Business Intelligence, Big Data Management, Data Science Announces Launch of AI Lab Announces Launch of AI Lab, a leading enterprise data catalog for modern data stacks, has recently announced the launch of AI Lab, a first of its kind in the data catalog industry. The AI Lab brings together partners, customers and academics to work collaboratively in utilizing the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enhance data team productivity through data catalog integrations.

Dr. Juan Sequeda, a principal scientist and co-author of the book Designing and Building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, will lead the AI Lab, with a primary focus on automating data discovery and governance through the use of's patented knowledge graph foundation and AI tools, including GPT-3, OpenAI's large language model. customer WPP, a creative transformation company, has become the first to explore the new capabilities offered by the AI Lab through an integration between its data catalog and GPT-3. With the help of's knowledge graph foundation, WPP can now catalog any resource and open APIs that enable integration with those resources. This integration also allows for the utilization of powerful new features, such as

  • Use Case Inspiration: Providing valuable inspiration for people trying to gain insights from their data, suggesting use cases that can be addressed with specific datasets.
  • Recommendations for Datasets: Providing recommendations for which datasets may be utilized to meet certain use cases, making it easier for data consumers to obtain the required data to advance their business.
  • Metadata Enrichment: Delivering inferred summaries describing the datasets and inferred tags for datasets, hence accelerating data stewardship for new datasets.

The AI Lab is available to partners and customers who wish to learn more about AI tools and knowledge graphs and how they can leverage them in their respective organizations. remains neutral towards AI tools and recognizes that OpenAI's GPT-3 is the first of many generative AI algorithms. Customers and partners can learn more about the AI Lab by visiting


Headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a modern enterprise data stack catalog providing a cloud-native SaaS platform with a consumer-grade user experience and a robust knowledge graph. Its platform enables enhanced data discovery, agile data governance, and actionable insights. Notably, is a Certified B Corporation and public benefit corporation and features the world's largest collaborative open data community with over two million members, including ninety percent of the Fortune 500. Additionally, the company has sixty-two patents and has been recognized as one of Austin's Best Places to Work for seven consecutive years.


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Business Intelligence

Dremio Launches Next-gen Reflections Redefining SQL Query Acceleration

Dremio | September 15, 2023

Dremio, a renowned easy and open data lakehouse solution provider, has recently introduced its next-gen Reflections technology, marking a transformative milestone in SQL query acceleration. Dremio Reflections facilitate sub-second analytics performance across an organization's entire data ecosystem, irrespective of data location. This groundbreaking technology is redefining data access and analysis, ensuring that valuable insights are derived efficiently and swiftly, all while reducing costs to merely one-third of a typical cloud data warehouse. Reflections represent Dremio's innovative SQL query acceleration technology. Queries that leverage Reflections exhibit performance gains ranging from 10 to 100 times faster than their non-accelerated counterparts. This latest release introduces the Dremio Reflection Recommender, a pioneering feature that empowers users to accelerate Business Intelligence workloads in a matter of seconds. The Reflection Recommender automatically evaluates an organization's SQL queries and generates recommended Reflections to accelerate them. Tomer Shiran, founder of Dremio, commented, Dremio Reflections accelerate SQL queries by orders of magnitude, eliminating the need for BI extracts/imports and enabling companies to run their most mission-critical BI workloads directly on a lakehouse. With automatic recommendations and next-generation incremental updates, we've made it even easier for organizations to take advantage of this innovative technology. [Source: Business Wire] Reflection Recommender eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual data and workload analysis, making the process of obtaining the fastest and most intelligent query results effortless, requiring only a few simple actions. The user-friendly nature of the Reflection Recommender puts advanced query acceleration capabilities within the reach of all users, significantly saving both time and expenses. Dremio has also refined the process of refreshing Reflections to further bolster query performance and drive cost efficiencies. It now intelligently refreshes Reflections on Apache Iceberg tables, promptly capturing incremental data changes. This innovative approach obviates the requirement for complete data refreshes, resulting in speedier updates and reduced compute expenses. Dremio Reflections eliminates the need for data teams to export data from the data lakehouse into BI extracts or imports for analytical reasons and overcomes performance bottlenecks for BI dashboards and reports. In addition, Reflections negate the necessity of creating precomputed tables within the data lake or data warehouse to achieve sub-second performance for BI workloads, reducing the workload and complexity for data teams. About Dremio Dremio is a leading, easy and open data lakehouse solution provider, offering organizations the versatility of self-service analytics coupled with the functionality of a data warehouse and the flexibility of a data lake. Dremio's platform empowers users to harness the lightning-fast SQL query service alongside various processing engines, all on the same dataset. The company distinguishes itself through a pioneering data-as-code methodology akin to Git, which facilitates data experimentation, version control, and governance. This innovative approach enhances agility and empowers organizations to explore and manage their data resources with unprecedented efficiency. Furthermore, Dremio offers a fully managed service that expedites organizations' entry into analytics, allowing them to commence their data-driven journey within minutes.

