Spire Maritime Announces Data Analytics Expansion with New Platform and Features

Spire Global, Inc. | April 28, 2021

Spire Global, Inc., a leading global supplier of space-based data and analytics, today announced the introduction of a new platform and analytics product for the maritime industry. Customers will be able to develop their dashboards and alerts that are customized to their usage cases using Spire Bridge and Spire Analytics.

Customers will now access our new product, Spire Analytics, via the Spire Bridge portal to track data use, get help, documentation, and product updates, and enable and operationalize the data Spire measures and offers. Having a centralized location for all of these features would enable data users to gain access to insights and support more quickly.

“After listening to our customers, the Maritime team created a platform that allows people to more easily access the data and information they use when they need it. Spire prioritizes its customers, and Spire Bridge illustrates this philosophy,” said Simon van den Dries, General Manager of Spire Maritime.

To extend Spire Maritime API data services, the team has launched new analytics capabilities that save developers and data engineers precious time. Spire Analytics turns maritime data into actionable insights to assist in resolving the market problems of the maritime industry. Customers may use this method to graph, report, and visualize data. It may also filter searches based on ship type, voyage, density map, and other criteria. For customers who want to get information about a fleet, port, anchorage, or terminal event quickly, our simple dashboard will filter the information and provide the data they need to make data-driven decisions case by case, without all the background noise.

Spire Maritime's industry-specific dashboards are simple to use, adaptable, and have detailed insights to help predict outcomes, test business plans, and simplify decision making. These new features will allow Spire customers to use data in more actionable ways,” said Max Abouchar, Product Manager at Spire Maritime.

Spire Global has over 100 satellites in orbit as of January 2021, collecting hundreds of million messages every day. Spire will continue to have more data and expertise to support enterprises' digital transformations toward data-driven opportunities in the maritime industry.

About Spire Global, Inc.

Spire is a global supplier of space-based data and analytics, providing exclusive databases and powerful insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point, allowing companies to make choices with confidence, accuracy, and speed. Spire employs a multi-purpose satellite constellation to gather difficult-to-obtain useful data and enrich it with predictive solutions. Spire then offers this data as a subscription to businesses all around the world, allowing them to optimize business operations, reduce their environmental footprint, deploy capital for growth and competitive advantage, and minimize risk. Spire has branches in San Francisco, CA and Boulder, CO. Washington, DC, Glasgow, Luxembourg, and Singapore.


Significant changes in healthcare have forever altered how the industry operates, but these changes bring exciting opportunities for innovation. Learn how business intelligence (BI) can help you navigate the new healthcare landscape

Other News

Palantir Technologies Extends Partnership with Ferrari to Bring Data Driven Performance Decisions to Race Operations

Palantir Technologies | February 14, 2022

Palantir Technologies Inc. , a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise, today announced a new one year extended partnership with Ferrari to bring its world class data and analytics technology to Scuderia Ferrari. In addition to Scuderia Ferrari continuing to use Palantir’s Foundry platform to propel data driven performance decisions across the team’s Power Unit, Palantir will become an official Team Partner of Scuderia Ferrari, significantly expanding its past relationship. Specifically, Scuderia Ferrari’s Power Unit department ensures that the race cars deliver optimal performance without exceeding their structural capabilities. Foundry will enable power unit engineers on the racetrack and in the Maranello Factory to optimize performance, and rapidly analyze data from sources such as Grand Prix data, test bench results, and part information. Since 2016, Scuderia Ferrari has used the Foundry platform to help their technical teams make faster, data driven decisions around car performance, development, and reliability. In this new, expanded agreement, Scuderia Ferrari Power Unit engineers will use the Foundry platform to rapidly integrate and analyze large volumes of information from a wide array of sources to allow team members to swiftly make critical decisions and instantly share their analyses across the organization. “We are pleased to be extending and expanding our partnership with Palantir, with whom we share common values of relentlessly pursuing technological innovation and the desire to continually improve,” said Mattia Binotto, Team Principal and Managing Director for Scuderia Ferrari. “Data analysis plays a vital role in Formula 1 and being able to count on an excellent partner such as Palantir can make all the difference. Tasks that just a few years ago would take several minutes of calculation can now be carried out in a few seconds, thanks to solutions that have been in use through this partnership.” A typical Formula 1 race season can often generate as much as 1.5 trillion data points. This information needs to be quickly integrated and tested to confirm hypotheses for the team to make adjustments during the race itself in response to component performance, track conditions, weather, maintenance requirements, and potential part failures. “Scuderia Ferrari and Palantir share a commitment to operational excellence. What they have accomplished as a company and a team is legendary,” said Palantir Executive Josh Harris. “We look forward to continuing to work alongside Scuderia Ferrari, one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula 1 racing.” As part of the partnership, the Palantir brand will be featured on the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 race cars and on Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s driver racesuits. About Palantir Technologies Palantir Technologies is a technology company that builds enterprise data platforms for use by organizations with complex and sensitive data environments. From building safer cars and planes, to discovering new drugs and combating terrorism, Palantir helps customers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors transform the way they use their data.

