been simpler. This includes: Support for Amazon Redshift Serverless means customers can leverage the Modern Analytics Cloud to run and scale analytics on Amazon Web Services without having to provision and manage data warehouse clusters. Snowflake Data Marketplace, including the new Snowflake Data Explorer app, gives customers the ability to create insights from third party data in the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This makes it possible to rapidly prototype insights with new data sources for leading indicators. Databricks Partner connect gives Databricks customers the ability to launch a ThoughtSpot free trial in seconds from the Databricks console. Support for new architectures with connectors for both Dremio and Starburst Galaxy gives customers the ability to leverage Live Analytics and accelerate value from different architectures, including data mesh and the data lake. Build. Organizations can build products, apps, and services faster than ever with ThoughtSpot. CodeSpot is a searchable repository of open-source ThoughtSpot blocks and code samples for developers to accelerate embedding analytics and app development with ThoughtSpot Everywhere. CodeSpot includes reusable, best practice examples of the most common development tasks, such as custom actions, visualization, API and tooling, formulas, and more. ELT Live Analytics templates are readily available custom ELT jobs built to work with SpotApps and Matillion. Any Matillion customer can launch a new use case in a matter of minutes simply by accessing the Matillion job from CodeSpot and mapping the transaction system to your cloud data platform. New third party data blocks leverage TML (ThoughtSpot Modeling Language) to empower customers to use external data to enrich their own proprietary data for more nuanced, meaningful insights. Data providers include Ibotta, Safegraph, Windfall, and FactSet. Launch. Data professionals and analytics engineers are facing increasing demands from businesses to get use cases from development to production quickly. New features from ThoughtSpot arm these professionals with the capabilities they need to do so at scale. These include: Integration with dbt, now generally available, empowers analytics engineers to translate dbt models to TML (ThoughtSpot Modeling Language). With dbt, data teams can more effectively collaborate on modeling data in the cloud data platform, then make those data models immediately consumable with ThoughtSpot. New SpotApps make getting up and running with use case templates for critical use cases simple, dramatically accelerating time to value for customers. These new SpotApps include different templates for transaction systems like ServiceNow, Snowflake, HubSpot, Okta, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Jira, Redshift, and Databricks. Scale. The transformative value of data can only be realized when it’s possible to scale these initiatives to every corner of the business quickly and efficiently. To make this achievable, ThoughtSpot has introduced new capabilities, such as: ThoughtSpot Sync, which enables companies to operationalize insights by using them to automatically trigger actions in other applications and services through APIs. Bring Your Own Charts gives users freedom to engage and see their insights in entirely new ways with the best possible chart, graph, or visualization. With Bring Your Own Charts, customers can bring any visualization from other javascript or d3 libraries directly into ThoughtSpot’s interactive, Live Analytics experience. Monitor, now generally available, scales analytics further by eliminating the need to even log into an analytics platform. Instead, users get automated insights that alert them to changes as they happen. Users can simply create KPIs, then the system continuously scans for changes, outliers, and anomalies. When detected, it goes further, initiating an automated change analysis to uncover the key drivers of the change then pushes all these insights to a user. “The more we talk to customers, the more it’s clear they need an entirely new experience layer for analytics if they want to realize the potential of the modern data stack. The tools built for desktops that deliver static visualizations simply won’t cut it in the decade of data,” said Ajeet Singh, cofounder & Executive Chairman, ThoughtSpot. “With today’s new capabilities, we’re answering the call of customers. Whether they’re looking to bring insights to everyone in their organization, build products and apps with Live Analytics, or launch new use cases, we’re ready to help them make that possible with the Modern Analytics Cloud.” “Data is a vital element of our education products and services. With ThoughtSpot, we’re able to deliver fundamentally new ways to obtain valuable data and share insights that can lead to better student outcomes,” said Patrick Deshler, SVP Technology, Survey & Document Solutions, Data Recognition Corporation. “This ability to incorporate agility directly into our product is critical to driving a differentiated experience for our customers.” See the power of the Modern Analytics Cloud for yourself and start a 30 day free trial today. About ThoughtSpot ThoughtSpot is the Modern Analytics Cloud company. Our mission is to create a more fact-driven world with the easiest to use analytics platform. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can leverage natural language search and AI to find data insights and tap into the most cutting edge innovations the cloud data ecosystem has to offer. Companies can put the power of their modern data stack in the hands of every employee, extend the value of their data to partners and customers, and automate entire business processes. ThoughtSpot enables everyone within an organization to limitlessly engage with live data regardless of their cloud data platform, making it easy to achieve granular, actionable insights through Live Analytics. Customers can take advantage of ThoughtSpot’s web and mobile applications to improve decision making for every employee.

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In this quick demo we'll walk you through the process of building NPS data visualizations in Klipfolio, pulling in data from AskNicely.