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Big Data Management

Act-On Software launches Advanced Analytics with AI to provide most powerful analytics in a Marketing Automation Platform

GlobeNewswire | October 06, 2023

Act-On Software, a provider of enterprise marketing automation solutions that leads the market in ease-of-use and user efficiency, today launched another win for marketers: Act-On Advanced Analytics, a deep-dive analytics and custom reporting suite powered by AI. Act-On Analytics removes the need for marketers to lean on IT and data analysts to perform custom analytics on marketing campaigns, and puts the power in their hands with valuable, easy-to-understand, and shareable reporting and dashboards. The new Act-On Advanced Analytics suite builds on Act-On’s standard out-of-the-box performance reporting to include custom reports and dashboards from any data set, with flexible filtering and visualization, much like a business intelligence (BI) tool. Act-On Advanced Analytics suite includes updated funnel performance and revenue impact reports, natural language querying (NLP), and AI-driven insights. Using the built-in AI capabilities, users can ask Act-On to build unique reports or uncover previously-unknown insights. “This analytics suite is another great feature from Act-On that allows my marketing team to quantify results of our campaigns and take action to maximize success,” said Brandon Hardy, Digital Marketing Strategist at Tower Federal Credit Union, an Act-On client. “The customizable reporting and dashboards give us clear, easy-to-share information and allow us to collect valuable insights and trends from our campaigns. The new analytics suite really gives us the power to confidently move forward with strong business intelligence.” This release also builds on Act-On’s mission to align Marketing closer to Sales. Analytics users can create custom dashboards for sales and share reports and alerts, informing employees across the go-to-market organization of time-sensitive information. Users across departments can even set up their own personal custom dashboards. Act-On Business Analytics provides sophisticated reporting on marketing Funnel Performance, Attribution reporting, and Revenue Impact reports to analyze which campaigns and programs drive the most revenue. For those who want to dive deeper, Act-On has a powerful analytics engine assisted by AI that analyzes any data set in the system, with custom filters, and cross segments with other data. With Act-On Advanced Analytics, marketing users can customize reports to deeply understand marketing performance and customer engagement. AI analysis identifies trends, correlations and outliers. Act-On Analytics suite is fueled by Act-On’s cloud-based customer data lake, designed to incorporate first party, third party, and customer custom data for analysis to drive more informed and effective marketing. Act-On customers also continue to have access to Data Studio to export their data in common data formats for offline analysis. This is a true analytics package within Act-On with the power and flexibility of BI, Act-On SVP of Marketing Jeff Day said. Marketers need to be able to deeply analyze their campaigns and channels to make performance improvements. And true to Act-On’s mission of making Marketing Automation easy for the enterprise customer, with this BI engine embedded into Act-On, we make custom analytics easy for all Act-On users. Act-On Analytics is one of several advanced AI features Act-On has released this year: Act-On AI Create, a generative email content tool for marketing emails powered by OpenAI Act-On AI Predictive Lead Score, a feature to help marketers narrow the marketing funnel and hone in on the strongest leads Act-On AI Audience Insights, developed in collaboration with Intel And now, Act-On Advanced Analytics with AI “We are super excited about our innovations in AI and the value, efficiency and performance this brings our customers,” Act-On CEO Kate Johnson said. “While we see other vendors letting their MA products languish, or even divest, we at Act-On have an aggressive roadmap for innovation as we chart the course to Marketing Automation 3.0.” About Act-On Software Act-On Software provides solutions that empower marketers to engage marketing targets at every step of the customer lifecycle. Act-On makes customer data actionable so marketers can dream big and build smart, effective marketing programs to grow their businesses and generate higher customer lifetime value – all with the fastest time-to-value.

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Big Data

Radiant Logic Announces Expanded Identity Analytics and Data Management Platform Capabilities