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HCL Technologies Acquires Hungarian Data Engineering Services Company Starschema

HCL Technologies | January 17, 2022

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, signed a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Starschema, a leading provider of data engineering services, based in Budapest, Hungary. The strategic acquisition will bolster HCL’s capability in digital engineering -- driven by data engineering -- and increase its presence in Central and Eastern Europe. Starschema provides consulting, technology and managed services in data engineering to Global 2000 companies in the U.S. and Europe. The acquisition combines Starschema’s high-value capabilities and data-focused expertise with HCL’s existing presence in industry segments undergoing data-driven transformation. In addition, HCL will strengthen its position in data engineering, which is an integral part of the company’s digital engineering capabilities and next-generation offerings. “Joining HCL will enable us to keep our strategic focus and expand our data engineering capacity to provide a greater breadth and depth of services to clients. As part of HCL’s full spectrum of technology services, we will leverage our expertise in data engineering and emerging data technologies to solve companies’ data challenges, through building fast, scalable solutions that make people more effective and companies more profitable. This strategic move also represents exemplary career growth opportunities for our people.” Tamas Foldi, Founder and CEO, Starschema “Starschema will strengthen our data engineering capabilities, providing us with the ability to leverage its solutions and talent in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Vijay Guntur, President, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies. “Starschema’s capabilities will further scale HCL’s data engineering competencies at our integrated delivery centers across the world. Engineering talent will continue to remain in high demand, and Starschema offers a specialized talent pool in a strategic growth area for HCL. Following the acquisition, HCL will be able to offer data engineering consulting and near-shore access to digital engineering services to a wide base of clients.” The transaction is subject to regulatory clearance from the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology and is expected to close in March 2022.

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Ascent acquires European data engineering powerhouse, BiLD Analytics

Ascent | April 04, 2022

Ascent, a leading European digital services business, has announced the acquisition of data engineering (DE) and business intelligence (BI) services business BiLD Analytics. This latest acquisition is another milestone in Ascent’s ambitious growth strategy to create a powerful combination of advanced data capabilities, software and cloud skills to help customers build digital muscle. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, BiLD was founded in 2018 and has since established a high-profile customer base that includes TripAdvisor,, Bain & Co, New Signature, Billigence, and Avanade. A critical facet of the decision to acquire is BiLD‘s core engineering capabilities, which are precisely aligned with Ascent’s focus. BiLD’s data engineers hold deep certifications in Microsoft Azure, Databricks and Snowflake with complimentary data visualisation skills in Tableau, PowerBI and Qlik. BiLD’s founder and managing partner, Diogo Dias, will become part of the Ascent leadership team, overseeing the rapid expansion of Ascent’s strategic Portuguese talent hub. Led by CEO Stewart Smythe, Ascent now employs more than 420 people worldwide and supports over 180 customers, including BrewDog, the Crown Estate, Centrica (Hive) and BDO. BiLD is the second data business to become part of the Ascent family and its multi-skilled teams will enable the company to seize new market opportunities driven by a rapidly increasing global demand for digital services. "There’s a real innovation surge in our target market right now that is focussed on rebuilding customer experience, both physical and digital – and data is right at the heart of this movement. Acquiring BiLD extends our reach into nearshore EU talent hubs and will help us meet the mushrooming demand for engineering services we’re seeing as our customers increasingly prioritise driving value from their data.” Stewart Smythe, CEO at Ascent For Smythe, selecting BiLD was a decision contingent on alignment of technical vision and quality of delivery. “I’ve looked at a large number of similar businesses across Europe over the last 12 months and BiLD really stood out – both because of the depth of its Azure and Databricks capabilities and its growth ambition and potential. We’ve been working in partnership with them for a number of months and have been really impressed by the quality of their work and people." Diogo Dias, Founder and Managing Partner at BiLD said: "We’re delighted to join the Ascent team, blending our expertise in data engineering with Ascent's scale and maturity in digital solution development, best practices and methodologies. Becoming part of Ascent will allow us to keep building on our specialism in ecosystems like Azure and Databricks whilst enabling us to scale faster - and naturally I am excited about the new career opportunities this brings to our teams." Simon Hitchcock, Managing Partner at Horizon Capital concluded: "Acquisitions like BiLD that create scale in the most market-relevant technical skillsets will accelerate Ascent’s organic growth. Under Stewart Smythe’s direction we are creating a real contender in the digital services market that is founded on technical substance. BiLD’s data engineering capabilities are a catalyst for future growth – we're excited to support Ascent as it continues to identify and integrate high quality, high-performing technical businesses." About Ascent Ascent is a leading European digital services business, helping organisations connect data, software, cloud and purpose to drive extraordinary outcomes. Ascent’s mission is to help clients build new business capabilities with technology, solving problems, unlocking potential, creating opportunity and improving experience. Its teams of experts apply skills including software and data engineering, new product development, business intelligence, advanced analytics and data science, cloud, IoT and ML to help clients redefine and strengthen the relationship between business and digital.