Business Wire | September 29, 2023

Radiant Logic, the Identity Data Fabric company, today announces the completed integration of Brainwave GRC following the April 2023 acquisition. These new capabilities solidify Radiant Logic’s entrance in the Identity Analytics market and position our platform in the Identity Governance and Administration market, as seen in the recent Gartner® Market Guide for IGA. With a new website launching today and the release of the full RadiantOne Identity Data Platform, including Identity Analytics, the company celebrates the final integration of Brainwave into Radiant Logic. Radiant Logic, the longtime leader in Identity Data Management, enters the field of Identity Analytics with unprecedented capabilities including Observability, Governance, and Compliance. With 90% of organizations experiencing at least one identity-related breach in the past year, according to the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), organizations are realizing the essential role of identity data quality and visibility within cybersecurity and overall IT operational maturity best practices. Identity data is the lifeblood for all access decisions, and must be made accessible as the authoritative source for all authentication, authorization, and administration engines. In a recent research note, Gartner recommends that organizations: “Accelerate IAM data improvements for their IAM program by increasing the priority of visibility/observability improvements, including applying the visibility, intelligence, action model to program prioritization decisions." The new release from Radiant Logic represents a major step forward in the ability to use identity data management and identity analytics in cybersecurity and governance practices. Access to the right identity data, at the right time, is critical for any IAM tool, process, or policy. Visibility into all identity data and infrastructure gives clear insight into who has access to what and uncovers outliers and over-privileged access, which helps identify and close security gaps. It’s a powerful combination for any organization. We’re thrilled to announce the full integration of Radiant Logic and Brainwave GRC as one company, one website, and one platform. The new RadiantOne Identity Data Platform will strengthen operational maturity for customers, improve regulatory compliance and audit responses, and enable data-driven security best practices, said John Pritchard, Chief Product Officer, Radiant Logic. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg regarding the potential for leveraging data science and artificial intelligence in IAM, and we believe that by pairing vast amounts of identity data with analytical inferencing, the possibilities for innovation are endless. With the new capabilities from RadiantOne, identity data can be supplied in a flexible and automated way, allowing organizations to base their security and policy decisions on the most accurate and complete data available. The addition of Identity Analytics brings visibility and intuitive visualization techniques, allowing organizations to use comprehensive identity data to find anomalies, add risk scores, easily respond to audits, and improve their overall security posture. Complete documentation is now available on the Radiant Logic developer portal, the support function is integrated via the customer support portal, and the full platform will be available as an integrated SaaS offering in Q4. The integrated platform combining Identity Data Management and Identity Analytics capabilities will accelerate Zero Trust projects, enable digital transformation, and simplify audit and compliance. Visit our new website at to learn more. About Radiant Logic Radiant Logic, the identity data experts, helps organizations turn identity data into a strategic asset that drives automated governance, enhanced security, and operational efficiency. Our RadiantOne Identity Data Platform removes complexity as a roadblock to identity-first strategies by creating an authoritative data source for real-time, context-aware controls. We provide visibility and actionable insights to intelligently detect and remediate risk using AI/ML-powered identity analytics. With RadiantOne, organizations are able to tap into the wealth of information across the infrastructure, combining context and analytics to deploy governance that works for the most advanced use cases.

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Big Data

ChaosSearch Unveils LakeDB for Live Search, SQL, and GenAI Analytics

ChaosSearch | October 13, 2023

ChaosSearch, a prominent data analytics firm, has unveiled the release of LakeDB. This offering is the world's inaugural data lake database designed to empower live Search, SQL, and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) analytics. ChaosSearch ingeniously converts cloud object storage into a live Search+SQL+GenAI analytics database with limitless hot data retention. The outcome is a unified data lake that accommodates both operational and business requirements, presenting the potential to achieve substantial cost savings of 50-80%, streamline technical resources, and simplify architectural complexities. Chaos LakeDB steps forward as the solution of choice to consolidate and process multifarious data streams and formats. It’s advanced Search + SQL and GenAI analytics satisfy a broad spectrum of operational and business demands, delivering a comprehensive platform for gleaning insights from data. Chaos LakeDB redefines data management by introducing intuitive automation into the data pipeline, schema management, and workload orchestration across a data lake backbone. Its adaptive capabilities can identify and scale stream types and schemas, ensuring data stays current and pertinent, thereby eliminating the need for continuous manual intervention. With Chaos LakeDB, users gain access to both real-time and historical insights at scale, unifying Search+SQL and GenAI across all functionalities. This ensures that every interaction with data becomes a source of actionable intelligence. By integrating seamlessly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which is the preferred object store for millions of AWS customers, Chaos LakeDB effectively merges the extensive storage capacities of data lakes with the accessibility of cloud databases. This fusion of lake and database capabilities eradicates the need for complex extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) processes, delivering live analytics with enhanced cost efficiency and scalability - a vital aspect in today's data-intensive analytics and AI landscape. Chaos LakeDB is available both as a Software as a Service (SaaS) data platform for enterprises and as an embedded database for cloud platform providers. Notable industry leaders such as Cisco and Equifax have already embraced Chaos LakeDB. About ChaosSearch ChaosSearch is a prominent data analytics firm. It is at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of data analytics by providing transformative solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with unmatched efficiency. The company's LakeDB solution stands as a pioneering solution revolutionizing data lake architectures in the AI-driven era. By seamlessly converting cloud storage into a dynamic analytical database, it amalgamates diverse data streams, simplifies intricate pipelines, and delivers actionable insights at scale through Search+SQL+GenAI analytics. ChaosSearch is committed to providing tools that not only address but also anticipate the evolving needs of modern businesses.

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