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DataRobot Core Unveiled, Complete with Capabilities for the Expert Data Scientist

DataRobot | December 17, 2021

DataRobot today announced DataRobot Core, a comprehensive offering that broadens its AI Cloud platform for code-first data science experts. DataRobot also announced its latest platform release, extending the capabilities of AI Cloud for all users with broader and more sophisticated analytical capabilities for data scientists, enhanced decision intelligence, and new features to manage and scale operations in production. The unprecedented demand for AI, combined with the complexity in delivering AI to production, has created significant delays in data science initiatives for all businesses at a time when AI has never been more vital to business outcomes: 87% of organizations continue to struggle with long deployment timelines, while data scientists spend at least 50% of their time on non-strategic model deployment. To scale quickly and remain agile, data science teams need the tools and product capabilities to deliver high-impact results, faster. DataRobot Core brings together a complete portfolio of purpose-built capabilities that give data scientists ultimate flexibility in how they deliver AI to the business, enabling faster experimentation and rapid time to value, while making teams more efficient and effective at driving clear business impact from AI: Platform: Unified environment with first-class, embedded and multilanguage notebook experience; Composable ML to seamlessly pivot between code-first and automated model generation; code-centric pipelines on top of Apache Spark; open API to enable programmatic access to the full AI Cloud platform; and built for the modern enterprise with support for the reliability, governance, compliance and scale needs across industries. Resources: Extensive portfolio of accelerators, third-party integrations and libraries to expedite AI delivery and drive efficiency, along with evolving education resources to advance skills and enable data scientists to stay at the cutting edge. Community: Shared knowledge and access to the unique expertise of the DataRobot team, industry experts and thousands of community members from DataRobot customers representing some of the largest and most successful AI implementations in the world. DataRobot’s team of over 300 data scientists are pioneering efforts in AI, with applied expertise across more than a million active projects for customers across industries on a global scale. Leveraging DataRobot AI Cloud, full service direct mortgage lender Embrace Home Loans eliminated 43 million lines of code, freeing up their data scientists to build even more complex and strategic solutions. “DataRobot has been transformational for our business,” said Keith Portman, Chief Analytics Officer at Embrace Home Loans. “DataRobot’s AI Cloud platform enabled us to double our return on marketing investment spend and maintain a notebook-first approach. Our data scientists can now build complex models with flexibility and seamless integration, gaining back hours of time.” Alongside Core, the launch of DataRobot 7.3 introduces over 80 new features and capabilities designed for all users to enable AI-driven decisions across all lines of business, within a single platform. DataRobot 7.3 offers: Expanded Support for Diverse Use Cases. Giving data science teams native, out-of-the-box flexibility across data types, users can now run anomaly detection with images and leverage the next generation of Text AI, as well as comprehensive tools, including Multimodal Clustering, Time-Series Segmented Modeling and Multilabel Classification. Better, Faster Decisions with Decision Intelligence. Teams can rapidly deploy models that combine complex rules and business logic with post-process prediction scores with simple APIs, and build fully customized AI applications in a matter of minutes with no coding required. Enhanced Performance Monitoring, Compliance and Regulatory Capabilities. Automated compliance documentation now extends to custom models built outside of DataRobot, streamlining regulation readiness for all users. With all models in production, users can easily evaluate and compare challenger models against live models, and clearly see if a model should be replaced in order to maintain peak performance for the business. “For organizations today, translating data and AI into tangible outcomes is critical in order to remain competitive and thrive,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, Chief Product Officer at DataRobot. “DataRobot Core and 7.3 are designed to meet increasing demand and scale, and empower the largest number of AI creators, from code-centric data science teams to business analysts and decision makers, to experiment fast and collaborate effectively on the same platform. Together, these solutions provide the much-needed flexibility, speed and control that brings trustworthy AI solutions to life for every organization.” In support of DataRobot Core, DataRobot is also announcing an expanded partnership with AtScale to deliver more comprehensive data access and feature modeling to customers. AtScale brings its semantic layer technology to DataRobot Core, simplifying connections from DataRobot to a broad range of cloud data platforms and providing a powerful modeling canvas for feature engineering. Together, DataRobot and AtScale deliver complete services for organizations to operationalize AI/ML workloads with support for a wide range of data platforms, protocols and visualization platforms. About DataRobot DataRobot AI Cloud is the next generation of AI. DataRobot's AI Cloud vision is to bring together all data types, all users, and all environments to deliver critical business insights for every organization. DataRobot is trusted by global customers across industries and verticals, including a third of the Fortune 50.

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Significant changes in healthcare have forever altered how the industry operates, but these changes bring exciting opportunities for innovation. Learn how business intelligence (BI) can help you navigate the new healthcare landscape